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Honda Jazz 2020 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Honda Jazz 2020 Review Australia


Honda Jazz 2020 is a complete package offering an attention-grabbing exterior with a roomy interior and powerful engine with sturdy motor and punchy on-road performance. The highlight is its low-slung framework which complements its ideal power to weight ratio and offers classic steering management. The company has made many hi-tech upgrades making it more comfortable and convenient to drive, for instance, steering wheel-mounted controls.


You can say it is an infusion of style and sportiness featuring market-leading safety features. Its exclusive ‘Magic seats’ enhances the practicality of the cabin. If you want to purchase this model, they are available in 4 trims: VTi, VTi-S, VTi-L, VTi-manual. With every updated model, you can find sharper details with imposing specs. All trims have a single-engine, similar power output, one gearbox option, and dual electric motors.


Honda is a Japanese company, known for manufacturing comfortable, fast, and family-friendly vehicles. Honda Jazz 2020 is one of the smallest cars, ever created in two body styles: a 5-door hatch and a compact sedan. Being a manual car, CVT is a preferable option that refines the car’s drive. You will experience the surprising turn of speed in a fuel-efficient Honda Jazz 2020 engine.


Do you know why it is called a family-friendly car? Because it is a highly reliable vehicle, comes with versatile and spacious interior space, has extra luggage storage, and easy-to-manage steering. With every refinement, this box-shaped body car has become impressive. To maximize the comfort, the engineers have craftily balanced the raised-suspension with a hard-wearing plastic lower chassis. And for fanciness, it has robust roof rails. Besides, the Honda Jazz 2020 interior has a water-resistant fabric-trimmed cabin.



All four versions of Honda Jazz 2020 have a similar motor setup with similar engine size and gearbox options. You will be provided with the 1497 CC engine of 1.5L, 4-cylinder that runs on petrol. It is fun to drive because of its stable gear, steady speed, and high power of 88kW@6600rpm with an outstanding torque of 145Nm@4600rpm.


Feel the pleasure of ride on roads with 2020 Honda Jazz sophisticated steering and lighter yet sturdier chassis! The engine has an advanced Push-start button option. It comprises 40L as a total fuel tank capacity. Such a powerful engine, being supported with MacPherson strut suspension is a real refinement. Independent suspensions are fit at the front and rear axle with an adaptable torsion bar. The ventilated drum brakes provided you sufficient stopping power.


If we talk about its transmission, you will be amazed at how its manual gearbox is extremely flexible. All versions have a 5-speed manual transmission. But, you can upgrade it to the CVT (automatic transmission). Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) lets the engine run the car more efficiently. It has a torquier touch but still is fuel-efficient. Even if it has high-speed and petrol engines, the cars show lesser fuel consumption making it cost-effective. In manual, the fuel consumption value is 6.5L/100 km whereas, in CVT, it is 5.9L/100 km. Meaning, if you are focused on minimizing your fuel consumption manual-equipped versions are your fit.


In comparison, the VTi-L has a little effect of race-inspired fun with sporty paddle shifters to offer safety, as well. The car can be your first preference because of its resourceful hybrid battery. It is responsible for optimising the combined fuel efficiency.



Apparently, your first impression will be “How small is this car?”, but moving on to the inside, you will feel how spacious, roomy and big Honda Jazz 2020 is. Its exceptionally manageable exterior complements its accommodating cabin. In the past years, a major improvement has been done on the safety features, and interior aesthetic especially infotainment. You will definitely be impressed with its final outer layer finesse.


VTi standard features:

In the VTi version, the base model, you might feel that certain specifications are missing out or not up to the level. As a standard, it comes with robust and bold 15-inch alloy wheels. It has a soft felt interior, cloth trimmed with nicely textured plastic touch but comfortable. The most beneficial upgrade is its multi-angle reversing camera. Well, if you need entertainment, you can take advantage of its 7’’ infotainment touchscreen complemented with a 4-speaker audio setup.


Other specs include:

✓ CD and DVD player

✓ Bluetooth connectivity

✓ USB portals

✓ HDMI port

✓ Satellite-Navigation cruise control


VTi-S standard features:

A visible upgrade is its 16-inch alloy wheels. As a standard, the AC and a 6-speaker audio system are added. You can see how its exterior is made stronger and sportier with a rear spoiler, and bold side skirts. Although it comes in cloth trimming but has leather-wrapped steering for a luxurious touch. It has a characteristic rectangular dashboard with politely textured stuffing.


Other essential features are:

✓ Climate control

✓ Power-folding mirrors

✓ Fog lights

✓ LED headlights


VTi-L standard features:

Being the top-most version of 2020 Honda Jazz, it has a broad range of elite details inside and outside. Its electrically modifiable winged mirrors and windows maximize your comfort. For better vision, wide-angle mirrors are installed. With magnificent styling and crisp aerodynamic flans, it gives the impression of everlasting motion. Low-slung and poised chassis make it look slim, sleek, and more streamlined than ever before. Well, as it is a luxury-oriented model, it offers you leather-appointed ultra-comfortable seats with striking silver stitching in contrast. Not only the front but the rear has also daunting features such as sleek LED tail lights.


Do you need more space? Flip and fold the seats. Or, you can join it, or rotate it to create numerous arrangements for accommodating almost anything.


Other highlights of this version are:

✓ All-in-one connectivity of Apple CarPlay®¹ and Android Auto

✓ 12-volt socket

✓ Compact armrest console

✓ Accessible USB portals (with Bluetooth connected audio streaming)

✓ Fashionably slim and sharp Bi-LED headlamps


✓ 16’’ alloy wheels

✓ 6-speaker setups

✓ Climate control

✓ Heated front seats


Econ mode:

All Honda Jazz 2020 trims that come with an automatic transmission are installed with a not-so-secret button. All you need is to push this button and it will convert your vehicle into green equipment or you can say the fuel-saving machine. It is done to modify the engine performance for better on-road and off-road experience. It alters the transmission status offering smoother acceleration and braking, and the use of an air conditioner to save fuel.


 Safety features of Honda Jazz 2020 are:

✓ Autonomous emergency braking

✓ Active cruise control

✓ Lane-keeping assist.

✓ Airbags

✓ Anti-whiplash headrests

✓ Hill Start Assist

✓ Forward Collision Warning

✓ Traffic Sign Recognition

✓ A speed limiter

✓ Multi-angle reversing camera with 3 modes: normal view, top-down view, or 180° wide angle

✓ Emergency Stop Signal

✓ Parking sensors

✓ Whiplash mitigating front seats

✓ Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) reducing vehicle’s power



✓ The manual transmission has no 6th gear

✓ No diesel engine

✓ The noisy engine in the CVT transmission

✓ Expensive servicing


Final verdict:

Honda Jazz 2020 is a 4th generation, that probably lacks multiple dynamics but still has a lot to offer. The engine will give you a guaranteed decent on-road performance and better steering handling with extra responsiveness. The range-topping model, VTi-L is loaded with a wide range of luxurious features. In short, this FWD is categorized as a lightweight, lower-priced but stronger car.


If you have already finalized your plan about purchasing a vehicle, first you must read the reviews but leave no doubt. To clear all the confusion, you must check the car’s history. We are providing you 24/7 accessible portal that works online. We can provide you, all the information you need regarding the automobile’s accidental, theft, and driving history.

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