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Hyundai i40 Review Australia | Features, Specifications, Price

Hyundai i40 Review Australia

Another article with another Hyundai car in the highlight. The number of Hyundai car reviews makes you realize that the company is producing so many cars every year. This makes the Korean car company one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. As with the biggest giants, Hyundai has now started making different cars for different markets.


The i-series by Hyundai are specifically designed and manufactured for the European market. But that does not mean that they are not popular in the rest of the world. Nor are they necessarily manufactured in Europe. The Hyundai i40 is made in Korea and exported globally from there, including Australia.


There are some who would argue the birth of the i40. That is because there is a similar car called the Sonata already available in the market. The Sonata has been known to satisfy the customers, because of its good size and efficient engine. Nevertheless, Hyundai decided to produce another car which followed in the footsteps of the Sonata, and the Hyundai i40 was unveiled to the world.


Basically, the Hyundai i40 is labeled as a large family car. The Hyundai i40 sedan was unveiled globally in 2011, at the Barcelona Motor Show, Spain. At that time, the Hyundai Sonata was already being sold and the i40 replaced that in most parts of the world. Not in the United States, where the i40 was never made available.


A few months later, the Hyundai i40 wagon was revealed in Korea and quickly gained popularity in the rest of the countries. The i40 was launched in Asia in 2013, at the Kuala Lumpur Motor Show.

Sadly, due to lack of sales, the i40 was discontinued in some parts of the world, including Australia in 2019.


Engine Specifications:

The Hyundai i40 is not available with a hybrid option. It is only offered with a 1.7 diesel engine, codenamed CRDi. You can opt from two power outputs, namely, 115PS or the 141PS. Both the variants come standard with a six-speed manual transmission. However, you can get a seven-speed DCT twin-clutch automatic transmission as optional for the 141PS.


The engine is more inclined towards efficiency than performance. So do not get your hopes high of high performance. The 115 PS engine can get you from 0-62 mph in 12.4 seconds. While the 121 PS gets you there in 10.3 seconds.


The engine may not be the most powerful, but it is still pleasantly refined. The engine is capable of producing 340 Nm of torque, which gives a nice punch when you press the foot down. All the variants are front-wheel drives.


Features and Specifications:

The Hyundai i40 is available in four specifications. They are named as S, SE Nav, SE Nav Business and Premium. Even the base specification is well equipped, and the features improve as you move up.

Standard features that are available in all trims include 16-inch alloy wheels, Bluetooth compatibility, seven airbags, push-to-start button, heated electric door mirrors, automatic headlights, air conditioning and a multifunction steering wheel.


Unfortunately, you do not get the option to get additional features for a particular trim. You will have to move up to the next trim if you need more features. Extra features that you will find in higher trim levels include leather seats, satellite navigation, rear camera and parking sensors, heated seats, heated steering wheel, and keyless entry.



The interior is similar to that of the Sonata. The dashboard is almost identical. However, the décor, steering wheel, and plastic molding are improved, giving a sportier look. The overall build and finish are extremely nice. There is a HD LCD screen situated on the center console. The plastic that is used on the dashboard is of high quality. Alas, that cannot be said of the material used on the door panels and the grab handles.


There is ample space in the cabin, where four adults can be easily seated. The driving position is not so good, since there is little to no seat adjustment. Long journeys are not very comfortable, partly due to the uncomfortable headrests. There is a large boot though. Where you can fit in your luggage with a capacity of almost 550 liters.


Driving Experience:

Moving on, the i40 is not in the same class as it looks. Driving wise. Especially like a Toyota Avensis, its handling and ride are conventional without being extraordinary. The undercarriage tuning is clearly German-sided, which implies it favors straight-line steadiness than readiness. It offers respectable body control and holds, however, there is not a lot of enjoyment to talk about.


The directing is tuned to be overwhelming, demoralizing quick driving on winding streets. Refinement could be depicted as amazing if the street is German-smooth. On the thruway, wind clamor and street interruptions are very much separated from the lodge. Nonetheless, when it passes a development joint or an unexpected knock, you will discover its refinement is shallow.


 Nissan has not yet grown little turbocharged fuel motors for the European market, so you need to live with the peaky way of its normally suctioned motors. Despite the fact that the 2.0GDi motor delivers a momentous 177 pull, it is not as adaptable as a 160hp Volkswagen 1.8TSI motor or a 160hp Ford 1.6 Ecoboost. This has a major effect in genuine execution. It likewise hampers motor refinement to some degree since you need to fire up its motor harder to get the chance to pace.



Hyundai i40 Sedan Active - AUD16,500

Hyundai i40 Sedan Premium - AUD 25,500

Hyundai i40 Wagon Active Tourer - AUD 17,500

Hyundai i40 Wagon Premium Tourer - AUD 26,500



 ✓ Ample space in the cabin with a roomy interior

 ✓ Overall comfortable experience

 ✓ Nice standard features



 ✓ No petrol engine

 ✓ Modern security features missing


Final Verdict:

The Hyundai i40 may not be the most exciting car to drive. But it does get some things right as well. For one, you will get an excellent fuel economy. It is a great family car, with plenty of usable space. Overall, the maintenance is cheap which means an overall low running cost

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