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Hyundai Terracan Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Hyundai Terracan Review Australia


Do you prefer mid-size SUVs to driving hefty, massive, and avoidable robust-looking SUVs? If yes, then we would recommend you to give the Hyundai Terracan a chance. Manufactured by the Hyundai Motor Company, it is available in a few year models (2001 to 2007). It means, if you purchase it, you won’t be buying a century-late car. A good option to avoid old car problems.


Ready to spend more money on lavish detailing? Its top-spec trim called Highlander has so much to give you. But if you prefer performance to luxury and all that matters for you is the comfort then base trim will work just fine for you. It comes with some issues but Hyundai Terracan problems can be managed.


Overall, we can say that you would find the Hyundai Terracan a pretty competent vehicle that offers superb on-road performance. Being a practical and comfortable5-door wagon, its CRDi model can be the most perfect pick which seems quite well-equipped mechanically as well as technically. With a laden interior, its 4WD is competent and works effortlessly. The transmissions are surprisingly unobtrusive.


Engine performance:

We assume there is nothing more refreshing than a soothing drive that takes you to the great outdoors. So, why not enjoy the trips in easy to steer Hyundai’s new Terracan?


Built excellently, it is well-equipped with the motor parts that seem to be designed for handling the toughest off-road terrain. All trims and year models are available in 4WD where the engine is sensibly placed upfront. The engine power under normal bitumen conditions is fed to the big Hyundai Terracan’s rear wheels. The car comes with amazing ground clearance. 


The real treasure is its LSD that strengthens the road grip while giving stability to the drive. Due to the impressive traction, the machine feels wonderful to drive giving all the pleasures. It is a good on and off-road performer. The car is made to tackle the slippery and treacherous roads exceptionally. It 4WD is unobtrusive and will let you have an electronic shift fluently.


The available engine options are:

2.4L inline-4 (gasoline)

3.5L V6 (gasoline) – available in the earliest 2001 models offering 143kW power at 5500 rpm and torque of 302Nm at 4000 rpm

2.5L inline-4 turbocharged (diesel)

2.9L inline (diesel) – available in the earliest 2001 models


If we compare the fuel consumption rate, a 2.9L engine will be the best fit. Coming to another offer “CRDi 2.9”, it is the modernised engine working on a direct fuel injection motor, efficient intercooler, and responsive turbocharger that guarantees quieter running. With the best performance, it has lowered fuel consumption.


Upgraded suspension kit - Trek'n'Tow:

The typical suspension setup of Hyundai Terracan lacks adaptability, firmness, and strength to let the car drive smoothly. You will feel how pathetically it absorbs the bumps. But, they have introduced this marvelous package of suspension setup. Featuring variable rate springs, heavy-duty bars, variable rate dampers, alloy-steel rear coil springs, and polyurethane bump stops, this is definitely long-life equipment. On zigzagging roads, you can drive it with much confidence. It can be driven briskly with minimized body roll and a great sense of steering stability.



5-speed manual

4-speed automatic



As per the Australian versions of the Hyundai Terracan, you will get two options: the base that has comparatively lesser luxuries specs than the top-spec Highlander.


Although both are well-equipped model levels, the standard features offered in the base model include:

Air conditioner

Adaptive cruise control

Remote central locking

MP3 capable CD/FM/AM

Electric windows

Power mirrors

Dual front airbags

ABS with EBD

Seatbelt (1st row has pre-tensioners)

12V outlets in 4 places

 ✓ Sturdy roof rails

 ✓ Fog lights


Highlander models have more plush standard features, such as:

Pollen filter

6-speaker premium audio system

MP3 compatible

Leather-wrapped seats

Climate control air conditioner

Wooden trim on the center console and door handles


Need to fit more things? The passenger seat comes with a hidden drawer underneath in Hyundai Terracan. A fair-dinkum off-roader, it has spacious cabin well-placed seats with a wide center console giving sufficient legroom. The driver's seat has comfortable lumbar support whereas the center seats are collapsible (60/40 split). You would find its dashboard simple yet attractive with clear controls. As far as the driving position is concerned, we can say it is sound providing satisfactory head- and legroom. Similarly, the footwell is massive.


Its chassis is made of heavy-duty gauge steel balancing the weight and performance. The exterior is designed to give an upright outlook to maintain the Hyundai Terracan commanding stance. From the outside, the first thing that will catch your attention will be the chunky wheel arches complementing the high raking windshield. The sturdiness is exaggerated with the fitting of the roof-mounted spoiler.


Highlighted safety features:

Active ABS with fade resistance


Driver and front passenger airbags

Crush zones at the front and rear

Side impact-absorbing bumpers

Three child restraint anchors are fitted on the back seat.


Cons of buying Hyundai Terracan:

Petrol Terracan lacks ride quality

The engine can get noisy under hard acceleration

Seats are flat and unsupportive

Lacks lap/sash belt in the center

Steering gets vague sometimes

In standard form, the Terracan's suspension tuning appears unpolished and harsh


Final verdict:

In a 4WD market, buying a Hyundai Terracan seems a very sound and classy option. Keeping excellent off-road and on-road manners, you can have as much fun as you want. Besides, its shape is capable of kicking up a lot of wind noise even at higher speeds. The best part is its size which makes it longer with more boot space. The key appeal is its cheaper buying cost. Engines are all the way powerful, sophisticated, and cost-effective. It is definitely an expansive and practical vehicle.


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