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Hyundai Tiburon Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Hyundai Tiburon Review Australia


Korea is best known for its electronics and if there’s one thing that it excels at its cars! Korean cars are super cheap and accessible. Today, we are discussing one such car that not only cheap but is also a great use for someone who’s into a sports car and is looking to have some fun. We’ll be discussing the “Hyundai Tiburon”. Although no new model of this car was introduced after 2008 it is still, to this day, used by many new racers. 


Let’s start a little with the history of the car. We’re all aware of the company Hyundai. It is one of the top names of the automobile industry. Hyundai specializes in producing affordable cars of all kinds. Hyundai automobiles are used all around the world specifically in countries like India and Pakistan where the Hyundai motorbikes are popular. Hyundai has sold about 695,565 cars in Korea alone. As the Hyundai market increased,  Hyundai produced a sports coupe, Hyundai Tiburon for sports car lovers. 


The word Tiburon is the Spanish word for Shark. The reason behind this name was that the car was meant to be as sharp and fast as the shark. Hyundai Tiburon has been released in two generations discussed below: 


First Generation:

This is the first generation of Hyundai Tiburon that lasted from 1996 to 2001. It included three cars; RD (1996-1999) and RD2 (1999-2001).



In this generation, many designs were taken from the “HCD II Epoch” concept that was introduced in the Detroit Autoshow in 1993. This generation has gone back and forth with multiple engine choices. At first, the only two choices were 1.6L or 1.8L. Later, in the US, it was introduced with Elantra’s 1.8L 130hp engine. The RD has a higher power to weight ratio than the newer GK 2.0L however, in 1998, the RD lost its 1.8L leaving the car with a 2.0L engine. 


Second Generation: 

The second generation was much better in style, dimensions, and an option Hyundai Tiburon v6 engine. This generation lasted from 2001-2008. This generation was known as the GK generation and consisted of; GK F/L (2001-2004) and GK F/L2 (2006-2008). 



There were many different things in GK generation as compared to RD such as anti-lock brakes, sunroof, heated sun seats, front and side airbags, trip computer, electric windows, side impact protection bars, ESP, leather/half leather/cloth interior, Alloy wheels, CD player with cassette and radio and sports seats. The GK generation really upped their game. They made this generation irresistible for the racers to buy. 



Moving on, we’re going to dig a little deeper and discuss what the car looks like from the inside and out. The Hyundai Tiburon has been used by many many racers and for good reason. The car has some unique selling points that not many sports cars have. 



The cars of Hyundai Tiburon come with fog lights and projector headlights so you can drive easily in any weather. It has a rear body-color high spoiler and body-color front and rear bumpers. Additionally, it’s tinted glass wind and sunshade band makes the car suitable for any temperature, It also has body-color door handles and Variable intermittent front windshield wipers. 



The seats of the car are covered with Red leather, block cloth inserts, driver lumber, and adjustable headrests. It also has two cup holders and an armrest. The floor carpeting is Alex and the steering wheel is tilt and leather-wrapped. It also has an instrument panel, a tachometer, fuel level, and a trip computer. It’s pwr door locks and remote keyless entry system gives the car a classy yet protective look. It’s mesmerizing tire pressure monitoring system and front door map pockets are such a high selling point. Other than this it has an in-glass antenna, air conditioning, digital clock, coat hooks, and aluminum pedals.



The one concerning thing about a sports car is its safety. Safety is very important and luckily, Hyundai Tiburon has everything covered. It has a 4 wheel anti-lock cross-drilled front/solid disc brakes with front seat-mounted. It also has side impact airbags and seatbelts for each seat. Additionally, it’s shift interlock system and traction control system is super safe! And if this wasn’t enough, it also has hood buckling creases and body side reinforcement. 



Talking about the price. This car is definitely a little cheaper than other race cars. The price range of the Hyundai Tiburon is roughly between $7,000 to $11,500. Since, this is an old car, the demand is particularly lower however, that does not mean that the car doesn't work fine. It works excellent and is actually meant for people who want to buy an affordable sports car with a good engine. Basically, something they can practice on. 



Not going to lie, there have been some negative reviews about the car. Since the model is old and it stopped improving after 2008, people have experienced some downfall with the car. For instance: 


Review #1:

One of the reviews read as “This car was quick, easy to handle and very attractive looking, but had some SERIOUS engineering problems. I had mine a total of 4,000 miles before the entire rotating mass in the transmission was destroyed. Apparently, when the engineers at Hyundai designed the transmission, they didn't take into account that when the clutch was completely let out, the clutch was not completely engaged. Finally, when the clutch failed, Hyundai refused to replace it under the factory warranty even though it was a flaw in their transmission that caused the premature failure of the clutch assembly.”


However, even with this, there were many users that really enjoyed driving the car. Some of the reviews are given as follows: 


Review #2:

“best and newest car I have owned. Has electrical issues but nothing i couldn't fix. purchased this car for 2000.00 with a salvage title from the state of AK. maintenance and repairs are fairly easy to do for a woman!!”


Review #3:

“good fun car fun drive lot of torque gas mileage isn't the best needs a paint job parts are expensive can take abusive driving fun customizing seating isn't too bad big hatch nice rims unique style and color good sound system”


Review #3:

“The car is the 4 cylinder, but I added a cold air intake and it is pretty quick! The build quality is great and nothing is falling apart or breaking down. It is very affordable to own and I get 29-30mpg on the freeway and about 25 on the city streets. A fun car that gets lots of looks.”



To conclude this, It would be fair to say that the Hyundai Tiburon is a wonderful car with everything that an expensive sports car has minus the updated engine. But hey! That doesn't mean the car is not drive-worthy or has any issues. 


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