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Karmann Ghia Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Karmann Ghia Review Australia


According to some, the old cars are fun to dive but remember, they come with several mechanical and styling issues.


Volkswagen Karmann Ghia is also one of the oldest cars. It is praised for its appealing design and durable bodywork. It is a sports car available in coupe and convertible, manufactured in 1955–1974 and 1957–1974, respectively.


Being practical and modish, Karmann Ghia will deliver you a satisfying ride. The styling of the vehicle is a plus. Its chassis, interior, and exterior are exceptionally well put together. It is styled in Italy.One simply cannot resist appreciating the reliability of a vehicle. The car seems easy to steer, has a sturdy layout and spacious cabin to assure the balance of comfort and speed. In comparison to 2021 automobiles, it might lack certain hi-tech specs and will not be much fun but will provide you a soothing experience.


Another variant that you must keep in our option is the “Type 34”. You can have it in the year models from 1962 to 1969. At a glance, you will be captivated by its outstanding angular bodywork featuring a durable, and powerful motor system.


Karmann Ghia Engine:

One of the major perks of the Karmann Ghia engine is that they are incredibly quiet. And, who does not like to have a ride with no growling sounds of the engine?


This RWD is engineered to deliver precise power to the weight ratio ensuring a steady ride. It is an impressive on-road and off-road performer. Besides, the car comes with a reasonable pedal placement. The modified brakes certainly help speed handling. All engines have a commonality of 4-cylinders with a single carburetor.


All standard gearboxes are placed on the floor within accessibility. If we go back to the earliest models, you can get a small engine of 1.2L with an efficient air-cooler. Due to the small size, it lacks power and the ability to take you on a long ride smoothly. The best trims are the ones with 1.5L and 1.6L engines that run on petrol, effortlessly. The significant advantage of the engine is that it does not squeal while providing a brilliant cornering skill.


Well, it comes with certain disadvantages for instance the major drawback is the poor handling on the bumpy roads due to the old-styled swing-axle rear suspension and rear weight bias. The addition of a stabilizer bar to the suspension system is an absolute plus. All post-1968 models are characterized by a receptive and independent rear suspension. It means these models are more desirable.


As far as the 1960 models are concerned, you would find their style eye-catching but it will fail to impress you with its engine. Once driven, you will be disappointed with its less than spectacular road performance. So, you might want to go for the later models.


Fast-forwarding to another good option but not great is the 1966 model equipped with the 1.3L engine. A 1967models of Karmann Ghia is featured with more efficient semi-trailing link rear suspension which makes the car sportier to drive along with improving the speed, torque, and power of the vehicle.


Karmann Ghia 1974 models:

Now, the real option or the year model that can be the best pick is 1974, either Karmann Ghia convertible or coupe. Both come with the same engine configuration of 1.6L. Fitted at the rear, this aspirated motor is placed horizontally to maximize the advantage of space.


The engine is mated with a 4-speed manual gear shifter with no option of an automatic transmission. The engine is capable of producing 98 NM @ 2,800 rpm torque that complements the gear perfectly. The modern technique of mechanical delivery is also infused to guarantee greater acceleration.


Do you prefer driving in an auto-mode? If yes, look no further and choose the Karmann Ghia coupe variant. The only difference between these two variants is that the coupe has the option of 3-speed auto transmission along with the standard manual 4-speed gearbox.


Karmann Ghia Design:

Do you know what makes the car distinctive from others? It's hand-built bodywork. With matchless stunning looks, the Karmann Ghia is designed to have a low center of gravity assisting in achieving higher speeds more efficiently. The aerodynamic style is tremendous and comes in handy. You can spot it from a distance, due to its attention-grabbing long sloped front and delicate rearward.


The convertibles are extra strengthened ensuring reliability but at the same time, the increased weight slows down the car and lowers its speeding capacity in comparison to the coupé. The exclusive body panels are butt-welded and are extremely smooth.


We can say, the inside of the VW Karmann Ghia is not luxurious but is sufficient. The comfortable bucket seats let you enjoy a pleasing ride. But, remember, if you are a taller person or adult, the back-casual seats are not for you as it offers cramped legroom.


Other features are:

A thermostat with an option of instrument lighting

Speedometer right in front of the driving seat

The large electric clock on a left

Centrally placed fuel gauge

Push-button radio

Cigarette lighter

Small glove box.

Switches to give fresh air ventilation


The backrest for the seats is adjustable to 5 positions

Wide pockets on the door

The self-canceling indicator switch


If you like robust-looking vehicles, you would be appealed to the 1961 models as they are featured with the broader and more finessed front grilles. The grilles complement the high-positioned headlights. The taller and smooth-edged tail lights add to the fanciness. In comparison, 1970 has larger rear-lights mated with reversing lights and larger wrap-around indicators.


The 1962 models have somewhat acceptable features including power-assisted sunroofs, fog-headlights, and electrical clocks. 1957–1974 coupe models have a cabin that gives premium vibes with the two-toned seats having amazing vinyl trimming and austere metal framing. The driving position is adjusted a bit lower offering comfort. The dashboard is designed modishly with a painted metal appearance. The rudimentary heater comes with a demisting function.


Karmann Ghia Type 34:

Introduced in September 1961, the Karmann Ghia Type 34 is powered by a flat 1500cc engine Along with a satisfying motor, it has a wide range of comfort features.

Well, in comparison to other variants, it has a more spacious interior and sufficient luggage room. The power-assisted sliding steel sunroof is a plus.


The built-in fog lights are part of the safety features. At the rear, you will get rounded tail lights with a subtler rearward look. The door pads and long padded armrests enhance the convenience.


Cons/Problems of buying Karmann Ghia:

Do not offer 6-cylinder engines

The gauges fitted inside the cabin provide accurate results but are poorly marked

The close spacing of the pedals in Karmann Ghia

The chrome-finessed air vents are prone to getting loose making a rattling sound

 It lacks tachometer

You will feel the transmission jumping out of 1st gear

No diesel option on engines

Lack entertainment features such as HD touch screen Infotainment screen


Final verdict:

Karmann Ghia can be summed up as a gorgeous 2-seater vehicle designed in a coupe and cabriolet version. Inside has classy fittings that give the car a premium touch. The maximum durability with a reasonable fuel economy is the major reason for the preference. The low and lightweight chassis make it run faster and sprightly. You can consider type 34 as your ready-to-go and very usable classic, beautiful Karmann Ghia.


It would be better to look into the vehicle’s history before finalizing our deal. We are pleased to help you out by offering an all-time available online portal Quick Revs. Enter your vehicle’s details to check accidental, driving, theft, and traveling history.

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