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Kmart Tyre Review | Best Auto Service Specialists in Australia

Kmart Tyre Review Best

Everyone who owns a car knows how important it is to maintain your car every now and then. Cars require care. Which is why car service is one of the top priorities for car owners. Car service does not only include you to clean your car from the outside and make it look shiny, but car service also includes cleaning of your engine, checking if everything is working fine, replacement of fuel filters, spark plugs, etc, checking the brake fluid, making sure the wheels don’t need to be changed and so forth. There are many things that you need to be done, when you’re getting your car cleaned up.


One of the important factors that are needed when it comes to car service is choosing a place. When you go out in the market, you often see many different options from where your car can be cleaned. It is not the place that you go to, it the people that you meet who are experts in making your car capable. Being a car owner, getting your car serviced every once a month is important. For such a thing to happen, you can’t just rely on anyone. You need to go to someone who knows cars. Choose someone whose expertise is good enough that you won’t have to be disappointed or worried.


One of the best places where you can go to get your car serviced is none other than Kmart Tyre and Auto Service. Which is now, known as My car Tyre and Auto Service. Kmart is a name that you can trust for many reasons. They offer you with the best car services you have ever seen. They have over 260 stores all across Australia, they are a well-known brand, they have been associated by leading tyre brands and they have some of the most experienced technicians you have ever met.


Tyre Services:

Kmart deals with all your tyre related queries. The company offers mobile tire-fitting using the best tyre brand, wheel balancing, and alignment services. The Kmart auto tyres are amongst the best tyres in the world.

Mobile tyre services are not offered by many stores. With the help of this service, you can get car tyre replacement at your door. Kmart understands that visiting the store isn’t always easy and if you have damaged tyres, it’s better not to drive all the way to the store and ruin them even more. Which is why, they introduced the mobile service where you can just give them a call and get the store-like service at your doorstep.


The list of brands used at Kmart are as following:

 ✓ Viking

 ✓ Diamondback

 ✓ Goodyear optilife

 ✓ Kumho

 ✓ Pirelli  

 ✓ Continental


Further, they offer wheel alignment and wheel balancing services in reasonable prices. Kmart prices are very affordable. Their experts offer two and four-wheel alignment services, depending on your vehicle. A wheel alignment includes measurement, analysis, and adjustment of your vehicle's steering and suspension angles to ensure the wheels are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other.


Car Service:

Apart from tyre services, they offer car services as well. If you’re going to get your car cleaned up from the top-down, you need to make sure that you’re getting it done from the best place possible. The place where you’re getting the service done from should have all the required material to get your car nice and tidy.


The services offered by Kmart include:

 ✓ Deiseal service and repair

 ✓ Logbook service

 ✓ New car service

 ✓ Packaged servicing

 ✓ Registrations and inspections

 ✓ Fleet Servicing


If you have deiseal experts in your crew, you have everything. Deiseal is very complex to understand. You never know which brand is best and won’t destroy your car. At Kmart, you get the best deiseal services because they are skilled in repairing and installing new deiseal pumps and injectors. This improves fuel efficiency and prevents hard starting smoke and access pollution.

Kmart is an authorized service department which means that they have the right to stamp your logbook as per the manufacturer’s specifications. Additionally, you should know that all the logbook services come with a 6 months roadside assistance. They also have manufacturers that can offer you car warranties.



Moving forward, this website also offers Car repair services. When it comes to repairing a certain part of the car, you want to make sure you can depend on the company where you can get all the material.


With Kmart, you get all kinds of repair services including:

 ✓ Auto electrical

 ✓ Brake systems

 ✓ Cooling systems

 ✓ Clutch and automatic transmission

 ✓ Exhaust system

 ✓ Problem diagnosis tool

 ✓ Suspension and shock absorbers


All of the above-mentioned equipment makes the car what it is. If you want to ensure a smooth-running car with well-maintained brakes and smooth running transmission along with exceptional cooling systems, you can rely on Kmart 100%, They have everything your car needs and they have the best.


Kmart Tyre Reviews:

The one thing that the people at Kmart are most proud of is their satisfied customer reviews. Their motto is to make sure their customers get the best service possible. Some of the reviews shared by customers are mentioned below:


Review #1

“Today i took my car to My Car Warrawong for Rego check fantastic services and very friendly staff i would definitely go back there. Just would like to especial say thank you to Mendo”


Review #2

“I don't know about the other branches around Australia but I can tell you the guys at the Marrickville shop are doing it right. I have used their service on a number of occasions and I have always found them to be second to none.”


Review #3

“The car always runs like a dream, the price is affordable and the staff are extremely polite and courteous despite always being busy. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”


Review #4

“Went into Ktas Southland no appointment spoke with Trevor he give us a competitive price on a set of 4 new tyres did a better deal than a quoted price we had suggested the best tyre options for our vehicle lucky to have them done within a few hours highly recommend the customer service from both Trevor and the team”


Review #5

“I had a flat on Sunday, went on Monday afternoon, made no appointments or bookings as such, just walked in, spoke to service personal about my flat, I pulled it out of the boot of my car, they took it in, have a look at it, fixed it and put it back on my car, placed the spare donut tyre back in the boot of my car, at the end of it all, My Car Kmart did not charge me anything, I am surprise and happy.”


In conclusion, people are very happy and satisfied with Kmart, It is the best car service all across Australia and people are pleased to have used this service.                 

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