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Hyundai i45 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Hyundai i45 Review Australia


If we start talking about Hyundai cars, you can explain them as “extremely reliable cars with usability”. Every vehicle is manufactured with stylish looks and luxurious feels. Well, one of the best options you can have of all the Hyundai cars is the “i45”. It is not only reliable but also spacious, comfortable, and hard-wearing. In the high-spec trims, you will get a lot of electronics.


Belonging to the 6th generation, it is also called YF. Apart from its satisfactory features, another reason to buy is that the car is not old. If you are looking for the North America and South Korea versions, you can call it "Sonata". In Australia, it has three exquisite models, as the level increases, the standard of the motor and interior accessories increases. The trims are i45 Active, i45 Elite, and i45 Premium.


This family-sized car has certain drawbacks but offers a stable ride. Overall, it is modernised and the finish of the interior is pretty striking. On design, and the value of the money, the Hyundai i45, will force a response. It is easy to steer and smooth to shift. The quiet engine offers definite decent transport. The materials used for the chassis are tough and cabin textures have a unique lavishness, extremely in the higher-level trims.


Hyundai i45 Engine:

After a single driving experience, you will find yourself perfectly settling behind the steering. The driving position feels right. The bodywork and mechanics complement each other making the vehicle with efficient rolling acceleration. All engine options give you a lively ride as they are refined. Well, it has a satisfactory fuel mileage but comparatively, you might find it expensive in terms of fuel consumption. It is defined with its best on-road and off-road performance.


The paddle-shifters are perfectly placed which are easy and pleasant to operate. For ease of operation, all engines are made powerful to take you on long road trips. Its suspension tuning has been done keenly to maximise comfort. It soaks the small road imperfections, effortlessly. A compatible multi-function leather-trimmed steering adds to the practicality and beauty. Every motor is just the right size. Hyundai i45 provides a refined feel when driving.


One of the good options you have is a 2.0L engine that is only offered in the i45 Hyundai Active as it is of lesser size. It is coupled with a manual gearbox.  But the best option is its 2.4L direct-injection engine that runs on petrol and is equipped in all models. The drawback? Its 2.4L engine gets a bit harsh on crossing 5000rpm. This Theta II is noted to provide 147 kW power at 6300 rpm with a torque of 250 NM. The South Korean versions have a 2L Theta II MPi gasoline engine with the power of 121 kW. Now you can see how big the difference is in the speed and power.


But if your major concern is fuel economy, the 2L engine of Hyundai i45 has a proven fuel-efficient consumption rate. To spice the riding adventure, you can opt for a 2L turbocharged engine.


Hyundai i45 Transmission/Gearbox:

The better-balanced gearbox delivers a smoother transmission. On all the GLS models, you will get a 6-speed manual gearbox, whereas a 6-speed automatic is also offered. In the latest versions of 2013, auto-mood transmission became standard on GLS models instead of manual. The gearbox is especially fitted to protect the robustness of the engine and drive line mechanisms. These are made to over-rule on some downshifts, as well.


Hyundai i45 Design:

Without any doubt, Hyundai i45 looks visually appealing in the metal. The layout has a distinctive inspiring balance that demands attention. Hyundai company names it as “fluidic sculpture”. With a deep inclining crease moving front to the rear, a leaping coupe-like roofline, and a theatrical tucked-in tail, the i45 seems as modern as tomorrow. Besides offering style, the shape provides practicality and driving feasibility. The high belt line will get your attention, instantly. So clean, low-slung, and classy!


The inside is made extremely handsome with well-executed controls. The engineers have successfully designed the cabin with sufficient leg and headroom. It is neither over-designed nor gives cheap touch. The piano-black center-stack with brushed aluminum and chrome highlights is something extra to appreciate. Although the seats lack lateral support but are enough comfortable and inviting. In the high-grade trims, seats are leather-wrapped giving soft-felt. High-quality plastics offer to bring an impressive fusion with steel, cloth, or leather.


Other specs are:

Modern instrumentation

Perfect switchgear placement

Sat-navigation with readable and easy to use computer

The steering-mounted stereo controls

Climate-air temperature controls

Full iPod connectivity.

Powered seat adjustment but manual in the entry-level models


Hyundai i45 Korean model specs:

The 3-piece panoramic moonroof is one of the distinguishable features. Hyundai i45 exclusive electroluminescent instrumentation which has well laid-out and nice-looking controls are difficult to miss. Where the inside is lavish, the outside is equally wonderful. Technically advanced audio systems with receptive navigation packages and electrically powered seat adjustment in the Hyundai i45 Premium model are similar specs found in the US market. Vision in the forward and rear is pretty good.


GLS versions will not give you ultimate luxury but also style. The body colored grille and doorknobs are plush. Limited models and optional stereos on the GLS and SE models now feature a "Dimension" audio setup. Besides, the Limited models have heated seats as a standard (front and rear).


Hyundai i45 Premium and Elite model specs:

Keyless entry

Start button

6-speaker stereo

iPod and USB connectivity


MP3 recorder

WMA and CD player

Rain-sensitive wipers

Addition of fog lights besides dusk-sensing headlights

Speed-sensing auto door-locking


Hyundai i45 Safety features:

In the initial versions of  Hyundai i45 2010, we can consider its safety pretty well catered for with:

Full-length 6 air-bags

The anti-submarining front seat base


Stability control

Traction control

Hill-start assist (standard)

Day/night rear-view mirror

Seat-belts with warning lights

Rear-end collision warning alert

Thermal stamping

Strengthened window sills


Automatic dusk or light-sensing headlamps



The revolutionary safety package was installed in the 2012 model year. All latest versions are installed with an advanced Hyundai's “Blue Link system” as a standard equipment


Cons of buying Hyundai i45:

Damping and suspension tune is not precisely placed

The older models need an instant suspension retuning

Continuous clicking noise from the steering wheel

Brake lights do not work sometimes

Higher fuel economy making it a bit pricey


Final verdict:

Despite the mechanical shortcomings of Hyundai i45, there is simply so much offered in the package to ignore including the hi-tech accessories, leather premium feels, magnificently handsome layout, and particularly the affordable price range. Power ratings are also found to be highly tidy and efficient.


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