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Honda S660 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Honda S660 Review Australia


It would not be wrong to say that Honda has never disappointed us with its versatile range of automobiles and that is one of the reasons why we are going to discuss how essentially designed and practically useful the Honda S660 is.


Especially made lightweight, this 2-passenger convertible/ coupe Kei car is all ready to give you a memorable sportscar experience. Apart from being reasonably priced, it feels economical due to the cheaper registration costs, cheaper toll road costs, and cheaper parking costs. Why? Because it is a Kei car. The very first thing to impress you is this Kie design.


Manufactured in 2015, Honda S660 seems identical to the 1990s Beat, delivering eye-catching looks and an impressive driving experience. A perfect combination of exceptional chassis, screaming 3-cylinder turbocharged mechanics, and its bespoke gearbox.


Engine performance:

One of the best parts about its engine is not the engine itself but its amazing location. The mid-placed engine delivers effortless RWD with a sensible layout. The transversely located equipment adds up to the improved on-road performance.


Coming to the engine, you are not going to have the choice as all trims through all years are only powered by a single turbocharged engine. With a capacity of 658 CC, the engine has awesome mechanics. Strong enough to produce 47 kW of power at 6,000 rpm with the torque of 104 Nm at 2,600 rpm. As far as the maximum range is concerned, it is 7,700 rpm for the manual and 7,000 rpm for the auto gearbox.


In the start, you would feel the 64hp of Honda S660 pretty nagging and slow, and truly speaking, it doesn’t sound good, as well. But, the compensation is done by outstanding ratio gearing and lighter chassis that let you have an incredible sports car experience. A car that's fun to fling around in city driving! Its excellent handling is the result of exceptional weight distribution.


What else makes this car a good pick? Forgiving and prodigiously stable nature even when accelerated into a high speed. How? With its responsive, crisp, and smoother braking. The throttle response is just fine and the credit goes exotic turbocharger. It is powerful enough to provide quicker acceleration and stronger mid-range torque.


If you ever had a trial run in Honda S660, you would already know how tremendous the grip level it has. With good cornering skill, the rear-end just does not budge. Due to neutral handling, the drive never gets understeer and oversteer. Being a good on-road performer, appropriate weight is delved into steering along with precise turn-in. The biggest plus is the well-placed pedals and a light-feel clutch.



6-speed manual

7-speed CVT


The engine of Honda S660 Australia incorporates a notchy transmission with pleasantly short throws, detailed gate action, and the right amount of synchro in all gear



What can be the most important thing that you cannot ignore about this Honda S660? A one-off chassis, built out of a diecast aluminum frame and steel sub-frame. All done to maximize the rigidity Having such little weight with compact dimensions, you can assume everything inside will be small. And yes, it is right. Honda S660 is absolutely a good pick If you are short-heighted, but if you are tall, there would be a problem adjusting. No doubt, the steering is a real pleasure to handle but remember, everything is small and that makes its wheel literally donut-sized. Apart from being a little cramped for tall persons, the cabin seems quite comfortable. Seats are placed low. The quality material can be spotted inside but is more plastic.


One thing that will draw attention right away is its huge centrally-located digital tachometer. The instrumentation is clear and readable. Possibly the only question mark over the car is its lack of raw power in regard to a tricky soft-top roof which needs to be folded manually and placed in the tiny boot.


Alpha is the 2nd high-spec model of Honda S660 that comes with adaptable cruise control, highly detailed wheels, leather-trimmed, and carbon steering, with half leather, accented seats as standard. The ideal pick that seems reasonable and also cheap is Honda S660 Mugen RA. Simply, you would not resist its high-class leather seats, carbon shift knob, and red trim steering wheel, complementing red floor mats. From the outside, you can see its robust black wheels.


The highest trim is Modulo X, which is also a limited edition model. If you are ready to spend tons of money you can go for it. With a different body kit and wheels, it has an active rear spoiler. DRLS LED and red soft top with lavish suede seats shout luxury.


Features available in Honda S660 either as a standard or optional depending on the car trim include:

LED headlights

A tablet-style infotainment system (placed high, on top of the dash)

Climate control air conditioning

Electric mirror

Power windows

Digital speedometer

Digital Tachometer

Digital clock

12V Outlet

Voice Command

Leather-trimmed seats

Smart key access

Power rear wind deflector window

Push-button start

Screen with engine parameter and G-Force displays

Bluetooth connectivity

Steering wheel controls


Safety features of Honda S660:

Radar assisted automatic collision avoidance



✓  Traction control

Stability control

Parking camera

Electronic brake distribution (EBD)

Central Locking

Seat Belts with Pretensioner and Load Limiters

Seatbelts Reminder

Hill-start assistance

Automated city emergency braking system.


Cons of buying:

You can feel the rigidity in high-speed corners or under full braking while driving S660 Honda

The cabin feels cramped and basic

Narrow dashboard

Lacks integrated Child Seat

Small Fuel tank capacity of 25L


Final verdict:

Simplicity, purity, and design genius, Honda S660 really is a very Japanese car! The greatest advantage is its lightweight and tiny layout. The engine is best defined as willing but not explicitly frightening making it a pure sports car. It might give you a struggle to get up hills.


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