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HSV Camaro Review Australia | Features, Specification, Performance

HSV Camaro Review Australia

The HSV Camaro may be a rarity on the roads of Australia, but that does not mean that it lacks power or looks. The coupe has a style of its own in contrast to the typical soft curves and flowing lines that you would see in most of the cars, with a beautifully edged body, sharp features, and a menacing front view.


The blackened grill on the front may not be very popular, but you can’t help but agree that it gives an overall mysterious aura to the car that can make heads turn, and we all know that not everyone wants to be in the spotlight. Especially when you are going to the market for your everyday grocery. Looks aside, the Camaro with its V8 engine is an absolute cracker, with a sound and features that are similar, if not better, than the Ford Mustang.


The Chevrolet Camaro SS 2019’s production has already ceased following an official announcement from Holden Special Vehicle (HSV) which was a news not taken well by many car enthusiasts. Nonetheless, the company will be producing the slightly different 2020 model of the Camaro and will continue to import and distribute the Camaro ZL1. We will be reviewing the specification and features of the Camaro SS and the ZL1, in case you are thinking of buying this rare beast of a muscle car.


Camaro SS


Camaro SS Specifications:

The Camaro SS offers specifications that are nothing short of impressive. The V8 engine with 6.2-liter LT1 produces an impressive 339 kW of power and as much as 617 Nm of torque when you rev up the engine to the maximum. With that much power, the SS reaches 100 km/h from standstill in just over 4.4 seconds.


The SS has a 10-speed automatic transmission along with paddle shifters for those looking to live in the fast lane, plus left-foot gear hold, line-shock, and launch control. It also uses Brembo clippers on all four wheels which ensure that you have the car always in control. To help reduce the under-hood temperature when you truly put the V8 engine to use, the Camaro SS uses a Chevrolet Flow-tie that allows the car to inhale more air to pass through its the engine, keeping things cool and optimized.


Camaro Ss Features:

The SS is easily distinguishable by its sharp and rugged body with an improved front-end. The blackened grille and the revised fascia make the car stand out. The car also features the all-new LED headlamps which are equipped with daytime lamps as well.


The bonnet is another stylish yet functional feature that is used to pull in maximum air to the engine to keep the temperature normal, as well as helping with the aerodynamics and giving the car a sportier look. 

The exterior styling is completed with the 20-inch silver alloy wheels and the rear sculpted LED tail lamps, which revamp the look.


The HSV SS features seats which are power-adjustable, ventilated, and heated. These are not your ordinary seats, with leather-trimmed sports seats ensuring the most optimized experience between style and comfort. A rear camera mirror is always also included to provide for a rearview, plus a head-up display and a sensor for Forwarding Collision alert.


The cabin of the SS seems to be plush when comparing it to typical muscle car standards, with comfy armrest and a cup holder. It's true that the interior is not that colorful as some people like, but that can always be customized as per your taste.


The infotainment panel consists of an 8.0-inch screen that supports both Android Auto and Apple Carplay. The speakers are a set of nine, high performing Bose audio devices, producing a sound that reverberates throughout the cabin.


Camaro ZL1


Camaro ZL1 Specifications:

The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 uses a similar but supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine which provides outstanding power and torque of 477 kW and 881 Nm, respectively. Now, it is true that there are many cars which can produce more power than the ZL1, but when you consider the price in which you can get your hands on this car as compared to the other muscles with these specifications, you will not help but agree that you have yourself a bargain.


The ZL1 offers a 6-speed manual transmission with the same Launch Control feature, which is included in the Camaro SS, with a 10-speed paddle-shift transmission, Line Stock Active Rev matching functionality.

The surface of the car is designed in a way to maximize the downforce with massive lower and upper grille openings for keeping the engine cool and for the perfect aerodynamics. The bonnet is made unique for the same reason, with rear spoilers to help reduce the lift at high speeds and for an overall increase in the downforce.


Camaro ZL1 Features:

The first thing worth mentioning for the Chevrolet ZL1 is the 20-inches wheels which are wrapped in impressive Continental tires that provide a road grip for all road conditions, no matter the roughness. Brembo clippers with six-piston front calipers provide one of the best braking technologies that you can possibly get.


The exterior might look to be similar to that of the Camaro SS, but there are some distinctions that you can observe in the ZL1.These include the rear air vent, High-Density Discharge headlamps, and the blackened grained diffuser.


The front seats are from RECARO, which is further proof that this is no ordinary car and is more fit to be driven on a racetrack. The seats come additionally with power-adjustable, along with ventilated and heated features which really do not make you wish for anything further in that department.


Completing the sporty look are the bi-modal exhaust system and the sports alloy pedal, with the added microfiber sports steering wheel and gift shifter. HSV puts in various safety features including eight airbags, rear cross-traffic alert, active cruise control, and forward-collision warning, and an excellent forward view.


HSV Chevrolet Camaro Review:

The Chevrolet Camaro offers a great conviction when it comes to the road grip, with a low center of gravity and an exterior that gives optimum aerodynamics. That, combined with the tight suspension leaves little to no space for body roll.


The 10-speed transmission works wonders when you are accelerating the beauty, with the paddles adding an extra perk which allows you to explore each ratio. Believe us when we say that the Camaro has one of the best and breathtaking start ignitions that you can come across.


The Camaro loses some points for missing out on some standard features that you would expect on a car of such a caliber, like autonomous braking and fuel efficiency, but you can’t expect to have your every wish satisfied!

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