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Ironman 4x4 Review: What's all the fuss about?

Ironman 4x4 Review

A chain is as strong as its weakest link. If rephrased to be used appropriately for vehicles, the sentence would be altered to: A vehicle is as strong as its weakest component. Imagine having a high-powered, multi-purpose vehicle using diesel and providing a great output but a single part, let’s say, for example, the tyre is weak. What would happen to the vehicle then?

Well, let’s consider a scenario here. You are driving your 4x4 in the desert, and all of a sudden, a huge sound is produced followed by skidding of your vehicle before it comes to a full halt. Upon inspection, you realize that the air in the tyre leaked from a miniature hole produced during such a vigorous driving. A small hole brought your car to a complete stop. The same is the case with everything else. The strength of anything depends on the weakest part of it. Word of advice; make sure everything is top class and since we have considered you driving a 4x4, Ironman 4x4 provides top-class components for your 4x4.

We are going to review what Ironman 4x4 is, what it does, how does it do what it does, and what do you need to know about the company.

Introduction to Ironman 4x4:

The company well known for its suspensions, leaf and coil springs, Ironman 4x4, is an Australian based venture which designs products specifically for 4x4s. The products can be considered premium due to their costs but the value is all they are about. Despite the suspensions being around $1000, they are good enough to catch a viewer and any 4x4 fan’s eye and if he or she purchases it, they would surely not be disappointed.

The company produces all sorts of stuff for the 4x4s these days. It is one of the most popular 4x4 accessories companies in not only Australia but in other parts of the world too. Although the parts are manufactured in Australia, their chain is strong enough to deliver to other countries too.


Ironman 4x4 was originally established in 1958 in Melbourne as Jacob Spring Works. It was a manufacturing house for leaf and coil springs for all sorts of vehicles; cars, trucks, jeeps, 4x4s, etc. With the increase in popularity, the company soon began to mass-produce its products and eventually took a leap of faith by introducing newer products to their list. The owner realized that the modern vehicles were not supposed to carry really heavyweights with their current suspensions, so he decided to design something that would help cope with this problem. This ended up being one of the best ideas for the company, and JSW Parts or Ironman 4x4 gained recognition throughout the world.

Today, Ironman 4x4 still manufactures all sorts of parts but they have shifted their focus more towards 4x4s (as the company name suggests). As per the company’s official website, the vast continent of Australia serves as a perfect testing ground for their products. Not only does the company provides to the general public, but military purposes also require assistance from Ironman 4x4.

Ironman 4x4 Operating Areas:

As of 2019, the Ironman 4x4 has a head office situated in Melbourne, Australia. Apart from that, their products are stocked in numerous warehouses throughout Australia. These warehouses are situated at:

 1- Melbourne

 2- Newcastle

 3- Brisbane

 4- Townsville

 5- South Australia

 6- Perth

These warehouses operate semi-individually. Although they have their own team responsible for handling everything, they are all connected with the main head office at Melbourne through the internet.

These warehouses are not the only ones that are handling Ironman 4x4 operations. The international deliveries and orders are overseen by Ironman 4x4 Thailand and Ironman 4x4 South Africa.

Ironman 4x4 Products:

Ironman suspension lift is one of the most popular products of the Ironman 4x4. However, there are hundreds of other products that the company manufactures and sells through third-party stores. We are not going to go into details about these products since they are pretty self explanatory with their names. The data fetched from the official website states that Ironman 4x4 has following products (long-list warning):

 1- Alu-cab

 2- Suspension

 3- Bullbars

 4- Rated Recovery Points

 5- Side Protection & Steps

 6- Driving Lights

 7- Winches

 8- Snorkels

 9- Rear protecting, Towing & Accessories

 10- Canopies

 11- Locksafe Drawer Systems

 12- Ute Liners

 13- Roof Racks

 14- Long Range Fuel Tanks

 15- Underbody Protection

 16- Air Compressors & Tyre Accessories

 17- Recovery Equipment

 18-  Dual Battery & Auto Electrical

 19- Icecube Fridge Freezers

 20- Seat Covers

 21- Camping & Lifestyle

 22- Fishing

 23- Water Tanks

 24 Storage

 25- Exhaust Systems

 26- Fleet & Mining Solutions

 27- Fleet Trays

 28- Diff Breathers

 29- Maps, Books & DVDs

Ironman 4x4 Reviews:

As per our research, the Ironman 4x4 has pretty good reviews. Although some of the reviews are bad, most of them are in favor of the company. Many of the people have complained about Ironman 4x4’s products get sagged after a while. This complain, however, is nothing as compared to the positive reviews of the people.

Most of the people at different 4x4 communities and forums have explained that they have been using Ironman 4x4 products on their 4x4s and do not have any major complaints. Sure, there are some faults, but hey, nobody can be or can make anything perfect, right? Overall reviews of the company are pretty positive and it can be concluded from the reviews that Ironman 4x4 provides great value to their customers and always aims to make them satisfied and happy.

Is it worth it?

Let’s first take a look at what we have learned about the Ironman 4x4 before we consider whether or not their products are worth it. There are many different products which the company offers to its customers. The people have said that driving in 4 wheel drive using Ironman 4x4 is pretty comfortable and really not disappointing and this just tells you how good is ironman suspension. From all the above premises, I personally think that a conclusion can be drafted that Ironman 4x4 is really worth it. If you have the money and want something that would give a new life to your car, use the Ironman 4x4 products.

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