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Hyundai iMax Review | The Perfect SUV for your Family in Australia

Hyundai iMax Review

Do you want to change your car? If you wanted to change the old model of your car with the latest one Hyundai iMax is the best option. The classic 8 seaters automatic car provides the comfort to your driving with all the best features. The Hyundai Imax 2019 is designed in an impressive way that makes all your need for a perfect family car. It is basically the car that is suitable for your long-term vacation.



The engine is MULTI POINT F/INJ with the size of 2.4L and INLINE 4 cylinders. The maximum torque is almost 228Nm @ 4200rpm with the power of 129kW @ 6000rpm.

While the power rate ratio of Hyundai Imax is 60.6W/kg. Hyundai Imax specifications include excellent fuel consumption that is about 10.6L/100km.


Security Features:

  Four airbags (including dual front and front-side)

  ABS, electronic stability control (ESC)

  Rear parking sensors and 

  A standard rearview camera

  Lap/Sash for 8 seats

  Pretensioners 1st Row (Front)

  Load Limiters 1st Row (Front)

  Adjustable Height 1st Row

  Park Distance - Rear


Storage capacity:

  Multiple deep door pockets 

  Two lidded gloveboxes

  Flip-out cup holders

  Open cubby atop the dash


Exterior features:

  19” Alloy wheels 

  Bespoke aero kit

  Front splitter 

  Side skirts

  Rear diffuser and bumper

  Rear spoiler with brake light



The front seats are high and are quite appealing for those preferring lofty driving positions within an SUV. While the back two rows of the SUV are completely reupholstered. 


Hyundai imax seating is supportive and has ample height and with a hard-wearing cloth. Hyundai is fitted with an i30N steering wheel and complete operational shift paddles.



The stylish model has fog Lamps at the front with power windows that cover the front only. The special rear taillights are designed to help other drivers to get alert for brakes and collision alerts.



This beautiful model is available in the following colors:






Why you should go for Hyundai Imax:

There are multiple reasons you should consider buying Hyundai Imax few of them are as follows:

  Great value for money

  Strong engine performance

  Respectable fuel economy

  Eight full-size seats and a load space

  Easy access through five doors

  Heated front seats with folding armrests

  Passes EU5 emissions regulations

  Tows up to 1500kg


Hyundai Imax Reviews:

Let us check what people say about Hyundai Imax.


Review 1:

Anyone have a similar problem? imax less than 70,000km blown injectors and had to have the engine rebuilt. Always serviced with Hyundai around 15,000-17,000km traveled per year. It was less than a year out of warranty and their "Customers, we dont Care" department said bad luck out of warranty, When issue was escalated (which took around 2 months to talk to a so called manager) they then said bad luck because I authorised the repair!! Never have I had such an ordinary experience with a manufacturer and vow that there will be no Hyundais in my shed ever again. So to let everyone know about this issue and caveat emptor


Review 2:

Great car if you want to move a large number of people and still have boot space, adjustable middle row of seats allows for good adult leg room in the back row. Has enough room to take my family (6 people) and luggage/ or camping equipment for a 2 weeks driving holiday or a weekend away. The Imax handles like a car which was surprising, and is the easiest car to back into a parking spot I've ever had.

I've found the petrol model (2.4) a little underpowered, especially when loaded up and trying to get up a steep hill and after originally test driving the diesel there is a difference.


The only issues I've had so far are that the engine will occasionally cut out during the warm up period before it gets up to full temperature - an issue that Hyundai hasn't been able to identify as it won't repeat at the dealer service centre, the other was the engine light was coming on every 2 weeks with a variable cam timing issue. Was told I may have to have the whole cam/phaser system replaced at a cost of around $3000, but came down to a few extra engine flushes and oil changes between scheduled services, the engine seems to be a bit sensitive to not having the optional 7500km flush/oil change between 15000km services, so would definitely recommend the optional service to keep build up of gunk in the engine to a minimum. That said, these issues are probably isolated to mine.

If you want a good people mover with functional luggage space, this is probably the van for you.


Review 3:

Now have a had two of these, updated in June 2017. Current 2016 model is diesel instead of Petrol which has more power and tank lasts twice as long. So spacious for our large family, only wish it had more towing capacity as we will probably have to trade in next year to a more suitable vehicle to tow a camper.

The kids love it with a DVD player now and plenty of space for growing teenagers and the young ones with car seats.

The main issue/complaint is the latest models cruise control is terrible and very delayed at responding, probably not an issue if only traveling around town but we frequently travel long distances. My husband has mentioned this to service department, they stated they have had several complaints but no action offered to rectify. Overall would highly recommend to anyone looking for a large passenger only vehicle.


Review 4:

I drove an iMax for several years and found it to be very reliable and easy to drive in all weather. I would often drive the iMax with 7 adult passengers and found there was plenty of space and that it drove well. The only thing I would like to see improved is the very back seats do not fold down to make more room for large items needed to be transported.


Review 5:

Drives well - long van but turning circle is excellent in tight spaces - very comfortable and powerful turbo diesel motor perfectly matched to the auto gearbox. Apart from regular service haven't had any problems or cost. Very cheap to run this van. Basic bells and I fitted cruise control after market ($800).

Its my mobile office and it's great to sit up high in Sydney traffic.

Highly recommended.



Hyundai Imax is a diesel car that is designed in a unique way offered at an affordable price. The perfect car that is designed for your camping adventures as well. With all these positive and negative reviews, my opinion about the car becomes much stronger as it offers all the classic features of a luxury car and that makes it different from other luxurious cars. The strong performance and coil spring suspensions make it ride beyond its height.

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