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Honda s2000 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Honda s2000 Review Australia

If you are a car enthusiast, we are sure that you would love a small two-seater car one that comes with a manual transmission and a high performing engine. Well, you are not the only one who likes these specifications. For this reason, Honda’s S2000, which was introduced in 2000, enjoyed so much global success and to this day remains a popular car.


If you are not sure which car we mean, we suggest you watch the Fast and the Furious movie one more time and you will see this iconic car featured in there. It also makes an appearance in the Gran Turismo movie. This makes it one of the most familiar two-door sports cars to ever exist and has a cult following of its own.


We try to jot down all the features and engine specifications that made this car such a success, without any turbos or superchargers. Read on our Honda S2000 review to find out more!


The new Honda S2000 started production in 2000 and sold an estimated total of 111,000 units globally. Production ceased in 2009, and thus started the legend of the Honda S2000 modified that still continues to this day with the car fetching more price than the original car.


In its decade of sales and success, quite a few Honda S2000 made their way into Australia, with several updates over the years. The most notable change happened in 2004, when the suspension was improved, as well as major changes in the wheels.


After the production of the Honda S2000 supercharged stopped in 2009, it also marked a pause in Honda’s global success, which only commenced when the famous Civic Type-R was introduced sometime later. Who knows, maybe Honda will come up with another iconic car in the near future with similar specifications? Fingers crossed!


The Honda S2000 is surely a tempting car, thanks to its compact two-door shape and the high-revving engine. The Honda S2000 price is also laughably cheap, which makes it really desirable. So, should you be buying this legendary car?


Specifications and Performance:

Starting with the engine, well, this is something that leaves no doubt of its superiority. It has Honda’s VTEC engine at its finest, a component that is in itself dominating. The 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine produces an outstanding 237 bhp and a torque of 153 lb. Given its weight of 1,260 kg, the power is more than ample to spend the car screening off when you put your foot down on that accelerator.


For those of you who are into details, the torque may seem insufficient, and you would not be wrong in arriving at that verdict. It is indeed less than many cars in the same class, and also needs to go at 7,500 rpm to gain the maximum torque. That being said, it can still achieve 0-60mph in a whopping 6.2 seconds.


When you start up the engine and drive it on low revs, you might notice that the engine is a bit resonant and not the best output that you would expect. Underneath 5000rpm it feels vacant – concerning 2017, for all intents and purposes unfilled, with that void in the power and power twists simply balanced once the VTEC structure has woken and starts to accomplish something astounding. As a result, you from the start wondering what all the fuss is about.


You can without a very remarkable stretch drive it for ten or twenty minutes and never go wherever near the VTEC zone. Dependent upon your perspective this is either gigantically baffling and to some degree a pointless activity, or only a comprehensive time of foreplay before the authentic fun beginnings. Any way you cut it, you without a doubt foresee the subsequent you can feel and hear the hot cam profiles become perhaps the most significant factor, start upbuilding and working until the VTEC produces results and edifies the display like a light turning on.


Moving on, the engine is not the whole story that makes this car such a beauty. The manual transmission is robust, to say the least, with a nice sense of mechanical connection and a perfect switch that is incomparable for cars of even today’s standards.


With its engine sitting route back in the nose, the S2000 is a lot of front-mid-engine, with a large portion of its 1260kg mass focused inside the wheelbase. Later 'AP2' models presented from 2004 profited by 17-inch wheels, amended spring/damper tuning, and changed geometry with an end goal to tame the progress to oversteer and restrain the skittishness.


Features and Interiors:

This is a compact car, make no mistake about that, and if you are expecting to have a large cabin inside, think again. The inside is a considerable squeeze, with the driving seat situated rather high and the steering wheel offering no adjustment. The driving position may make some unhappy, since everyone has their own sense of comfort when driving a sports car, especially on long journeys.


Whichever vintage of S2000 you purchase, plan for an inside with the style and finish of the previous century instead of this century, because this is not the Honda S2000 2020, in case you didn't notice. It is not a big deal – this vehicle isn't about extravagance – however, it implies there's some delicacy in-assembled. On the off chance that a secondary selling sound framework has been fitted, for example, the first clasps underneath the Feng Shui-accommodating sound system fold may have snapped past any value. The boot is, however, impressively built with ample space. But you might still need to check it out to confirm if it suits your needs.


Other than that, this is still a comfortable car as can be expected of any Honda car. You can also pop the roof down if you are claustrophobic or just need a whiff of the morning air. The air-conditioning is good and does well to keep you cool in Australia’s sweltering climate.


The Honda S2000 comes in various exterior colors that were introduced in the Australian market, including New Formula Red, Grand Prix White, Berlina Black, Silverstone Metallic, and Sebring Silver.



The Honda S2000 is one of the most iconic cars produced by the Japanese car manufacturing company. It features a splendidly balanced chassis, and the beauty of a two-door, rear-wheel-drive sports car. The huge wing adds to the beauty of the car; however, the suspension is one of the drawbacks with somewhat stiff standing. If you are looking to go at high revs, this is a car that works the best at 6,000 rpm and more, then this is the right choice for you and would make you forget its cabin noise and the tight interior space.

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