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Hyundai i20 Review | One of the Top price Competitive cars in Australia?

Hyundai i20 Review

It's not easy to buy any car, before buying any car we go through its specifications and features. But the question is why we do that. Maybe for the satisfaction of the quality brand we are buying. 


Hyundai i20 is a quality car that has almost every feature in it. These features made its quality more reliable than other models of Hyundai. Although it's an automatic car and has a front-wheel-drive as well. 


It is simple to operate and has maintained its quality for years. Hyundai i20 offers superpower with excellent performance. Hyundai has spread all over the world by introducing the best performance cars.


Fuel consumption:

The unleaded petrol type has a maximum capacity of 45 Litres. The total fuel consumption is 5.9L/100km. The height of the car is 1490mm. While its length is 3940mm and the width calculated is 1710mm.


Engine Specs:

The model of the engine is MULTI POINT F/INJ. As the size of the engine is 1.4L including 4 INLINE cylinders. The maximum torque covered is 136Nm@4200rpm with the power of 73kW@ 5500 rpm.


 The compression ratio of this engine is almost 10.5. While the power-weight ratio is almost 66.4W/kg with the bore and stroke of 77x74.99mm


Available Colours:

The Hyundai i20 offers a wide range of colors to make sure you choose your favorite one.

  Mystic Blue

 ✓ Polar White

 ✓ Sleek Silver

 ✓ Stardust

 ✓ Midas Gold

 ✓ Phantom Black

 ✓ Passion Red

 ✓ Wine Red



The 3 wheel designs introduced in Hyundai i20:

 ✓ S Connect models feature with 15” wheels

 ✓ SE models with 15” alloy

 ✓ PLAY special edition

 ✓ Premium Nav and Premium SE Nav models are available with 16” alloy wheels.


Safety Features:

Hyundai i20 has many safety features to ensure your comfort and safety that includes the following:

 ✓ ABS

 ✓ Driver Airbag – Depowered

 ✓ Passenger Airbag – Depowered with disabling function

 ✓ Crumple Zones Front & Rear

 ✓ Side Impact Protection Beams

 ✓ Emergency stop signal (ESS)

 ✓ Electric power windows

 ✓ 6-airbag system


Technology used:

 ✓ Rare view camera with 7" Touchscreen Display Audio 

 ✓ Bluetooth Connectivity

 ✓ Digital Clock

 ✓ Phone Connection - Android Autoplay

 ✓ Phone Connection - Apple CarPlay™

 ✓ Radio - Digital DAB

 ✓ Speakers -2 Tweeters and 2 Front Door

 ✓ Speakers -2 Tweeters, 2 Front, 2 Rear

 ✓ Steering Wheel Audio and Phone Controls

 ✓ Supervision Instrument Cluster

 ✓ Live services, map care, and touch screen Satellite Navigation system installed

 ✓ Trip Computer

 ✓ USB and Aux Connections - Front


Is the Hyundai i20 available in diesel?

The 1.2 liters and the 1.4-liter petrol engines are both reliable and fuel-efficient. They are additionally extremely affordable to keep up, which makes them both extraordinary families run around just as small fleet cars. And is available in diesel too.


Hyundai i20 petrol or Hyundai i20 diesel which one is better?


The i20 is available with either a 1.2 liter or a 1.4-liter petrol-driven motor so your best decision would consistently be one of those two engine alternatives. Anyway, the more established model Used 1.4 CRDi Diesel fueled Hyundai i20 is regularly accessible to buy as a used vehicle. 


Is Hyundai I20 Reliable or not?

It is a reliable car. Since the Hyundai brand was launched, it has been famous for the reliability of the vehicles. This has not changed in any of the two generations sold here since 2008, and the reliable quality of the i20 can be found in the 5-Year/150 000 km Manufacturer's Warranty. Hyundai i20 comes with the standard with every new i20 sold. 


Moreover, it accompanies a 2-Year/50 000 km Manufacturer's Powertrain Warranty and a 5-Year/160 000 km Perforation Warranty. It likewise has a 5-year/150 000 km Roadside Assistance. So when you include these things up, there is no uncertainty that the Hyundai i20 can be seen as a reliable vehicle.



 ✓ Willing engine

 ✓ Boot size

 ✓ Comfortable seats

 ✓ Five-year warranty

 ✓ Capped price servicing



 ✓ Vague steering

 ✓ Firm ride

 ✓ Pricing not that sharp


Additional Features: 

The standard car with amazing technologies has a few more additional features that include Eco Coating, wireless charger, Clutch Footrest, Rear Parcel Tray and Sunglass Holder.


Hyundai i20 Reviews:

Review 1:

Purchased 2015.motor is very but paint work bad.took back as peeling on 2 panels.after jumping thru hoops and taking back several times for photos Hyandai agreed to have panels fixed even throu out of warranty.when I took back to get paint work fixed repairer noticed more crappy paintwork which Hyandai agreed to fix.no charge.


Review 2:

Bought oct 2015 by nov 2018 paint around rear window peeling off went to Hyundai, they advised common problem take it to this guy to do a quote, jumped through all the hoops , now I don't here back from Hyundai , rang today oh the person looking after is not in. Hyundai good cars crap paint and service is not worth wiping yourself with terrible.


Review 3:

Bought a manual i20 (new) 4 years ago. It's a terrific, zippy little car with excellent fuel economy. Very easy to park. Amazing fuel economy on highway runs! Very reasonable service costs and the 10 year Roadside Assist is a bonus. Such a shame they are no longer being imported into Australia.


Review 4:

The front seats are uncomfortable due to there being a bar across your lower back of both front seats.

Hyundai say they will supply the parts under "Goodwill" but the dealer says I'm to pay for 4 hours labour for the repairs to be done. NEVER will I buy a Hyundai again. Found so called "Customer Care" rude and the polar opposite of the meaning.


Review 5:

Love driving this car easy to handle great fuel economy.

Only one thing I can fault is it did not come with cruise control.

Cannot believe they do not make them any more would trade to next model. There is no noise driving it. Services at Hyundai very reasonable. Courtesy car is a great option when working.



The comfortable car with all the exciting features named Hyundai i20 is loved all over the globe. Hyundai i20 price is quite affordable as compared to the other luxury cars. 

From all the positive and negative reviews of Hyundai i20, my experience with the brand was amazing.


The car is filled with the most exclusive features that are trending nowadays. The sustainable power capacity and amazing fuel consumption make the car more desired to buy.

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