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Hyundai UTE Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Hyundai UTE Review Australia


What makes this Hyundai UTE one of the finest and bespoke? The answer is extensive because it has so much to offer. It might be its captivating and unique bulldog appearance or the smart storage with adequate leg space it provides. Being an urban UTE, Hyundai Santa Cruz UTE comes with incredible towing capacity, forged engine with responsive turbochargers, and is considered the first 4-door pickup truck ever manufactured by Hyundai, the Korean company.


Remember, it is not as efficient as Toyota HiLux or Ford Ranger, but it definitely has something that makes it one of the most rugged UTEs. Released in 2021 for the 2022 model year, it is made in an innovative design that makes it easier to park. Offering an engaging drive, this Hyundai UTE can change your lifestyle. One of its most significant appeals is its monocoque or unibody layout.



If we talk about the platform, the company has used quite a brilliant, sturdy, and long-lasting platform making this FWD and AWD car. No matter if you have chosen FWD or AWD, the engine is placed right under the hood. Well, its strategically placed front-engine adds up to the driving convenience. Coming to its engine setup.


Hyundai UTE is available in two, one as a standard and the second as an option:

 ✓ As a standard, a 2.5L 4-cyl engine is provided with direct injection. It runs on gasoline delivering a power of 142 kW. It is supported with a good torque of 245 Nm. It offers a pretty ravishing combo, even for beginners.


 ✓ As an option, a similar 4-cyl engine of 2.5L is provided but with a turbocharger. It comparatively has more power of about 210 kW and is also torquier, giving 422 Nm of torque.



If you search for an engine that delivers a manual ride, get this car out of your options. Because Hyundai UTE has only automatic transmissions.

The standard engine is mated with an 8-speed automatic gearshift.

The optional engine equipped with a turbocharged engine is combined with an 8-speed but DCT (dual-clutch automatic) with paddle shifters



Once you are seated behind the steering, you will feel how amazingly Hyundai Santa Cruz UTE absorbs all the bumps. It steers smoothly not only city roads but highways, gravel roads, and mountain terrains. The reason is its highly adaptable strut suspension. The rear multi-link independent suspension seems like a big plus in bringing comfort to the ride quality. The addition of the self-leveling shock absorber keeps the drive pretty leveled and sharp even when there is weight added.


Hyundai UTE offers a stable ride with maximum stopping power. An incredible brake setup is supported with the intuitive throttle. It feels like every feature is best suited for managing rugged terrain. You will find its steering highly receptive, appropriately weighted, and directional.


Specifications and design:

One of the biggest reasons behind this car being so maneuverable is its design. Being shorter and lower in chassis construction, it is made easier to move. It is made compact to let you steer it anywhere at full speed. Hyundai UTE has smaller proportions comparatively and comes in a unibody structure.


The Santa Cruz has taken its styling into from the latest Tucson SUV for those who don't know. It features a similar front grille having characteristic DRLs. Looking to the rear, you couldn’t resist admiring its horizontal T-shaped light clusters. And, yes, how can forget its finely detailed and impressive metalwork present on the tailgate. Masterpiece!


The best part? You can spot Hyundai UTE from a distance as it carries a unique style and alluring charm to be identified and appreciated. Having more distinctive looks, it has an exciting upfront supported with creased sheet metal. Apart from style, it offers an inspiring degree of ruggedness. If you are a fan of having an aspirational adventure lifestyle. This car fits in perfectly. Adding to your surprise, a basic 2.5L engine made to tug up to 3500 pounds.


No doubt, it will catch your attention with its fashionable exterior, but will you be able to love its cabin inside? Yes, why not! The interior totally complements the luxury. The trimming and accenting make it loud and flashier, but all in a sophisticated way. Hyundai Santa Cruz UTE is a highly functional car with a twist of style and fashion.


We advise you to look for the trims when choosing the specs. Higher the spec, maximum the specifications! Available in 4 trims, the SEL Premium must be the priority. Why? Because it comes loaded with standard features that enhance the practicality. The lower models are SE and SEL. In higher-spec trim, you will get a more significant number of fancier equipment.


Some of the standard features are in all trims are:

LED headlights

Dual-zone climate control

A leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob

Auto-dimming rearview mirror.


There is one drawback: the absence of physically laid out controls, including knobs and buttons for several features. Managing infotainment and HVAC systems can get a bit tricky when respective authorities are not provided. Attractive and reliable building materials are used to make the desirable modernity in the car. Hyundai UTE features a completely digitalized gauge cluster and a shifter on the center console.


Hyundai Santa Cruz UTE delivers good passenger space. Even the 2nd row is roomy. It comes with a lockable tonneau cover and a valuable in-bed trunk that's similar to what the Honda offers. A modern infotainment system in 8.0-inch as a standard and 10.0-inch touchscreen as an option.


Other noticeable features are:

Wireless device charging

Wireless pairing for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

8-speaker Bose stereo system

Hyundai's Blue Link services


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