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Kia Cerato GT Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Kia Cerato GT Review Australia

Without a doubt, there has been a consistent ascent in the prominence of SUVs in the nation over the ongoing years. Individuals are running towards 4x4 vehicles. To fill in as family vehicles just as for those long summer trips. And still, there is even a more noteworthy market for sub-compact vehicles in the AUD 30K territory. This is an extremely serious class of vehicles with many models being presented every year. Generally, remarkable vehicles are the Toyota Corolla, Mazda3, and the Hyundai i30.


Such an opposition implies that a purchaser is filled with a lot of alternatives. One can peruse through the hundreds of vehicles, with contrasting execution, mileage, and shapes. It is nothing unexpected this is one of the most well-known vehicle portions in Australia.


The interest in the market implies that other vehicles fabricating organizations additionally comprehend the need. In view of that, Kia has been using this section with its new Kia Cerato 2018. The Kia Cerato has been in the Australian market throughout the previous years.


Kia has been known to present some extravagant and famous vehicles in the nation. Take the Kia Sportage and the Spectra for example. In this article, we will be going over the specifications and features as well as a complete Kia Cerato GT review.


The Kia Cerato has been in production since 2003. Designed and developed in South Korea by Kia Motors. The car is known by the name of Spectra in the United States. In 2008, the Cerato was replaced by the Kia Forte but still is labeled as the Cerato in Australia and some other export markets.


The Kia Cerato is offered in two versions. The Kia Cerato GT sedan and the Kia Cerato GT hatch. In many ways, the GT is similar to the European Proceed. The GT hatch applies a much more practical five-door body.



The Kia Cerato GT is powered by a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine. The engine is similar to that of the Hyundai i30, which is among the most popular cars in this class. The engine is capable of producing 150 kW of power and a peak torque of 265 Nm.


The GT applies a front-wheel drive and uses a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and paddle shifters. For all those manual drive lovers, there is a letdown. The GT is not available in a manual transmission. The recommended fuel for the Kia Cerato GT is 91 RON fuel and E10. The fuel economy is excellent, with almost 7-liters consumption per 100km.



Standard features include:

18-inch alloy wheels

Michelin Pilot Sport tyres

Automatic LED headlights

Daytime running lights

Body kit

Power side mirrors

Dual exhaust outlets

Proximity key

Heated and ventilated leather seats

Dual zone climate control

Wireless phone charger

8.0-inch touchscreen

Satellite Navigation

JBL supplied eight-speaker audio system



The interior is where things get interesting. Dark seats and surfaces, with red sewing all over the place, and a red lighting mark that absolutely makes an irate atmosphere. 


The leather seats are agreeable However, it would be better if there were a pinch more side reinforcing. In truth, they are electric, warmed and cooled, and have a memory that preserves its splendidness for a modest vehicle like this.


The driving position is very low, and there's abundant steering wheel alteration. While you do not get a head-up show, the simple checks are exceptionally readable and the computerized speedo the same. The wheel itself looks and feels extraordinary, with material catches and quality leather wrapping.


While there are some hard plastics utilized lower on the scramble and along the transmission burrow, the lodge is inarguably business-like. The combination pedal tops and silver features along the scramble liven things up.


The infotainment is acceptable, in spite of the fact that the arrangement in the Seltos SUV is somewhat slicker. The sat-nav has live updates, the turning around camera is adequate, having telephone reflecting is consistently ideal since you can see Google Maps on the middle screen, and the JBL sound framework sounds great.


The rearward sitting arrangement space is very liberal for the fragment. Positively better than most adversaries beside the super-roomy Honda Civic. Anybody under 185cm will be completely agreeable, and the presence of back vents is generally welcome. For those with little children, there are two ISOFIX stay focused and three top tie focuses situated in the seatbacks.


Notwithstanding getting free suspension (multi-connect) not at all like the base models' twist bar pivot, the boot space is unaffected. The bring forth has 428L of boot space, an unbending removable package rack/freight spread, and an under-floor space-saver save. The rearward sitting arrangements likewise overlap down to free more extra room.


Kia Cerato GT Price:

Since this is the range-topping Cerato, you would expect that this would set you back by a lot. Wrong! The drive away price for the Cerato GT is only $33,990. This is the price which includes all on-road costs. And the features and specifications that you get at this price make you think that this is a great bargain.



The Kia Cerato GT is more than capable of producing a good performance on road. The transmission is great, and the road grip is excellent. The GT hatch offers practicality and is perfect if you are looking for a first car. Kia has marketed the car towards the younger generation.


But in our opinion, the Kia Cerato sedan is even better looking. It offers a better driver if you are looking for a bit more fun than the hatch. Nevertheless, it is overlooked when compared to its hatch sibling.


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