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Hummer H3 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Hummer H3 Review Australia


You can find many on-road vehicles that seem like a perfect fit for budget, performance, style, and fuel consumption rates. But when it comes to the off-road performing vehicles, you might get short on the choice as there are minimal cars that deliver up to the mark off-road performance.


Talking about the off-road performers, Hummer H3 has taken a good spot on the list for its distinctive styling and convenient layout, giving it a good off-road ability. Mechanically, it is closely associated with the Colorado and Canyon but has its chassis all-refined, modified, and reinforced so you can use it for heavy off-road tasks.


Manufactured from 2005 to 2010 by GM (General Motors), we can consider Hummer H3 the smallest variant in the Hummer lineup. The best part is its affordable price tag, but it has a very small number of luxury features due to reduced price, and the features they have come as optional.


Road Performance:

No matter what year model you pick, it has electronically controlled, trouble-free and full-time 4WD with the capable engine placed in the front under a sturdy bonnet. No doubt, Hummer H3 is a usable and maneuverable off-road truck, but sometimes it feels like that the company didn’t do justice with its engine as it appears weak and slow combined with a massive weight of chassis.


Its 4WD also supports its on-road driving. You can get front and rear differentials with electric locking and trailer hitch, but they come optional. As far as traction control is concerned, Hummer H3 has an improved set of brakes that can make your vehicle stop without exaggerating body roll. Apart from the independent brakes, the adjustable traction is supported with a brilliant Stabilitrak stability control. For maximizing safety, the ABS featuring variable brake force distribution assistance is installed.


The reason for its outstanding off-roading includes:

The robust underbody shielding

Plenty of ground clearance

Locking differential, tight approach

Impressive departure angles

Classic tires with amazing grip


Such specifications make Hummer H3 a good fit with maximum rock-crawling competence. The steering can get vague sometimes, giving a disconnected on-road feel.


What’s more? The exceptional towing capacities! 3,000 lb for the 5-speed manual gearshift, 6,000 lb for the V8 engine with the automatic gearshift, and 4,500 lb for the 5-speed automatic transmission. On the contrary, the V8 models have the least payload capacity.



The base engine or the primary engine is a 3.5L straight-5 Cyl engine named L52. Hummer H3 is capable of delivering 160 kW maximum power combined with the torque of 305 Nm. There are two options of transmissions for you to enjoy. As a standard, it is equipped with a 5-speed manual Aisin AR5 transmission. And, as an optional, you can get your hands on the magnificent 4-speed Hydra-Matic (automatic) 4L60-E transmission.


The models produced from 2007 onwards are installed with an incredible 3.7L LLR engine that is powerful. Producing 180 kW power and 328 Nm. torque, it is mated with the transmission of the straight-5 engine.


The last engine configuration is a 5.3L V8 engine entitled LH8, available only in an automatic transmission. Made to offer 224 kW power and 434 Nm. torque, it is best in terms of fuel economy rates.



From the exterior, Hummer H3 can get your attention with its stylishness and forward-thinking layout. Upon the front, you can see a big 7-bar grille adding up to the robustness of the truck. The split windows and blocky or boxy fenders have alienated protrusions that transform a car into an unusual appearance. Build quality is remarkable but HEAVY!


You would simply love its eye-catching alloy wheels. The exterior aerodynamics are improved. With high-quality sound insulation materials and window sealing, the H3 lets the occupants enjoy a noise-free ride.


The cabin is not so spacious but seems handsome in a practical kind of way. Yes, every feature is highly plain, basic, and old-styled, but it has feasibility and offers ease of use. We can say it goes well with the SUV’s bold exterior. The level of the car is taken one step up with the infusion of leather seating having a two-tone scheme with contrasting stitching. In specific models of Hummer H3, you can find soft-felt premium cloth seating. Color-contrast piping improves the luxurious look.


The company has designed the interior to the details, such as fantastic vents and dashboard positioning. You would find its switchgear and gauges easy to use and intuitive enough. The inside feels user-friendly. Seats offer adequate lumbar support and spacious headrest.


The seats offer driving conformality but not to shorter drivers as the rear visibility is conceded. Another striking feature is its high beltline and low-profile windows. And the bizarre thing is its smallish door openings. Not suitable for the taller individuals at all! Genuinely speaking, Hummer H3 off-duty talent is hindered by its tight, confining cabin feels. But, still, it is marginally more valuable car. The reason behind its cramped space is the low roof and the tall dashboard.


Other highlighted specs are:

Leather-wrapped steering wheel

A/M-F/M-CD player

6-speaker stereo system

Keyless entry

Power windows and door locks

Air conditioning

Dual front bucket seats

A folding rear bench seat

Aluminum interior trim

Driver Information Center (DIC) in the gauge cluster

Power mirror


Navigation system 

Rear-seat entertainment system

Pickup-only features 

Chrome-clad alloy wheels

Additional chrome exterior trim

Auxiliary audio inputs

Touchscreen GPS navigation system

SiriusXM Satellite Radio

Dual-zone climate control system


Cons of buying Hummer H3:

Lousy fuel consumption rates

Restricted cabin space

Not a comfortable driving position for short-heightened drivers

Obsolete transmissions

Slow even if accelerated hard

Vague and unengaging drive

Generic instrument panel styling

Rear visible is compromised

Lackluster 5-cylinder engine performance

Limited cargo space 

Cramped rear headroom

Low tow rating


Final verdict:

Hummer H3 is absolutely a capable off-road performer offering a smooth ride supported by a straightforward cabin layout and robust yet heavy chassis. It has stable speed and road handling, too. The comfortable seating adds up to the ease. High-quality interior complemented with some simple controls offering an impressive balance of style and functionality.


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