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Hyundai Accent Sport Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Hyundai Accent Sport Review Australia


Are you looking for a subcompact car that is not only durable but also spacious enough and made powerful? Your answer is the Hyundai Accent, a subcompact car that has been manufactured since 2000 by Hyundai. Well, if you need a slightly upgraded version, you must go for the SPORTS trim.


The Hyundai Accent Sport is made sportier and stylish with an impressive outlook. Other features that can entice the buyers include speed, steady power, and a long list of comfort features. Competitive pricing is the key appeal. With a well-laid styling, the balanced interior shows top-class quality. Having facilitating design with a sturdy chassis is what everyone demands!


We can say it has its cons as it feels like an aging but still is considered best-equipped with style. It has been winning praise for its handling agility. Enjoy a perky performance in a car that offers a room for the price., too.



Equipped with a hard-wearing 1.6L 4-cylinder engine, Hyundai Accent Sport has provided a suitable value of 6.6L / 100 km for fuel consumption while cruising in auto-mode. Choosing a manual gearbox will make it more fuel-efficient. Mated with a 6-speed manual gearbox, auto-mode comes optional. The gearbox shifts cleanly. The only drawback is that it can get really annoyingly noisy.


Besides, around city tracks, acceleration feels brisk. And, at highways, if you speed up the engine, it will still stay comfortably on the road. As far as the power is concerned, it can offer 103kW of power at 6300rpm with a sufficient torque of 167Nm at 4850rpm. The engine is stable and placed at the front. To maximize the road comfort, high-class suspension and braking setup have been fitted.


Once you start driving, the suspension feels rigid yet subtle, firm yet heavy. Having well-looked braking will definitely give you a sense of safety. The motor is acknowledged certainly punchy, but truly speaking Hyundai Accent Sport is really in the need of an upgrade.


Ready to hit the road? The steering seems way too fine and decently refined. It is made with an appropriate heaviness and response. On a whole, it is an absolute fun car to drive fitting on a small budget. There’s not much low-down torque. The suspension controls the body roll and soaks bumps.



Overall, you would find the Hyundai Accent Sport pretty inspiring from the inside. It has a unique, golf-ball resembling a dimpled texture on top of the dashboard with sorted-out switches and buttons. We can agree that it is all very basic but reasonably proportioned.


If you really want an older version, for instance, the 3rd generation (2005), in a premium sports package you will be getting an air conditioner, 15‘’ alloy wheels, power-assisted windows, heated mirrors, and keyless door locks. There is no compromise in quality, no matter if you check chassis work or interior instrumentation.


The real gem is the 4th generation. Although you would find a lot of unsuitable features you will overcome it with other reliable features and lower prices. With a mesh-look grille, robustness is maintained. Moreover, responsive cruise control is an imposing spec.


If we talk about the most obvious change, it is front-end styling, featuring stylish bumper inserts, and a dark chrome finessed grille. And the best part is the headlights surrounded with a metallic silver lining.


2019 to 2017 Hyundai Accent Sport:

First, you should know Hyundai Accent Sport 2019 is available in two configurations: a 5-door hatchback and a 4-door sedan. Recognized as the strongest of city cars and bigger than most, it is undoubtedly laden with comfort specs. In comparison, the Hyundai Accent Sport sedan is longer than the hatch without offering extra space for passengers.


The lavish touch is given by leather-trimmed steering and gear-knob complementing a cloth-wrapped cabin. On choosing the hatch you will also be getting a rear windscreen wiper. It has a premium quality but small 5.0 inches infotainment screen.


Getting relaxed in the driver’s seat, you will be able to adjust the steering wheel according to the height but not for reach. It has pretty handy stuff. The lately uploaded media system seems comparatively easy to use and navigate. With a neat style, the seats are a bit flat.


Other essential specifications include:

Apple Carplay

Air Conditioner

Front and rear power windows

High-resolution Trip computer

12V sockets

Electric, tilt-only, height-adjustable, and multi-functional steering

4-speaker sound system


AUX and USB inlets 

Bluetooth phone connectivity and audio streaming

Power windows

16-inch alloy wheels

Halogen headlights


The best part of Hyundai Accent Sport is the wheel-mounted controls that are reachable. The rear seatbacks are remarkably high, providing good back support. In the first row, the seats are delicately placed to give a good vision. And, also the seats offer a nice driving position.


Standard Safety features:

Anti-lock brakes

Electronic stability control

6 airbags


Seat Belt reminders on all seats

AEB (autonomous emergency braking)

Seatbelts with load limiters and pretensioners in the 1st row


Cons of buying Hyundai Accent Sport:

Dull on-road dynamics

Lacks fog lights

The digital touchscreen is pretty small

The models have no reversing camera

Hyundai Accent Sport has no CD player

Tire roar feels surprisingly loud on bumpy surfaces

No rear air-conditioning vents

No door pockets at the rear

Unrefined Engine

No turbocharger or supercharger

A gearbox can get busy at higher accelerations

Old-age style


Final verdict:

On average, we can all agree that Hyundai Accent Sport grippy chassis will provide you enough enjoyment while driving on city roads or highways. In comparison, you would find the Hyundai Accent Sport hatchback more eye-catching with visually appealing specs. Well, if you are short on budget, you can have it as it is affordable and nicely equipped. Arguably little needs to be done to the aging single-model Accent Sport range.


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