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Kia Cerato Sport Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Kia Cerato Sport Review Australia


You would be shocked to know how many names are used for Kia Cerato. In the USA, it is called the Kia Forte, in China, it is known as Shuma and in South Korea, you can call it Forte K3.


Being a useable and versatile compact car, you can have it in either a 5-door hatchback or a 4-door sedan If you are planning to buy Kia Cerato Sport, the biggest plus point is it's not-so-old chassis layout, motor, and refined hi-tech features as the company started its manufacturing back in 2003.


Kia's new Cerato range-topper is also reasonably priced, in both sedan and hatchback styles. The highlights of the vehicle are all-inclusive safety features, a generous standard specifications list, and a durable motor. We can all agree that it lacks nothing, and yet typically does not over-deliver anywhere. The exterior is surely well-laid. Besides, the sense of interior quality is decent.


Once you are seated inside Kia Cerato Sport, the switchgear and infotainment cluster will provide you a higher satisfaction in terms of tactility. Whereas some door handles, knobs and modifications are less appealing.



Kia Cerato Sport is absolutely an amazing choice that you will be rewarded with a comfortable ride. Adding to your surprise, it has very nice robustness and good-looking tactility in most road situations. Cerato is designed with an engine that is not only reliable and powerful but also cruises quietly. Well, if you are revving up the speed, it will get coarse and noisy.


You would not find anything tricky about its suspension. At the front, the MacPherson struts up are installed complimented with an adjustable torsion beam. The car is tuned to offer a smooth, stable, and refined on-road and off-road performance. Cerato is fairly adept at behaving silently.


The braking system is amazing and controls the body roll. The cornering ability is acceptable and the sturdy equipment offers a lifetime of use. It is suitable for short as well as for long drives. Even if you are looking for a car with a good fuel consumption rate, Kia Cerato Sport will do just fine. It is known for showing good fuel mileage.


Switchable drive mode:

The four modes you got to pick from include:


Eco Smart



One thing you must remember is that these do not vary much regarding output or the engine’s natural aspiration. All it changes is the driving character. For instance, when you switch to Eco mode, the ride will get tremendously dull and lifeless due to its search for maintaining fuel economy. In short, it is not a good choice.


Kia Cerato Sport and Sport+ Hatch (2017-2019):

All variants are equipped with a high-class 2L naturally aspirated 4-cyl engine. Combined with a 6-speed torque converting transmission, it promises to provide a satisfying ride. Not thrilling but unremarkable!


The engine of Kia Cerato Sport is capable of producing power of 112kW at 6200rpm along with a torque of 192Nm at 4000rpm. You would find the speed and throttle response, steering, and energy pretty sufficient.


2018 Kia Cerato Sport Plus on the other hand seems a bit off. The major downfall is its underwhelming powertrain. Undoubtedly, it is a comfortable cruiser but lacks the strength and capacity to carry out an adventurous road performance. The cruise control can also get annoying sometimes. The best part is its steering that has a special feel to it. Absolutely firm, engaging, and communicative!


Kia Cerato Sport sedan (2017):

The highlighted feature of s Sedan is its premium 7-inch infotainment display with a perfect blend of quality and entertainment. It comes with receptive sat-navigation. It has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity compatibility. As a standard fitment, plenty of extremely tempting specs are equipped. Although, it lacks extravagances but has so much to offer.


Kia Cerato Sport Hatch (2018-2019):

If you are thinking that a low price will result in low standard equipment, you are mistaken!


Kia Cerato Sport hatch features a rational and fulsome list of standard specs. You can start from its amazingly gloss-black finessed exterior. The front and rear bumpers add up to the fanciness of the car’s layout. The complimentary chrome grille, chrome exhaust tip along boot-spanning rear-lights make the car appealing. To strengthen the look, road compatible and hard-wearing 16-inch steel wheels are equipped.


Inside Kia Cerato Sport, the premiumness is a little less apparent, due to urethane-covered steering and the use of hard plastics featuring the inner door linings. The spacious cabin is wrapped with soft-felt and quality cloth. Everything else looks perfectly laid. A high-leveled roof has helped in providing more headroom. Infotainment is not high-definition, but clear, responsive, and easy to use.


You will get a decent driving position that lets you control everything within easy accessibility. The cabin ensures a nice spacious ambiance. The supportive bucket seats in the first row featuring semi-sports styling are relaxing and purposeful enough.


Other important specifications include:

Powered windows (front and rear)

Keyless/remote central locking,

A manual air-conditioner with climate control

Efficient cruise control

8-inch touchscreen

Bluetooth connectivity

DAB (digital radio)

6 ways adjustable driver’s seat

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.


Multi-function steering


Cerato Sport+ standard specifications:

Adaptive cruise control

Leather trimming

Dual-zone climate control

Stylish rear air vents

Keyless/Remote entry

Push-button start

Power folding mirrors


17-inch alloy wheels


Where the exterior is a solid fit and comes with a quality finish, the interior offers decent practicality. You will be impressed with Kia Cerato Sport smart looks. The comfortable seating ensures long-distance comfort. To give a broader stance, the wraparound rear-lights are added.



Coming to another essential aspect of a car that is SAFETY, Kia Cerato Sport offers an outstanding 5-star 'Safety Pack' that is loaded with hi-tech and satisfying credentials.


In 2019, the following specs are highlighted:

Responsive adaptive cruise control

Accessible folding mirrors

Blind-spot monitoring

Rear cross-traffic alert

High-grade ‘Fusion II’ AEB with pedestrian and cyclist collision alert

Hill assist

Traction and Stability Control

Parking assist (sensors and camera)


Cons of buying Kia Cerato Sport:

It features a lack-luster powertrain

Unfortunately, it is built to cost in specific areas means it has an expensive servicing cost

Although Kia Cerato Sport adds “Sport” to its name, it is not sportier by nature

Compliance can be slightly shaky

Boring engine especially on highways

The clutch pedal can get vague sometimes

Unbearable tire noise can disturb your driving peace

In 2017 models, you will not get the set of alloy wheels

The automatic transmission can get lazy and uninspiring


Final verdict:

Kia Cerato Sport holds a strong equipment list which seems pretty satisfactory for a car of its size. It might give cheap feels, but it's definitely worth considering. As far as it's variant is concerned, Sport+ is considered highly roomy, and comfortable, making it a fuss-free option.


Do you know what makes it impressive? The excellent ride comfort, and an exceptional balance between suspension drive compliance and road-holding. From the inside, the cabin is laden in Kia’s ever-fashionable clothing, which is befittingly stylish.


Apart from reviews, you can make sure the deal is beneficial by checking the vehicle’s history. We are bringing an easily accessible online portal on our user-friendly website, where you can get instant details on your car by simply entering model details.

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