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KIA Cerato 2017 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

KIA Cerato 2017 Review Australia

Kia Motors is a South Korean car manufacturing company that was founded in 1944, initially manufacturing bicycle parts and steel tubing. It was not long before they turned their resources towards producing cars and emerged as the second-largest automobile manufacturers in the country, following Hyundai Motor Company.


During their reign, Kia Motors have known to produce some of the classiest cars known to man, including the Kia Cerato, which is a compact car introduced in 2003. The market of the Cerato continues to this day, with impressive local and global sales. Later, the Cerato was renamed to Kia Forte and continues to this day.


There is no doubt about the fact that the Kia Cerato is one of the most popular cars that have been produced by the company. That can be attributed to the unbelievable value for money that the car offers to the buyers, cheap maintenance, and the promise of a seven-year warranty. Naturally, this led many buyers to flock towards the brand.


The Kia Cerato 2018 was among the top five popular cars in that category in the year and resonated very well with buyers. The newer Kia Cerato 2019 hatch model replaces the popular version and introduces a new sedan body style which received mixed reception here in Australia.


The latest model, the Kia Cerato 2020 combines all the strengths that made the original Cerato well-liked and encompasses all those features, including ample space and a roomy cabin, affordable price, and plenty of extra features. Alongside that, Kia also introduced the Cerato GT, which competes closely with the Hyundai i30 N Line Premium.


Kia Cerato Specifications:

In this article, we describe the three variants of the Kia Cerato, namely the Cerato S, the Cerato Sport, and the Cerato GT. Let us examine some of the common specifications before moving on to the more intimate features unique to each variant.


All the variants of the Kia Cerato provide an excellent road grip and overall solid driving experience. You feel safe when navigating tight corners even at high speeds and feel confident of the stability that the sedan offers.


The suspension is another wonder which is specifically designed for Australian roads, so that you feel comfortable on any kind of terrain, no matter how bumpy the road. The Cerato offers a satisfying balance and a good grip in every condition. Another point which rates high in driver satisfaction is the firm chassis and the improved wheel package which results in a drive which is firm, and you can always feel in control.


Kia Cerato Features:

Starting off with the infotainment system, the Cerato is given an 8.0-inch infotainment screen that supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth connectivity, and a set of powerful speakers. The car also applies some of the more mainstream techs like the front and rear parking assist, and the reversing camera to ensure that you do not bump into anything unseen on the road.


Other exciting features include Adaptive cruise control, an Autonomous braking system that detects if there is any vehicle in front of you and automatically stops your cars to avoid any collision, lane-keeping assist, and smart headlights that adapt in the dusk, fog, and daytime.


Some additional features that attract buyers to get their hands on the Cerato are: height adjustment for the driver seats as well as the height and reach adjustment for the steering wheel, seat belt reminders for all the five passengers, wheel pressure monitor, hill start assist and anti-lock braking system. The seven-year unlimited kilometers does not hurt the sales either.


Kia Cerato S


The Cerato S is the base model for the series and comes at a reasonable price of $21,000 which makes it an obvious choice for Uber drivers and car rental companies. It comes with a 2.0-liter engine that does well to output enough power and torque. However, the engine may seem to require more further when the car is loaded with passengers to the brim or when driving uphill.


The Cerato S features a six-speed manual transmission by default, which can be swapped with a six-speed automatic gearbox if you are willing to pay a little extra. The manual transmission has a gearbox with a light shift action, although the shift knob could be shaped better.


Kia Cerato Sport


The Sport variant is a sedan with a natural appeal for private buyers to get their hands on this vehicle for several reasons. Number one, you can get numerous extras added to the car if you are a bit more than the base price, which falls below the $25,000 limit. Additional features that you can pay for include a satellite navigation system, a premium steering wheel, and 17-inch alloy wheels.

Some other useful features that you can get your hands on include rear cross-traffic alert, adaptive cruise control, auto-folding side mirrors, and a blind-spot monitor.


Kia Cerato GT


This is easily the best version of the Cerato series, with specifications and features that are top of the line. Even though the price for this beauty is considerably high than the base model and the Cerato Sport, this is still a great car with plenty of options to make your ride exciting.


Features that make the Cerato GT standout include silver cabin highlights, an impressive audio system consisting of nine JBL speakers, twin exhaust pipes, a body kit, customized steering wheel, leather seats with ventilation, and power adjustment options, and LED headlights.


The suspension is made better by multi-linking for an increased hold on the road, and better front vented brakes. The wheels are also upgraded to 18-inch alloys wrapped around pricey Michelin Sport Tyres. The Cerato GT comes loaded with a 1.6-liter turbo engine which produces a hefty 150 kW of power and 265 Nm of torque if you rev the engine to 4500 rpm. It applies a seven-speed automatic transmission along with paddle shifters if you want to manually override.

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