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Hyundai Getz Review Australia | Fuel, Price, Specs, Features

Hyundai Getz Review Australia

It is an affordable car, consisting of all the major key features. Many people who have owned the Getz have been very much pleased with their car and according to surveys have recommended others to buy it as well. The Getz is much more spacious, terribly silent once you roll up the windows and the engine is more responsive and refined than the previous versions of the car. The only small issue of the Getz is that if the car has been used really roughly, one might start hearing noises in the front suspension of the car. But again this issue is fixable.


Other measures that can be taken to avoid such small issues are to not go over speed bumps while having your foot pressed fully against the speed paddle, applying the brakes before coming anywhere close to another car especially when at a traffic signal. People usually hit the brakes at the very last moment. By doing so this might cause the plates to heat up more rapidly thus causing the brakes to heat up and fail. 


Some reviews from various customers are as follows:

  One of the many satisfied customers described the Getz as: “This is one of the best cars in the old market with a great look, good mileage, and affordable services.” 

  Another customer confessed this about the Hyundai Getz: “I feel safe and very happy while traveling in my Hyundai Getz with my family. I will recommend this vehicle to my friends who are looking into buying a car.”

  Another great review: “My second car and no regrets over it. Strong chassis, fuel consumption is great, low maintenance powerful engine. With its compact built, it is easy for parking anywhere whether in a small space.”

  “It drives easily - steering was neutral, not that much feedback, but enough to know what was happening at ground level. The ride was firm but not too harsh. Everything worked very well. The first auto I owned - it was quick enough pulling away from lights and overtaking. Going uphill was never an issue and getting up to expressway speed did not take forever.

  It is an excellent car for getting around, pleasant in-terms of driving, comfortable, easy to handle and it is fairly cheap.”


For a low price range car, the Getz is terrific in terms of its reliability. It is a car that brings you from point A to B. Compared with the Picanto, the Getz is clearly more spacious and would permit a complete load of passengers to sit quite comfortably.


What people like about the Getz by Hyundai:

If you’re looking for a family car or an affordable car in general that can satisfy your basic needs from providing comfort to basic safety then this is definitely the type of the car that one should consider buying as it is a well-known branded car which doesn’t compromise on customer satisfaction.

  The exterior design is also liked by many.

  The price being reasonable. An affordable family car.

  The performance of the car and it is reliable.

  The boot space is big for a small hatchback car.

  The silent engine.


Hyundai Getz Price:

In terms of pricing, for a small car offering a lot of the major features to the customer, the price of a used Getz is very much reasonable ranging from 1500$ to 7000$ depending upon the model of the Getz according to year and also considering the mileage on the car. Whereas a brand new Getz used costs more than 13,000$. In 2018 only 400 units were left in production which then later were put out in 2019 and were sold later on. 


Even though Hyundai has stopped making new versions of the Getz, the prices of the used Getz cars are still very much stable and many people still prefer buying and using this car for everyday use. The latest price of a new Hyundai Getz recorded last year was around 16,000$. (By far the most upgraded version of the Hyundai Getz).


Usually, the cars that get discontinued start to go down in value quickly but the Hyundai Getz in the category of used cars is still thriving and the resale value and cost of it are still considered stable because of its specs and major features. 


Hyundai Getz for sale:

Nowadays there are a lot of previous models of the Getz that have been put up for sale since the customer is most interested in purchasing the latest model or the most upgraded model of any car. 


A total number of 1,390,084 Getz models between 2002 and 2011 have been produced by Hyundai internationally and Australia got 153,000 units of the Hyundai Getz which sold very well in the market as an affordable on the go car.


Hyundai Getz Specifications and Features:

The Getz vehicle put forth in the market by Hyundai offers a petroleum engine which is around 1341 cc. 

This vehicle has five seats making it a five-seater. Likewise relying on the fuel type and model of the Getz vehicle, it has a mileage ranging from 15.3 to 16.8 km/liter.


Other specifications and features include:

  The fuel tank capacity is 45.

  The transmission type of Getz is manual and automatic. (comes in both now)

  The body type of the Getz is a hatchback

  Child safety locks are also included.

  Seat belts in the back seats have also been added.

  Power steering.

  Power windows.


  Alarm System

  Central Locking Remote Control

  Engine Immobilizer

  Leather Steering Wheel

  An internal heating system and an air conditioner also are included.

  Rear window wiper and washer.

  Cup holders. (Front and back)

  An in-line engine. 


You should get one too because at the price it now goes; if that is your budget and an affordable car is what you are looking for then give it a try as this is a very good and reliable car, especially if you are a new driver or just need a car for everyday use.

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