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KIA Soul: Review, Specification, Price

Are you searching for a safe car with perfect dimensions?KIA Soul is the right answer. The KIA Soul scored an ideal five out of five stars on the NHTSA rating scale, however more significantly, it was granted the Top Safety Pick + grant from the IIHS. KIA Soul 2020 is the most popular model of the year 2014,2015,2011,2016. 

The stylish compact car is considered as competition to the classification of cars. Every year new features are introduced to upgrade the quality of cars. The latest technology improves the generation of these SUVs. 


In the sub-compact SUV segment, KIA Soul is the most desired car by everyone. Few of the buyers don’t find it attractive by the boxy styling, but there is a reason that this box shape is the best among all. It boasts more power compared to other vehicles. The spacious interior and advanced technology introduced with productive driving aids at a reasonable price. Buying a new car, KIA Soul is the best option 


Technology & Interior used:

It has plenty of features but the interior of this cat is amazing as the spacious leather seats and plenty of space for cargo. The headroom is more than 39 crawls in both the front and back and the legroom is almost 41.1 inches (front) and 38.8 inches (back). 


Kia has included more supportive and comfy seats for the GT-Line, which can make you feel secure while traveling. The leather seats with automatic adjustments make you comfortable for long routes and tiring journeys. In addition to that lots of space for cargo is there to make all your stuff portable it's the best choice for a perfect storage SUV.


The technologies used include touchscreen infotainment with Apple CarPlay adding up Android Auto installed makes it superior among features with the 7.0 or 10.3-inch liquid crystal display.


The interior also includes small gadgets like:

  • ✓ Charging pad for charging of your phone

  • ✓ The push-button and keyless entry 

  • ✓ Optional heated seats and steering wheel

  • ✓ A head-up display 


For the assistance of the driver features installed such as: 

  • ✓ Adaptive cruise control

  • ✓ Automated emergency braking

  • ✓ Lane-keeping assist

  • ✓ Blind-spot monitoring 


Engine Specifications:

The productive car has a Multi POINT F/INJ engine installed with Inline 4 cylinders. The size of the engine is estimated at 2.0 the power-weight ratio of the SUV is 82.2W/kg. The sporty car has maximum torque at 191Nm@ 4700rpm with the power of 113kW@ 6200rpm the total compression rate recorded is 10.3.


Fuel Consumption: 

The unleaded type of fuel used covers the mileage of 8L / 100km with almost 54 liters. Although the SUV has an excellent average overall if fuel capacity is low.



This alluring SUV is available in the following colors:

  •  ✓ Inferno red

  •  ✓ Sparkling silver

  •  ✓ Snow white pearl

  •  ✓ Cherry black

  •  ✓ Solar yellow

  •  ✓ Mars Orange

  •  ✓ Gravity Gray

  •  ✓ Undercover Green

  •  ✓ Mars orange/cherry black

  •  ✓ Neptune blue

  •  ✓ Neptune blue/cherry black

  •  ✓ Platinum gold

  •  ✓ Gravity grey/ platinum Gold

  •  ✓ Clear white/inferno red

  •  ✓ Cherry black/inferno red


Safety Features:

Safety is not about wearing a seatbelt while driving and you are driving safely. Kia puts great safety features for its customer's protection and to improve the reliability of the brand.


The safety features include:

  •  ✓ ABS brakes

  •  ✓ Electronic brake-force distribution,

  •  ✓ Stability control,

  •  ✓ Hill-start assistance

  •  ✓ Vehicle stability management,

  •  ✓ Six airbags


Kia ensures the safety over anything while designing the car the key points that need full LED lightning that focus EX nad GT-line and the additional driving features involve:

  •  ✓ Blind-spot monitoring, 

  •  ✓ Driver attention warning, 

  •  ✓ Forward collision avoidance with pedestrian detection, 

  •  ✓ Lane change assist,

  •  ✓ A head-up display that further adds a level of safety to an extent 



The power-assisted steering covers the turning circle of 10.6. The two kinds of suspensions that make the SUV unique in its performance are:


  • As compared to other models its more entertaining to drive:

  •  ✓ The quality interior space 

  •  ✓ As compared to luxury cars it has steller technology  

  •  ✓ A list of standard features

  •  ✓ User-friendly control cabins

  •  ✓ Extra space than many small SUVs



  •  ✓ The Transmission tuning lacks

  •  ✓ Brakes performance is ordinary

  •  ✓ Non-impressive fuel consumption

  •  ✓ All-wheel drive isn't available

  •  ✓ Ride quality is low with bigger wheels



The price of this classic model is $24,990 MRLP. The quality features with unique specifications made it a great SUV. The price of this classic SUV is affordable and has almost all the features of luxury cars.


KIA Soul Reviews:

Review 1:

I bought my KIA soul brand new. It's a smooth ride, economical and has some funky looks and features. The heater works a treat. The seats are really comfortable. Very roomy and comfortable when traveling. I have done one long road trip and thoroughly enjoyed the ride and comfort it provided me.


Review 2:

I have had a soul since Dec. 2016. It is so nice to drive, responsive, quiet and more powerful than I expected.

The dashboard is well laid out with easy to read dials, Bluetooth and cruise control on the steering wheel for easy operation. Boot space is good even better when both seats are folded down. Good fuel economy, excellent headroom in front and back.


Review 3:

I have had 3 Kia souls they are a great car but KIA does not sell them well at all in Australia and I think over the next year or so they will not come here anymore because they don't sell I would not buy another, in fact, I have not I would go for something that sells well here in Australia it means you will always get parts and there be no trouble fixing it.


Review 4:

I traded in a 2016 KIA soul base for a 2020 KIA soul s... My 2016 only had 25000 miles and was in great shape... Absolutely no complaints... Great little car... That being said... This 2020 soul s is world's above the 2016 model in just about every way... Rides better... Handles better... Feels better... Transmission is fantastic... Very smooth acceleration... Much better pick up... This car is maybe the best on the small SUV segment... And I've test-driven them all... Great value as well... And the S trim comes standard with all the active safety features like lane keep assist... Emergency braking... Blindspot monitor and rear cross-traffic alert and something called driver attention warning... Great car!


Review 5:

Bought wife a new red 2020 Kia Soul GT for our 50th wedding anniversary.

First new car since buying Mercury Marquee in 2007

(Which we still have, I drive this big boat)

She loves the Kia and drove it from Pa to Va the other day.

Was not fatigued from the long drive. “The seat cradles your body”

Loves all the storage room in the back with seats down.

Loves the maps feature used in the iPhone with a dash monitor.

Apple AirPlay another 

Also, the backup camera impresses her.

Loves the handling and tight steering, firm braking sure-footed feeling.



KIA Soul SUV is designed in a secure way that it covers all the luxury style cars and as well. The powerful car suits all your needs, either for storage or sporty look. The impressive and stylish interior presented in unique colors is simply irresistible. The mileage covered with all the reliable and productive features installed makes it the car of the year.

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