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HSV GTS Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

HSV GTS Review Australia

Wanting to experience a ride in a tremendous car with a sensational engine and appalling style? Must try HSV GTS. Holden HSV GTS is considered as one of the premium supercharged cars made in Australia with spectacular features such as RWD. And, how can you miss out on its meticulously manufactured V8-powered engine? It belongs to the GEN F2 series. Moreover, it comes in 4D SEDAN body type. You will find it's every aspect is so impactful, drawing the attention of every passerby. Do you prefer comfort to luxury? Not a problem! HSV GTS is not only a reflection of the extravagant lifestyle but also the name of ultimate comfort.


The Holden company has been working on its upgrades for decades. Its imposing design and framework are pragmatic. With its ravishing engine, you are most welcomed to enjoy a thrilling ride! It has an unmatchable powerful engine and safety system. With a single ride, you will feel supercharged! Experiencing 430kW of power on a road must be grand! In the latest versions, the addition of dazzling bumpers with high-class side skirts and eye-catching alloy wheels has vitally made it look magnificent!


Do you know what HSV stands for? Holden Special Vehicles! And, you must have heard the name of Holden company. It has been providing a classic range of supercars, racing cars and family cars for ages. Are you a fan of racing and looking for an adventure? Choose HSV’s fastest car “GTSR W1”. It is not only featured with reckless speed but a highly powerful engine.


Some of the awe-inspiring characterizations of GTS-R include dazzling headlamps, wiper sensors, cameras for safety, efficient navigation control, and an exceptional audio system with a wide sized digital screen. Isn’t this enough? Maybe not! So, we are explaining other highlighted features of this glorious car, Holden HSV GTS, in this review article. Give it a read!



The most important thing about any car is the engine to enjoy an amazing, smoother ride! HSV GTS features a SUPERCHARGED MPFI engine. It comes in 6.2 liters size with elite quality V8 cylinders. With this incredible engine, the maximum torque recorded to date is 740Nm @ 4200rpm. Whereas, its maximum power is 430kW @ 5900rpm.


While driving, you will be surprised to feel its stability and a balanced ratio between power and weight. Another important thing you should check before purchasing a car is its steering and gearing setup. You must expect something grand and YES! It has OVERHEAD VALVE gear with 6 SP transmission options. But it will not do good for people addicted to automatic vehicles. Because it has a MANUAL system.


Moving on to the net point, it is not 4WD but RWD (Rear Wheel Drive). Its engine requires PREMIUM UNLEADED PETROL. Planning for a long trip? It got you covered by offering you 73L fuel capacity. Even if you are driving on a bumpy road, you don’t have to be worried. It comprises a cost-effective and functional front and rear suspension. It has a distinctive feature of the Anti-roll bar.


With recent advancements, its steering has been made electrical with additional two modes. The modes are particularly designed for your safety. Choose whatever style you like to drive! An additional piece of information? It has durable two pieces front and rear rotors. It supports brake response, making your journey safe and assured.



What do you prefer, extravagance or quality? Speed or outlook? Because HSV GTS has everything! And that’s why it is an absolute choice to enjoy a great ride! Their team has manufactured its posture most enticingly and impressively. Imagine a supercar with characteristic colors, 20 inches alloy wheels, and inferior air-intake lances! Unquestionably beautiful. To make it look more intimidating, high-class LED tail lamps are featured. It has exotic Dual function Daytime Running Lamps (DRLs). And, that is not the end! Its door frames and automatic wipers are creatively designed to increase drivers’ comfort.


Coming to the interior, the car is loaded with classy specs. Seats are made with lush Onyx leather with built-in heating. The silver lining is its 8-ways electric adjustable seats. The leather-trimmed steering and gear selector give a sportier look. How can someone enjoy a ride without listening to exotic music? You can play your favorite songs on its Premium BOSE audio setup. It has modish nine speakers of the stereo of premium quality. One of its advanced features is the installation of dual-zone climate control. Its interior is quite space-optimized and alluring. Upfront, you can find a standard Driver Preference Dial with enhanced features.


Its 8 inches high-resolution, color touch-display is really a plus point. You will get fast Bluetooth connectivity. It has cutting-edge Radar Cruise-Control with a voice command option. It has a USB input and CD player, as well. It has a Head-Up Display like no other car. You will find an understandable speedometer and tachometer.


Safety protocols of HSV GTS:

The most important specification of any car is its safety protocols. Some of the emphasized protocols are:

The Side Blind Zone Alert system – Help to expand vision beyond seeing the point, with ultrasonic waves. you can call it Blind-spot monitoring.

Reverse Traffic Alert – Built-in system to warn you about passing automobiles.

Automatic park assist system – Intuitive parking sensors (back and rear).

Cameras – Additional cameras at the rear are fitted for utmost safety. Covers and senses the traffic approx. 14 times in a second. Lane-departure and Forward collision warning.

Alert – Sends an instant warning either through audio notification or visual display.

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) – The most effective feature to lessen the wheel lock under heavy braking circumstances. It recovers the braking system and enhances its efficiency.

Electronic Brake Assist (EBA) – In case of any emergency, it is activated to adjust the braking system.

DataDots – The latest hi-tech specs where all HSV vehicles are laser-tagged with differentiating Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). It helps to keep your car safe from thefts.


Additional features:

Kerb Weight is 1841

Brake towing capacity: 1600

Unbrake towing capacity: 750

Turning Circle: 11.4

Broader Wheel Base of 2915 making it space-efficient

Productive Bi-modal exhaust system to keep the heat out. It is the best feature of the cooling system

Enhanced Driver Interface (EDI)

Splendid AP Racing brake package

In HSV GTS outstanding exterior, quad exhaust outlets with Shadow Chrome tips is the highlight.

ESC system is used in torque vectoring.

A characteristic semi-active suspension setup called Generation 3 MRC


Cons of buying:

Unmeasurable fuel consumption as it has petrol thirsty engine

Slightly Overpriced


Final verdict:

Firing up your ride with HSV GTS’ 6.2L and supercharged LSA Generation engine is somewhat dreamy! Besides, a competent cooling system with exhausts is another important factor. It has a keyless access system. It allows you passive entry. Its premium structure makes its race faster, run smoother while ensuring safety! But, as said, you might feel it a bit pricey. The only major restraint in its engine is its high fuel consumption ratio. But, it is still an admirable choice!


If you are planning on buying HSV GTS, how about knowing the car details first hand? It will definitely help you out to confirm the deal as you will be updated about the vehicle’s history! After discussing the car’s specifications, we would like to help our customers more. And, that’s why we are offering an instant portal on our site Quick Revs, where you can simply find a vehicle’s history!

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