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HSV GTSR Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


HSV GTSR Review Australia


Fan of Holden cars? Well, everyone is! After all, Holden's vehicle is a line that never fails to amaze whether we are talking about engines or style, power or design. HSV is made on a typical setup that one simply cannot resist to love or admire. And, as we are talking about the HSV, how can we forget to mention one of their masterpieces HSV GTSR.


Where LS9-powered, the final Zeta platform-based HSV GTSR W1 used to be the symbol of perfection, LSA-powered 2017 HSV GTSR came into the market and instantly grabbed the headlines becoming a real pick for the bunch of car enthusiasts. HSV GTSR is a series that comprises competent, powerful, and angry engines mated with an ideally compatible transmission. Besides, it has a somewhat sinister sound. But, it is well-compensated with magnificent design, layout, and enjoyable specifications.


You will be hooked, once you are seated inside. It is made agile as well as responsive. The highlight is its influential engines offering exceptional ride and handling quality. Being a brilliantly engaging car, it makes your ride endlessly entertaining. To get over its stylish appearance seems impossible.


2017 HSV GTSR: 



What makes this car so popular and demanding? There are many reasons but first of all, is the engine. The machine is not only compatible but durable. Sturdy enough to stand years of use, every piece of equipment seems to be made for enhancing the quality of the ride. If you plan to buy this car, you will get the brilliant chance to drive in a supercharged 6.2L LSA V8 engine. When combined with a 6-speed manual transmission, it delivers 435kW of power @ 6150 rpm and 740 Nm of torque @ 3850 rpm.


What a gorgeous combination!


Another key feature of its machinery is the HSV’s 2-mode Magnetic Ride Control (MRC) suspension and Enhanced Driver Interface (EDI). You would love its working, its functions, and the ability to soak the bumps. The GTSR is also fitted with a re-calibrated quad-exit bi-modal exhaust. What’s more?


Definitely, there is more!

Responsive Torque vectoring

Massive AP Racing brakes

3 driving modes: Sport, Performance, and Track


To complement the excellence of the engine, the heavier yet responsive, powerful yet sharp steering is provided. It matches a firmer suspension setup. The clutch is made light. With its blunt throttle and perfectly placed pedal, you can drive on all surfaces effortlessly. Creating a better bond between the driver and the car, offers maximum safety. It provides appreciable and impressive engagement and communication!


If you are worried about noise, then you must know that driving can get really “talkative” sometimes. When cruising at low revs, you can listen to certain mechanical noises. Or else, it can be the growling sound of the supercharger. Well, this noise can get very disturbing or noticeable in the cabin.


Specifications and design:

From the inside, it is accented with lavishly soft and ultra-comfortable seating. And, yes, there are heated, 8-way power-adjustable seats wrapped in Alcantara and leather. In short, you would love its ‘Podium’ seats that give a snugly fit. Apart from seats, there is a leather-wrapped gear selector.


Want a car that gives enough space to keep your belongings? It has more than enough space underneath, letting you keep a tonne of things. The rear air vents keep the cabin fresh.


Some of the standard specs that you will love at first sight include:

Automatic headlights

LED daytime running lights

LED rear-lights

Adaptive cruise control

Automatic wipers

9-speaker Bose audio setting

8.0-inch MyLink touchscreen

Satellite navigation

USB inputs

12-volt outlets

Bluetooth phone connectivity with audio streaming

Voice commands

20-inch GTSR-embossed Hyper Dark Stainless Panorama forged-alloy wheels


From the outside, it leaves a reasonably aggressive look due to the fitting of front and rear bumpers perfectly supported with the side skirts. Another eye-catching spec is its Aeroflow rear wing.


Safety features available in 2017 HSV GTSR are unlimited, giving you peace of mind. It is rated satisfactorily for safety terms. And undoubtedly, it is a big plus. It is really worth the money.


The highlight standard safety specs are:

Rear-view camera

Front and rear parking sensors

Blind-spot monitoring

Lane-departure warning

Forward collision warning

Head-up display


HSV GTSR W1 2017: 

Do you think HSV GTSR W1 lacks anything? If yes, you are mistaken!


It is certainly one of the best HSVs to buy for daily use. Being an impressive vehicle, it has captured the best Aussie muscle-car characteristics. How can we define it? Crazy! Powerful! Sufficiently rough-edged!



The first thing you must know is the engine's basis that is laid out on “locally-developed Zeta architecture”. To drive the W1 HSV GTSR Maloo UTE will be one of your favorites. There is unquestionably no misidentifying this for anything other than a fire-breathing vehicle accompanied with a supercharged V8 engine. Once seated behind the steering, you will realize how dazzlingly it copes with all road situations.


It is fitted with a supercharged 6.2L LS9 V8 engine. The motor is strong and powerful enough to give the daunting power of 474kW combined with the torque of 815 Nm. Classic compatibility! The transmission provided is the Tremec TR6060 a 6-speed manual.


The company has made enough effort to make the ride safer, stable, and firm. For instance, the equipping of super-sticky Pirelli PZero Trofeo R tires adds to the tight grip and long-lasting road stability. To double fold the power of the car to stick to the ground, an amazing braking setup is installed. The massive AP Racing brakes are probably the best feature. HSV GTSR W1 is doing a terrific job in driving.


This car makes the big task look easy. It overcame hurdles efficiently. The claimed fuel consumption rate (combined) is 16.5L/100km. Having similar three modes of driving, it delivers unbelievable on-road performance. Under Sport mode, the bi-modal exhaust can get gaudier and comparatively more threatening.

Its heavy-yet-malleable clutch pedal is an added convenience. It makes the gear-shifting smooth and crisp. In short, it is reasonably civilized. Not only the gear but the power and suspension setup are also delicious in themselves. The steering gives a thrilling feel, bringing the tingles through the pedals.


Specifications and design:

You cannot spot significant visual differences between the HSV GTSR W1 Maloo UTES and W1 sedans. Both have sturdy and firm 20-inch alloy wheels featuring Pirelli PZero Trofeo R tires. The exterior is highlighted with polypropylene side skirts.


The cabin has high-quality Alcantara trimming seats and on the steering, gear shifter, and dashboard. The essence of entertainment is preserved with its high-resolution 8.0-inch MyLink infotainment system. It comes with classic satellite navigation. You have six color options to choose from.


Besides, it has:

Dual-zone climate control

Manual seat adjustment

Embedded apps

Voice recognition commands

Smartphone cloud-based interface


Bottom line:

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