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Jensen Interceptor Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Jensen Interceptor Review Australia


If we talk about some old cars with elite layout and impressive engines, it's hard to miss Jensen interceptor. A Coupe-styled body with appropriate power to weight ratio lets you handle the engine, efficiently. Every car has a uniquely built powerful engine. It is a 4-seater vehicle with an inspiring V8 engine. If you are looking for a four-wheel drive, you should choose its Mk III version. An infusion of responsive disc brakes with classic suspensions has made the drive smoother. So, the drive is considered safe. And, how someone can resist its Italian Touring Superleggera-themed layout.


We can say, old cars have more problems but, the recent remodelled versions of the Jensen GT supercar are amazingly great. Upgrade with a new engine, and high-tech electronics has made it a desirable car, once again! Imagine an enjoyable ride in a naturally aspirated V-8 engine bringing 480-bhp.


The Jensen Interceptor is a grand touring (GT) vehicle, hand-manufactured in the UK, by popular Jensen Motors. The very first interceptor was introduced in 1969. Its visually appealing looks might be enough to convince. It features a balanced blend of everlasting elegance and a sturdy cabin. It was created from 1966 to 1976. In past days, it has every spec fabricated with perfection. It has unique exterior panels on its all-steel cabin.


One thing you will think boring is its monocoque body. But, it has come back with remarkable 80s, 90s, and 2007 versions. In an aspect of structural improvements, Mk2 has an impressive upfront grille and luxury-oriented interior. Regarding engine setup, Jensen interceptor Mk3 has a stronger engine of 7.2L, with powerful brakes.



Jensen interceptor FF:

It is available in a 1967 model with an exclusive Ferguson Formula. Jensen FF has remarkable anti-lock brakes and advanced traction control. For a fancy touch, it has an eye-catching swage line upfront. The longer, the heavier and more advanced, as we say! It comes in three trims as Mark I, Mark II, and Mark III. Its exquisite V8 engine is very enduring and long-lasting. The vehicle has a highly safe exhaust and cooling setup. It brings comfort with speed.



It is one of the most liked trims with a foldable hardtop. Introduced in 1974, it gained fame instantly. It features secure steering management, easy-going interior besides offering instant acceleration at any gear.



The 1975 model is coupe-styled with close resemblance to the convertible. We advise you to think twice before buying it as it lacks some essential details. Most disturbing feature is that it lacks a definite rear window.


The Jensen Interceptor R:

The latest, most advanced model is the R interceptor equipped with long-living and energetic two engines. One is the LS 6.2L engine whereas another trim has a supercharged version of LS3 6.2 V-8. A perfect combo of the durable engine with 6-speed transmission (available choices automatic or manual)! The highlight of the design is its bulletproof exterior.



In the Jensen interceptor 1969 variant that is Mark II, you can have an elegant and controlling engine with 3-speed automatic transmission. The gearbox is located on the floor. The engine runs on petrol with OHC 16-valve V-8 and a single carburettor. It can take you on a long drive with its massive 72L fuel tank capacity. Its 6.3L piston is fitted upfront giving 6276 CC. It offers 242kW@4600 rpm maximum power with torque of 576NM @2800 rpm.


Even with an old setup, it has a rear limited-slip differential. The engineers have successfully equipped the car with double-wishbone suspension with flexible dampers. Moreover, you will be provided with a completely independent custom system with a lower wishbone. Regrettably, it weighs excessively up to 4000 lbs. The gearbox has new mounting points with receptive brakes in a custom carrier system.


If you are looking for its 1971 model that is the Mark 3 / Mark III or 1974 variant, get ready to enjoy a thrilling ride in a 7,200 CC Chrysler engine. It depends on what type of speed you expect and needs as it comes in two engine options in 7.2L 440 CI.


4-barrel carburettor with 305 horsepower.

Three 2-barrel carburettors with 330 horsepower.


Its 1971 model, Jensen interceptor engine comes in 3 varieties 6.3 L (1966-1971), 7.2 L (1971-1976) and 5.9 L engine in series 4 (1980s). There is no distinctive upgrade made in its 1972 trim. Only, the engine has been detuned to 280 horsepower. A real slow engine with sluggish speed, indeed! The reason why it is called an economical car is that FIRST, it is not overpriced, SECOND, it has a fuel-efficient engine.



Jensen interceptor has received interior upgrades along with exterior and engine. You can have comfy boot space, and spacious rear seats in this 2-doors, 4-seater car with a distinguishing, curving wrap-around rear window. For a robust look, it has appealing alloy wheels of 15 inches (38.1 cm). The sturdy wheels carrying a vehicle with a heavy-duty engine and 2667 mm wheelbase. But, you cannot have the luxury of flaunting the symbolic badge. It's incredibly designed tailgate will get the passerby's attention.


Other significant specification includes:

Electric windows

Lounging front seats

Wooden lined, powered, and height-adjustable steering

Radio with dual speaker audio setup

Reversing headlamps and taillights

Dandy electric clock


Jensen FF has fully fulfilled the driver’s needs of an extremely smooth gearshift. If you want your car in a fancy, dull, vibrant, or natural colour, you will get in the Jensen interceptor FF model. The Mark II or 1969 model has stylish headlights, bold chrome upfront grille, and widened bumper. Coming to the Mark III, or 1971 model, the interior has gotten better with ultra-finesse. Its GKN alloy wheels are a plus. AC is a standard on all trims. Look for specific details in G-, H-, and J-series.


1971 Jensen interceptor:

The 1971 Interceptor has extensive chroming on the slanting sides, with an extra inlet for instant cooling. Wheels are bigger, 17-inch! Headlights are more fashionable with sharp looks! It features a leather-trimmed interior with an air conditioner.


It is available in a 2-door 4-seat hatchback. Even if you intend to enjoy the same details in a convertible or coupe body car, this is your fit.


This model has:

Toggle switch starter

Powered windshield cleaners

Silent engine

No more ambiguous looking Morris-sourced ignition key

Visually attractive vinyl dashboard

Aluminium rims

New brake balance lever

Option of dual-shade bucket seats

Flexible to use the center console


1980s exclusive 4 Series:

You will find no significant difference. The engine has been reduced and minimised to the 5.9L Chrysler-engine with better-preserved emissions. The cabin has a sportier feel with fashionable driving and passenger seats.


Cons of buying Jensen interceptor:

Hand-built structure

Time-consuming and expensive to repair

Rust problems, and demands constant inspection

The cooling system might lack useful accessories

Unstable oil pressure

Fuel leakage

No hi-tech infotainment


Final verdict:

If we conclude it in a few lines, we must say that the Jensen interceptor features a tremendously receptive engine, workable suspension, and has received splendid brake upgrades. It will definitely give you a pleasing ride but the possibility of acceleration and oil flow issues are high. After all, it is an old car with old specs.


If you are still determined to buy this car or no matter if you have changed your mind, we advise you to keep yourself updated with all the past details of the car. Just to be sure, enter your car model and year on our website Quick Revs and get access to all the accidental, theft, and driving details within a few minutes.

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