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Hyundai Elantra Review Australia | Car that levels up your driving skills

Hyundai Elantra Review Australia

A 4x4 Sedan named as Hyundai Elantra, it doesn’t feel cheap in any way, and it actually feels bigger in size than it is. It’s a good thing to drive. It offers many benefits as well as offering an excellent warranty and servicing plan. The Hyundai Elantra covers a five-year/100,000km warranty and it acquires the full five-star ANCAP rating.


Furthermore, the standard inclusions are six airbags, ABS, ESC, LED DRLs, a rear-view camera, rear parking sensors, and auto headlights. However, there is no autonomous emergency braking in the Elantra range, though. The steering and braking are both good, similar to the way you expect. Furthermore, especially benefitting from the way the Elantra settles quickly on rough surfaces. 


There are huge door pockets, a useful console bin, plenty of flexibility for charging and connecting devices, and the excellent seats are cut down in classic fabric that feels like it will be hard-wearing. While the front row is provided with many accessories, the second row doesn’t get air vents or charging points, though. 



Engine Type installed in this sporty 4D Sedan is MULTI POINT F/INJ. The engine size 2.0L. The 4 Inline cylinders made its engine boost more than regular. The max torque covered is 192Nm @ 4000rpm with the Max. Power of 112kW@ 6200rpm. The power-weight ratio is 82.7W/kg. This model of 4x4 Sedan has Bore & Stroke of 81x97mm. The compression ratio calculated at 10.3.



The Transmission used is 6 SP AUTOMATIC while the front-wheel-drive type has a drive ratio of 3.27.



The Height of the Hyundai Elantra is 1440mm with a total length of 4570mm and a width of 1800mm.



The unleaded petrol used with the total fuel tank capacity of 5o Liters. The total fuel consumption is 7.2L / 100km.


Pricing of the Hyundai Elantra:

The price of the Hyundai Elantra ranges between A$16, 190 - $19,250 to 12 months /  15,000 KMS Service Interval and a warranty period of 60 months / 999,000 km.


Automatic detection of emergency braking and pedestrians:

If you don't hit the brakes quickly enough, the system will activate emergency braking to help you deflect or reduce the impact. 


If you're near to a vehicle in front of you, it will warn you to slow down via audible alerts and dashboard lights. With Pedestrian Detection, the system can spot and warn you of pedestrians that suddenly walk in your path when driving at low speed.


Maintaining your lane:

Keep up your lane with the available Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Assist. Cars often try to change their lane without using the indicators and nearly sideswipe cars next to it.  


The Lane Departure Warning will get your attention with a visual and audible cue and can help with corrective steering to get you back to the heart of your lane.   



 ✓ It has an extra storage cabin that makes it feels a segment larger than the car itself

 ✓ With a quality engine and gearbox, it is more enjoyable to drive

 ✓ High-quality local ride and modifications

 ✓ Looks sharp

 ✓ Excellent to drive

 ✓ It has both automatic and manual options

 ✓ It has loads of grip and it goes where you make it move

 ✓ Loads of kit

 ✓ DCT is improved



 ✓ There is no proper satellite-navigation system, which should be installed as necessary

 ✓ Insufficient real-world fuel

 ✓ l AEB is not available within the range

 ✓ Missing few kits compared to the CeratoPersist DCT 

 ✓ It has a softer suspension that can get float if you really start to push

 ✓ The exhaust could be made  louder


Hyundai Elantra Reviews:

Review 1:

My 2013 Elantra has been diagnosed with a failed Crankshaft Sensor and faulty ESC Module, It only just out of warranty and Hyundai refuse to do anything about it. Also its under Dealer Warranty but they wont cover it under their warranty. No more Hyundai for me. My daughter has an i30 and is also unhappy.


Review 2:

Don’t drive the car as much as I want to as when you get in it you just want to take off for a great long drive . Plenty of power .Very fuel efficient. Its had its second service and found no issues at all with it . The dealer at Hyundai Robina have been great .They drop you where you want to go while waiting or you can sit and have a coffee while doing your emails .


Review 3:

I bought a 2012 second hand in 2015 and have had it for four years. I drove it for a couple years on a long commute, 160 kms round trip. Hubby regularly used it for long surf trips, too, so we have driven it from about 20k kms to 160k. We’ve never had a major problem. It is economical to run and maintain. It comfortably seats 4 and I’ve driven three 11 yr old boys in the back no problem.


Review 4:

I have used this car for over 5 years now. You will love the power steering and is still better than many new cars in the current market. Both exterior and the interiors stand-out. Never had any issues apart from wear and tear for the first 5 years. Cruise control seems to be a common issue with these models as it ages.

Review 5:

excellent smaller family car .have the auto for ease of city driving motor wise good to use plenty power when need it.. comfort of setout inside 5 yr warranty ease of services by dealer..highly recommend Mitsubishi elantra 2nd 1 we have brought brand new


Hyundai Elantra is a sporty Sedan that improves the driving quality on the road. The powerful engine with the maximum torque covered increases the quality of the engine. The unique features that made it different from other cars.


From all the positive and negative reviews, my reviews from others are different as everyone is relying upon their own experiences. My experience with Hyundai Elantra is amazing. Therefore, I would definitely suggest this car for you and your family that is suitable according to your needs.

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