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Hyundai i30 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Hyundai i30 Review Australia

The rise of the popularity of the Hyundai Motor Company in the Australian and European companies is nothing short of impressive. Only ten years ago, the company was still trying to make a name for themselves. They launched the i30 in 2007, which did not receive much of a reception.


Things changed soon after when the company saw a surge in sales. Year after year, Hyundai started more and more cars. It is by no chance that the company changed its fortune. They achieved the feat by providing the customers what they wanted most. Excellent build quality, decent pricing, practicality, and a handsome warranty. Not forgetting the company’s knack of refreshing their line ups frequently.


You might say that Hyundai is relatively new to the hot hatchback class. So, one cannot help but be impressed by the amount of recognition they have received recently in the market. It certainly does not leave any doubt regarding their potential to deliver. They followed their winning formula for the Hyundai i30 and came up with a car that grew immensely popular in the country.


Combining the ingredients of a hot hatchback to that of practicality, affordability, and excellent performance. It can be argued that the i30 N changed the game for Hyundai in Australia, becoming one of the top-selling cars. The keen pricing and the variety of equipment that is involved make this a favorite hot hatch. There are different variations of trims levels and engine variants, combined with a quality-feel interior.



The Hyundai i30 N belongs to the Hyundai 130 range. The range is based on the small family car, produced by the South Korean car manufacturing company. The first Hyundai i30 was revealed in 2007, following the platform of the Kia Cee’d. Throughout the years, the car has been available in a choice of petrol and diesel engines. They have been available in a choice of the three-door hatch, a five-door hatch, five-door estate, and a five-door fastback. Both manual and automatic transmission are available.


The i30 N Line is the first range from Hyundai’s N performance brand. The letter refers to the brand’s home in Namyang, South Korea. From day one, the i30 N hit the bull’s eye as being an entertaining car, surpassing many rivals.


The value for money, an engaging chassis, and decent styling are some of the selling points for the i30 N. The brand may not be as big as Honda or Renault, but do not let that throw you off. Dismissing the i30 N only on this factor would be a mistake. More so, once you get inside the car and take it for a ride.


Trims and features:

The base Hyundai i30 N is loaded with tons of standard equipment that you would desire.

18-inch alloy wheels

Sports seats

Satellite navigation

LED headlights

Dual-zone climate control

Rearview camera

Autonomous emergency braking

Lane keep assist

Forward collision warning


You can go for the Hyundai i30 N Performance version as well, which add the following features in addition to the above:

Sports exhaust

19-inch alloy wheels with Pirelli tyres

Power adjustable seats

Electronic limited-slip differential

Better quality seats


And if this is not enough, you can pay some extra cash for the Luxury Pack. You will get leather seats, wireless phone chargers, and other options that you are surely going to fall head over heels in love with.



We will be describing the range-topping i30 N Performance. The car is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine capable of producing 271 bhp. The engine outputs a peak torque of 378 Nm.

A six-speed manual transmission is available, or the five-speed automatic one. The Hyundai i30 N can get you 0 to 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds, which is nothing short of impressive.



The Hyundai i30 N comes standard with padded sports seats, even the base model. You also get sporty control buttons on the steering wheel. You get the feeling of good quality when you step inside, even though it is not as special as the Golf GTI’s cabin.


For the Performance version, the padded seats are replaced with leather and suede seats. This helps to further improve the feeling of luxury when you sit down.



The infotainment system, as standard in all variants, include an 8-inch display and satellite navigation. The infotainment system is intuitive, made more so because of the number of shortcut keys placed to make them easy to reach.

The satellite navigation system is fairly easy to use. It is designed in a logical way, and responsive as well. Using it to set in your destination and following the directions will not prove to be much of a challenge. The infotainment system supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility so that you can use smartphones for navigation and music as well.


Hyundai i30 N Price:

We have been talking about the decent price for the Hyundai i30. The entry levels i30 can be bought for AUD 20,000. While the range-topping i30 N Performance will set you back by AUD 47,900. There are further available levels of options, depending on your budget.



Brings an excellent practicality

The ride comfort is not something that you will forget

Great variety of available equipment and options.



The petrol engine is not top of the line

Handing could be further improved

The styling is passable


Final Verdict:

The Hyundai i30 N 2019 brings further improvements to an already popular car. Nevertheless, i30n N is now more sophisticated than ever. It would be wrong to compare the car with the Honda Civic Type R since both are targeted for different customers. But the i30 N still gives you the thrills and practicality which you might be looking for. Add the reasonable pricing and the fact that the suspension is well suited for Australian roads.


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