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Kia Picanto Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Kia Picanto Review Australia


Planning to buy a car that is a full package in terms of engine, power, speed, and design? Then, why not Kia Picanto? One of the best city cars ever manufactured by Kia since 2004. To explain Kia Picanto, we must use words like “cheerful, bold, and distinguishing”.


If you want to ride in something new and distinctive that makes you stand out, whether you are driving in cities or highways, Kia Picanto is your answer! It will impress you with its sharp design and eye-catching design that is not only striking but also durable. And, how can you not praise its highly intuitive features offering the best connectivity? Being a compact car, it seems to be a perfect balance between style and practicality.


Kia Picanto is absolutely playful and fun as well as a sportier option to drive. It will get everyone’s attention with its cozy feel and good handling. An ideal partner for your everyday city drive. The roomy and well-equipped interior is an added plus that is topped with a wonderful fuel consumption rate.



There is no doubt that the Kia Picanto is an absolutely lovely car to ride in. It's handling, steering, management, cornering, and everything else is so fine that you will be amazed. The ride stability seems impressive as well as the skills to absorb the bumps. Apart from being a fine piece of performance, it has a durable setup. Every piece of equipment seems to be placed strategically to support a better driving experience. It has balanced the engine brilliantly.


The steering is made not so light and not so heavy, just appropriate and responsive enough. You would find the steering of a good quality complemented with the pedals that are decent in their action. The throttle is also satisfactory. The speed is perfectly mated with torque and power so you would enjoy the smooth and enjoyable rides.


What’s more?


To maintain the drive comfortability, there is negligible motor vibration. No disturbing noise or vibration! Once seated behind the wheel, you will cruise marvelously because you will get comfortable as soon as you sit. All driving controls are well-laid, making this Kia Picanto a perfect car for beginners. Moving on to the suspension, the latest year models have a remarkable setup. No more worries about driving on a gravel road!


On one hand, the cornering ability is impressive. On the other hand, braking power is stronger than your imagination. Made to drive for hours!


First-generation (2004):

A 1.0L petrol engine designed to deliver maximum power of 45 kW and torque of 86 Nm.

A 1.1L petrol engine with the capacity to produce power of 48 kW mated with the torque of 97 Nm. 


In standard, the above-mentioned two options you have to choose from. Both are benefited from multi-point injections. The major difference is in their torque but power seems somewhat similar. So, choose what suits your need or we can say budget. As far as the transmission is concerned, there are two options, a 5-speed manual, and a 4-speed automatic. No matter what you choose, the drive will be incredible.


Well, hold up!


There is another option available in the Europe-made trim. Although it has the same 1.1L 3-cyl engine, there are two differences. First, it is the diesel engine and second, it has direct injection. Due to the addition of certain refined equipment, it can give you power within 56 kW and a torque of 153 Nm.


Second generation (2011):

A 1.0L 3-cyl gasoline engine

A 1.25L 4-cyl gasoline engine that comes with ecoDynamics (Kia's start-stop system)

A 1.0L 3-cyl petrol/LPG engine


All engines of Kia Picanto are made to bring comfort to your journey. Depending on the budget and need, choose any and get ready to have pleasant rides with your family, friends, or loved ones. the fuel economy for every engine is acceptable. Their speed and power capacities will not disappoint you. To make the best out of the engine, the compatible gearboxes are fitted.


There are three options of transmission:

5-speed manual

4-speed automatic 



Third generation (2017):

A 1.0L Kappa II 3-cyl engine with an innovative multi-point injection system. It is available in a 5-speed manual transmission that shifts smoothly.

A 1.0L Kappa II 3-cyl engine with a direct-point injection system accompanied by a turbocharger that is responsive and active. It is also mated with the same 5-speed manual transmission.

A 1.2L Kappa II 4-cyl engine that features a 5-speed manual transmission but has a 4-speed automatic transmission as an option


What makes these latest cars the best choice? Their highly advanced technological features along with improved safety.


That include:

✓ Torque Vectoring Brake Based (TVBB) system

Straight Line Stability (SLS)

Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS)

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)



If we start explaining Kia Picanto, we must say it is a good value car loaded with standard features making life easier. Yes, we know, the Kia Picanto is known to have a plasticky but that doesn’t make it look cheap or sub-standard. It is of durable quality and superior finesse. but that is not what you should be worried about because higher trim levels are not having any plastic inside the cabin. The higher the spec sheet goes, the maximum luxury it brings!


If you have money and you are ready to spend on a car then you must skip to Kia Picanto GT and GT-Line Kia Picanto S cars. These models are at the top of the chart. With a wide range of personalization options, it will catch your attention, right away. For added convenience, cars are equipped with touchscreens of high resolution.


The top-spec trims offer features including:

Automatic air conditioner

Adaptable cruise control

Wireless phone charger slot

Heated seats and wheel

Keyless/remote start

Reversing camera

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto


Do you need a car that is featured with wide spaces where you can store things and keep your belongings? Well, the Kia Picanto has plenty of useful places all around the cabin. It is definitely a practical day-to-day car that offers maximum usability. Not only functionality but also style. What else do you need?


The very first thing that will make you appreciate this usable car is the button-to-dash ratio. Each and every control is placed in easy approach and quick access. The best part is the multifunction steering wheel that has many controls making your car quite useful. There is a CD player with MP3 audio playback, too. So, now you can enjoy music while driving. And, how we cannot mention its front and patented rear electric windows. The electric mirrors come in handy.


What about exterior style?


It is appealing from the outside, equally. The design is pretty awakening and the body is structured beautifully. With the much-needed flair, the exterior is made credible. The key appeal that also makes it distinctive is the firm’s ‘tiger-nose grille'.


2014 model specs:

The European 3-door's front and rear bumpers 

Scene-stealing headlights incorporating a new LED DRLs

Refined instrument cluster 

Digital speedometer

Gloss black trimming

A touchscreen multimedia audio system (optional).

7 airbags

Cornering Brake Control system

Handbrake alarm

Seat belts with height adjustable feature


2020 model specs:

The latest model of Kia Picanto is to die for featuring new fashioning tweaks on the outside, advanced technology, and astounding powertrains. Different color trim options are offered to keep the touch of personal taste. With the broadly infused visual and technical upgrades, all trim levels are a symbol of premium quality.


Besides this, it has:

Redesigned headlights

A broad and more refined grille

A 4.2-inch instrument panel

8-inch infotainment system

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility

Top-grade and soft-felt leather upholstery

Doors, dashboard, and the gear selector with gloss black highlights

Lane-keeping assistance

Emergency stop signal


Final verdict:

If we sum up, we can say, the Kia Picanto is an inspiring all-rounder car that has made supreme with the recent tweaks. The latest trims, particularly Kia Picanto 2019, are more enticing. But, all year models are manufactured for urban driving. Enjoy its supple and comfortable ride with an eye-catching design.


As you have reviewed the car in thorough detail here, are you still interested in purchasing the car? We have another service to help you finalize the purchase. Offering you a 24/7 available online portal to search your car history within minutes. Click here!

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