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Isuzu Dmax Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Isuzu Dmax Review Australia

Isuzu is a brand of durability and style. It has been providing us tough and modish cars for ages. The latest versions of Isuzu DMAX features cutting-edge technology. It comes with a spacious interior to offer sufficient storage. If you are searching for a vehicle with elegance, and high-tech features, this is your car! It offers you not only luxury but also comforts with full safety. Have a family? It is well accommodating. Does the profession require excessive traveling? It has a smart fuel consumption rate. Every feature is tailored for customer’s convenience.


Besides, how amazing it’d feel to have UV protected screen glasses. 2020 Isuzu DMAX has surpassed other models in aspect of its sleek, functional, and classy design. It has an impressive aerodynamic design. The standard reach-adjustable steering wheel spec doubles the comfort level. The level of refinement their team has done with eye-catching technology is astonishing!


Isuzu claims to subject every vehicle to real-life testing to assure its safety. This classic car is loaded with highly advanced automatic and specialized features. And how can you ignore its most elite characteristic of Bi-LED headlamps? It has wide-distance coverage remote engine features. With this car, you can enjoy a bump-free, dust-free, smoother, and relaxing journey. Its lush interior and smart outlook shine out other automobiles. The brand has fused incomparable toughness in the Isuzu DMAX framework. It has a distinctive urban charisma which demands the attention of the passerby. With the huge boost in design, it has become bolder, more robust, and visually appealing.



Whenever you are selecting a car, checking the engine is the primary step! And in the case of D-MAX, it has an incredible 3.0L turbocharged engine. It requires diesel fuel type to run on dusty, mountainous, twisting, or smooth roads. Bold chassis with the exotic 4JJ3-TCX engine is the astounding choice. High-class engine with minimal fuel consumption, What a perfect combination! It features superb fuel efficiency with a huge upfront fitted intercooler. The engine is capable of producing 140kW power. It is made with a Euro5-compliant unit. The recorded peak torque is 450Nm ranging from 1,600 to 2,600rpm. With the lowest rpm, you can have a better starting acceleration.


What if you forget the car keys? Not a problem as it is marked by advanced push-button start means keyless engine. The major reason behind its exemplary drive experience is a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission. Lately, a revolutionary dual mass flywheel is added to its structure. To aid in its drivability automatic adaptive Cruise Control is present.


The car is equipped with classic suspension package upfront and at the rear. The dual scissor idler gear has upgraded the racing game. Planning to go on a trip to hilly areas? Its hill assists start and descending control feature will help you tackle speed. You can manage road circles and turns, slopes, and steeps while offering maximum traction.



The major problem of such heavy-duty engine cars is NOISE! But, Isuzu DMAX low drag framework lets you admire a quieter and peaceful ride. Coming to its alluring exterior, feel free to pick any chic color. In a need of a fancier look? Try something brighter, bolder, and attention-demanding in color. How about shiny white or striking Volcanic Amber metallic? You must be aware of Australia’s unexpected weather changes! But, they got you covered.


It has wipers with instinctive rain sensors. If you have D-MAX, forget about managing headlights. It has an intuitive setup which makes the lights glow brighter in dark and get dim in daylight! An additional feature of Day Time Running Lights (DRLs) is a highlight which expands your visibility.


Its aerodynamic blade structure is a highlight of the car. It has a front underbody spoiler, outstanding fender flares, and modish allow wheels. It contains style worthy electric fold in mirrors. For extra support, it has fitted-in roof rails and boasting side steps. It offers full-range protection with UV resistant glass.


Its interior is just ravishing. Leather-wrapped plush seats with entertaining features! It comprises 9 inches infotainment screen. It is presented in high resolution. And is capable of digitally displaying satellite navigation. And that’s not all! You got another 7 inches touch-screen. It mirrors your smartphone and keeps you updated with all traffic happenings. Feel free to connect Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay instantly. Now, manage your phone calls more easily. For safety, you can find a lap-sash and headrest. Adjust your seats according to your height with its 8-way electronic modifiable handle.


You must be awe-struck with its excessive space featuring cup holders, twofold glove boxes, and central bin. Always quarreling whether it's heater or AC weather? Solve the problem with its distinctive dual-zone climate control. You can manage calls and navigate without taking eyes off of the road with its supportive voice recognition option. It leaves a pronounced impression with its 8 speakers audio system with high-definition streaming. The plus point is its functional Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) and radio.


Safety protocols of Isuzu D-MAX:

Intelligent Driver Assist System (IDAS) – Supports both passive and active safety setup. It manages all parking, rain and distance sensors and monitoring cameras

Adaptive Cruise Control

Instant lock The car doors can be locked or unlocked if you are within 3 meters diameter

Rear differential lock – It offers extra traction. It let you control your vehicle efficiently by supporting low-ratio 4WD-low mode

Underbody protection with sturdy steel

Airbags – It has intuitive 8 airbags to keep you safe from any unexpected crash

Built-in intuitive Bi-LEDs headlights.

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

Collision warning – Distracted while driving? You will get forward and rear collision audible warning alerts

Mis-acceleration Mitigation – It keeps your speed under check to avoid any possible collision

Blindspot mirror – Offering you wide-ranging visual with side mirrors

Exquisite features

Wiper blade reverse function

Trailer Sway Control

Bold front grille giving a tougher look.

800MM wading depth.

Towing capacity: 3.5 tonnes.

Terrain command letting you switch between different wheel driving at 100km/h speed. You can either choose to drive at 2WD high mode or 4WD low mode.

VGS to achieve optimum air compression, minimal fuel consumption, and maximum torque

Height compatible and adjustable children seats and slash.

Telescopic aluminium tonneau roof.

Parking reverse cameras with multiple angles



To upmarket the look, you can add bull bars It also offers extra protection! You can choose any bar as these are manufactured with durable fortified steel.  The company is engineering handy and stylish bull bars in a multitude range. Besides, you can add snorkel, rails, shields, scuff plates, and whatsoever!


Final verdict:

Isuzu D-MAX is full of surprising specs. It has a wide space interior, sleek design, guaranteed safety measures, comfortable seats, luxurious infotainment setup, and the list goes on. This car is loaded with top-notch engineering details.

As you have read the Isuzu D-MAX review and about Isuzu D-MAX accessories, you must have sorted out your decision of purchasing it! But getting previous details of a car will be a plus point! So, we are giving you an accessible offer to get hands-on with your car’s theft and accident history within a few minutes on our official site Quick Revs.

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