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Hyundai Tucson Active X Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Hyundai Tucson Active X Review Australia


Hyundai has always been successful in providing great vehicles. No matter what the body type, you will always find their automobiles reliable and powerful. It would not be wrong to say that their Hyundai Tucsons are marvelous and perfect for daily use. The production of Hyundai Tucson started back in 2004 and since then, a variety of variants have been introduced.


One of the best trim levels is the Hyundai Tucson Active X, a compact crossover SUV. While its new model of 2021 is not far away, the available models of the Tucson hold great appeal in terms of styling as well as performance. And the key factor behind the buyer’s inclination is its good pricing.


In Tucson Active X, you will get a wonderful blend of comfort and control, which appears to retain the road and steering composure on all types of road surfaces. Overall, the cabin space is in good supply with the exciting tech. Considering it a fully-featured medium SUV, it feels confident to drive, muscular to see, and imposing and steers.



The ride and handling mix of the Hyundai Tucson Active X can be explained as “STRONG”. It balances skilled, nimble on-road dynamics with a drive that is submissive enough to iron out all but the severest of road bumps. Having a MacPherson strut suspension at the front with an adaptable coil spring and anti-roll bar makes the vehicle offer a stable yet fun ride. Besides the rear multi-link suspension system is also compatible to make the performance firmer.


It will absolutely not be giving you a sportscar thrill but a comfortable long journey. The car is made durable with a long-lasting motor setup. It feels bouncy off the line while rushing between roundabouts and intersections offering a satisfactory vigor.


The most amazing part is its light yet compliant, neat and clean yet steady steering. In short, the engine of Hyundai Tucson Active X is tailored to sustain the gear composure, with no elements of surprises. The gear-shifters are also supportive in all directions.


You would definitely like its subtle ride!


2018-2020 models:

Well, the best models to pick are the latest. Where 2016 models lack uniqueness and certain mechanical advancements, models made from Hyundai Tucson Active X 2018 onwards are not only more hard-wearing and efficient but have smarter mechanical specs making the SUV easy to steer.


All trims are featured with good driving and steering characteristics. Hyundai Tucson Active X showed to be a decent performer on city roads. We can say urban driving is not as bad as on highways or ascending hills. Do you know it has one of Hyundai's best gearboxes, smooth and absolutely free of glitches? Apart from being smooth, it is pretty predictable.


The ideal pick is the FWD version of a 4-door and a 5-seater wagon that is installed with a quick and responsive 2L engine. It runs on petrol offering a reasonable combined fuel consumption. Capable of producing 122kW power at 6200rpm complimented with a 205Nm torque at 4000rpm, the engine has well laid out machinery. Combined with an amazing 6-speed manual gearbox, it also has a large enough fuel tank capacity of 62L.


Once seated behind the wheel, you will see how well dialed is its lightweight steering that feels hassle-free with minimal fuss even on the gravel roads. Hyundai Tucson Active X has the skill of building the speed gently due to progressive throttle response. The action is always direct and also consistent. Well, every switch-gear installed within easy access to the driver.



Seeing Hyundai Tucson Active X sunroof from the exterior, it is styled in such an impressive way that it will never be going to fade into the background. The appealing sidelines, robust front, eye-catching details, and much more! Wherever you are traveling, your Tucson is going to make a spectacular feature. Practicality is well served.


All trims have not only a spacious but also a detail-oriented cabin with a decent-sized console and extra storage slot. The quality of the materials used for the interior is brilliant. You might see it as a little basic and probably outdated but Hyundai Tucson Active X is surely comfortable and functional. Certain features are restricted to the top Highlander, for instance, a charging pad. The Tucson inherited usefulness has made the interior fancy and subtle at the same time.


Being a driver, you would love its legible and easy-to-navigate controls. Mechanical height-adjustable seating is another subtle yet appealing quality. Who doesn’t want to drive with maximum comfort and ease! You might encounter some drivers exclaiming the interior too dark and old-fashioned.


2018-2020 models:

Starting from the exterior styling, the first thing you would notice in Hyundai Tucson Active X specs is its 18’’ alloy wheels. On lights, you will be getting a perfect package of fog light (front and rear), light/dusk Sensing Headlights, and DRLs LED. The addition of the speed sensing auto door lock and driver fatigue detection has made it safer to drive. 


The mirrors are heated and electrically-assisted with the feature of automatic folding. Complemented with the power windows, the car has made the best out of every possible advanced tech installed. On the chic-looking dashboard, there is a digital clock right along with a top-quality trip computer.


Need a power outlet? Hyundai Tucson Active X has two 12V outlets. Need to connect to the USB? It has portals with an AUX input jack. Need to stuff the luggage? The storage is decent and deep enough. The interior is not precisely sumptuous but guaranteed comfortable. The leather-appointed seats, gear knob, and steering wheels add up to the fanciness and give premium feels. 


An up-specced premium 8-speaker stereo system and radio CD featuring a separate 6-speaker setup will let you enjoy your ride while rhythming on your favorite songs. The quick MP3 compatibility and Bluetooth connectivity with Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto are built-in and are highly responsive. The infotainment cluster, with sat-nav and DAB+ in addition to the smartphone mirroring, is easy to manage. 


Do you know what else Hyundai Tucson Active X has? The one-touch convenience turn signal lets you focus on the road and use the signals at a time. To offer maximum ease, powered seats with lumbar support at the front row are provided as standard.


Other standard specifications are:

Rear Wiper/Washer

Air Conditioning

Remote/keyless Central Locking 

Rear Window Demister

Sunvisors with Vanity Mirrors & Illumination


Safety features:

Lane-keep assistance

Driver-attention alert 



Alarm System/Remote Anti-Theft

Brake Assistance

ISOFIX Anchorage for child seat


Traction & Stability control

Emergency stop signal

Hill Descent and start assist

Parking distance control rear

Front seat seatbelts with load limiters and pre-tensioners

Tire pressure monitoring 


Cons of buying Hyundai Tucson Active X:

Engine lacks punchy performance

Somewhat lags behind advanced safety technology

Inside gives old-styling vibes

The automatic transmission can get slightly lazy during shifting at low accelerations

Comparatively, fuel consumption is ONLY okay

At times, the engine struggles to uphold the desired speed


Final verdict:

Along with giving a solid and well-put-together chassis, Hyundai Tucson Active X has got the road sensibleness and drive comfort to complement its brief as a usable family car. The major plus is its solid safety credentials. Undoubtedly, it deserves acclamation for providing improved comfort and drivability.


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