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Kia Stonic Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Kia Stonic Review Australia


Kia Stonic:

One of the impressive productions from Kia manufacturers is KIA STONIC. A subcompact crossover SUV, usually called “SUV LIGHT”, explains two of its functions from the name: speedy and tonic. Marketed back in 2017, Kia Stonic is made the smallest in Kia's SUV collection. It also goes by the name “Kia KX1” in China. The company has made it somewhat similar to Kia Rio's 4th generation, such as using the same engine platform. The engine range is not so vast but sufficient along with a 4-cyl or turbocharged 3-cyl setup.


If you are planning to buy this smart car, you can have it in any of the six amazing variants that run on Unleaded Petrol fuel. All trims are equally reliable, but the interior, exterior, and safety specs are dependent on the body type and year model. The 2021 models are found highly comfortable in terms of designing and driving. All petrol engines seem pretty decent and capable of taking you on a long drive offering good fuel economy.


In short, the Stonic is a practically pleasant car to drive on highways and city roads with solid and impressive styling. It is designed to fit your tight budget even. There is a possibility that you will find a better car at the same price and mechanics but having enhanced features. The only edge will be its rarity.



Talking about its engine, you have both options, petrol, and diesel. Both machines are equipped with functional equipment. All three Stonic Kia models have 45L fuel tanks. Apart from similar fuel tanks, they all are FWD that is absolutely trouble-free. The engines are placed strategically at the front. The suspension setup and braking seem superb, making its drivability astonishing.


The petrol engine options you have: 

1.0L Inline-4

✓ 1.2L Inline-4

✓ 1.4L Inline-4


Unfortunately, there is only one option in diesel, “1.6L Inline-4”. Don’t worry, it's worth your money and effort. One of the most critical factors is fuel consumption. The company claims the value for fuel consumption of Stonic S and Sport as 6.7L/100km. It is pretty expensive so you should opt for the other option, “GT-Line''. Apparently, it is pricier to buy, but it will give you a more reasonable fuel economy on the combined cycle. The claimed value is 5.4L/100km.



✓ 5-speed manual

✓ 6-speed manual

✓ 6-speed automatic

✓ 7-speed DCT



2021 Kia Stonic GT-Line:

Yes, this is it!

GT-Line is one of the most expensive vehicles produced in the Kia Stonic lineup. This compact SUV can bring the party to your life with its classic features and festive engine. With a sophisticated little crossover, this high-riding hatchback is manufactured to entice every youngster with its urbane styling. Along with its decent styling inside and out, the company offers a big plus of a 7-year warranty. What else do you need?!



Under the bonnet, it has a characterful and lively 1.0L 3-cyl engine that is easily maneuverable around city roads. No silly turns, No exaggerated body roll! The engine has a turbocharger making it speedy and tonic, just like its name. It uses petrol and runs smoothly. When this small yet lavish engine is combined with the marvelous 7-speed DCT, the motor produces 74kW power @ 4500–6000rpm. The polite refined transmission supports the machine to be torque enough as the noted value for torque is 172 Nm @ 1500–4000rpm.


Well, you might have a bit of jerk and wobbliness while driving, but they are compensated with their appealing acceleration and engaging ride. The reason behind the Stonic’s stability, assuredness, and composite is the local suspension system. The brakes are technically advanced and offer maximum stopping power. Truly speaking, the engine is not only punchier but also supremely polished. The steering is kept directional and engaging as well as adequately weighted for easy driving.


It comes in three drive modes:

✓ Eco – All focused on fuel economy and thriftiness, making it a fuel-efficient choice, but it definitely lacks the thrill and speed.

✓ Normal – A drive that shouts premium without being extra perky or dull. It is most appropriate to choose.

✓ Sport – Adding a lot of solid throttle response supported with thrilling acceleration


Interior and exterior:

If you ever get the chance to enjoy a ride in an urban-focused SUV, you will feel how amazingly comfortable it is. With a list of exquisite standard features, it looks eye-catching from the exterior, and that is why we should be calling it “Insta-worthy”. With a satisfactory level of technology, it ensures you have a trouble-free ride. The standard features include LED DRLs and fog lights (front) that add to the exquisiteness of the exterior styling.


The addition of built-in satellite navigation is a big plus. To bring the touch of extra robustness, the 17-inch alloy wheels are equipped. And that is not all! The installation of privacy glass for the 2nd row seems like a sensible idea. Although it is available in cloth trimming, it has retained the premium feels. And, yes, it looks equally appealing due to nicely contrasting white piping. It is oh-so-soft and comfy. 


The leather accenting doe on the steering wheel and gear knob add a bit of an extra extravagance. The level of plushness is complemented by the high-resolution infotainment setup. And, how can you NOT admire its high-class sound system that provides an ambient sound cloud. With a decent enough 2nd row spaciousness, it provides adequate legroom, headroom, and knee room. 


Some more:

 Single-zone climate control

✓ Electric folding mirrors 

✓ Two-tone roof or sunroof 

✓ Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility

✓ Push-button start

✓ Flat-bottomed sports steering wheel

✓ 8.0-inch colour touchscreen 

 Bluetooth connectivity

 6-speaker audio setup

✓ Rain-sensing wipers

✓ Auto-dimming interior mirror 


The key safety specs are increasingly impressive:

✓ AEB (Autonomous emergency braking)

✓ Lane-keeping assistance

✓ Rear parking sensors

✓ ISOFIX child seat mounts 

✓ Rear-view camera

✓ Dusk-sensing headlights



✓ High servicing costs

✓ Shorter 10,000km intervals

✓ Lacks refined safety features


2021 Kia Stonic S: 

If you don’t want a punchier engine or a long list of standard features based on greater tech, the base or entry-level S Kia Stronic will work for you. Undoubtedly the cheapest model in the line-up, it still has an essence of sharp styling to grab your attention. It comes well-equipped with the same offer of warranty. Moving to its mechanics, it is absolutely different. It comes with a high-end 1.4L 4-cyl petrol engine mated with 6-speed automatic transmission – a classic combination!


The engine is destined to give 74kW power @ 6000 rpm with a torque of 133Nm @ 4000 rpm. It is also only made in FWD with no other option. The Kia Stonic S is a relaxed cruiser that also feels at home on the highways. The structure is made with a massive glass area, and wide-view side mirrors have been valuable to increasing visibility. The 15-inch wheels with tall-profile tires add further cushioning, so you don’t feel unnecessary jerkiness when hitting bumps and thumps.


Inside, you would find its cabin extra spacious with all controls laid out at easy access. It has a well-positioned layout. But, yes, it does lack certain features. After all, it is the cheapest model. For instance, it has no USB or 12V power inlets.


Standard features:

✓ Power windows

✓ Heated mirrors

✓ The 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system 

✓ 4.2-inch trip computer

✓ Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

✓ 6-speaker sound system

✓ Automatic headlights

✓ Remote central locking with a flick key 


Standard safety equipment:

✓ Reversing camera 

✓ Rear parking sensors

✓ 2 ISOFIX child-seat anchor points 

✓ Autonomous emergency braking

✓ Lane-keeping assistance

✓ 6 airbags



✓ High service costs

✓ Fuzzy rear camera view, especially at night

✓ Wireless Apple CarPlay is a bit hit-and-miss

✓ Rear cross-traffic alert absent

✓ Lacks blind-zone warning


Final verdict:

On the one hand, S and Sport models provide comfort and reliable ride with exceptional road handling balance. On the other hand, range-topping GT-Line comes equipped with firmer mechanics and chassis, keeping with its sportier billing. All Kia Stonic variants look alluring from the outside and feel nice from the inside.


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