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Honda HR-V 2021 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Honda HR-V 2021


The HR-V debuted in 1999. It is also one of the crossover pioneers. The Honda HR-V 2021 has got hidden rear door handles. The first-generation of this car offered a two-door option, but when it comes to conventionality, the Honda HR-V 2021 is far more conventional. Last year the Honda HR-V was bought by almost 8181 homes in Australia, and it became the strongest seller for Honda. In the market, the  HR-V competes against rivals like the VW T-Cross, all-new Nissan Juke, Kia Seltos and the updated Skoda Karoq. 


Honda HR-V 2021 engine: 

The Honda HR-V 2021 has the same 1.8-litre four-cylinder petrol engine. It produces 105kW of power at 6500rpm and 172 Nm of torque at 4300rpm. It is coupled to a continuously variable transmission (CVT) automatic. Also, it has a front-wheel drive (FWD/2WD). 


On the Other hand, the rivals in the market get a six-speed manual transmission, and there are all-wheel drive (AWD) models too, but they’ve never been available here. It also does not have a  plug-in hybrid or electric model in this generation.


Honda HR-V 2021 exterior:

The Honda HR-V 2021 is a small SUV that is cleverly packaged. Although the size of the car is compact, yet the engineers have managed to eke out amazing space for a car of this size.


Here are the measurements of the Honda HR-V 2021:

 4360mm long (on a 2610mm wheelbase)

 1790mm wide

 1605mm tall


On the exterior side, you get the option of the following colours:

 Passion Red Pearlescent

 Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic

 Taffeta White (only on VTi)

 Platinum White Pearlescent

 Lunar Silver Metallic

 Modern Steel Metallic grey

 Crystal Black Metallic


We recommend the Phoenix Orange Pearlescent to our readers. However, it should be noted that the hue isn’t available in any other grade. As it has been sold across the globe for seven years, the design and style of the exterior of the Honda HR-V 2021 are a little bit outdated. But if you still want to know about the external features of this car, read on! 


This car incorporates a body kit that has black piano highlights around the lower front and rear bumpers, wheel arches, mirror caps and side skirts. It has a ‘black chrome’ grille, and beneath it is a honeycomb texture.


In addition to that, it also has:

 Dark chrome front door handles

 Biggest wheelbase

 18-inch rims with Dunlop Enasave rubber

 A dark chrome rear number plate garnish


Honda HR-V 2021 interior:

The interior of the Honda HR-V 2021 is exactly what lures the buyers towards this crossover. It has large doors that provide easy entry/egress. Its lofty seating and wide-open space make a lasting strong impression on the buyers of this small SUV. 


On the upfront, you might find a level of intimacy. If you sit inside, you will see a wide console bisecting the cabin. The inside of the Honda HR-V 2021 feels luxurious, and at the same time, it is solid, secure and expensive.


The features that aid this feeling are the following: 

 Attractive leather-stitched steering wheel

 Gloss-black climate control fascia

 Twin-panel sunroof

 Pair of USB-A ports

 A 12V outlet

 A decently-sized glovebox

 A two-level console storage shelf


It also incorporates lashings of soft-feel vinyl material over the upper areas of the lower centre console and the doors. The storage shelf makes up for the small door bins and tiny console storage.


It has tilt/telescopic steering that provides the driver with a first-class driving position. It also has adequate all-around vision, beautifully clear instruments, and sufficient ventilation. Although it has a recently updated multimedia system, it still looks cheap and tacked on. However, there is Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, voice control and fripperies like personalisation wallpaper. 


Coming to the rear end, you will get the back doors that open pretty widely. Although the roofline slopes down markedly, yet the access is unobstructed all the way. The Honda HR-V 2021 interior is as spacious and inviting as other sorts of smaller SUVs. This crossover also provides ample talking leg, head or shoulder room. It has long and deep side windows and a twin glass roof. This provides the cabin with a light and airy ambience and high rated forward vision.


You will also get:

 A medium-bottle sized door pockets

 A centre armrest

 Overhead grab handles

 Twin reading lights fitted


Honda HR-V 2021 specs:

 Safety rating: Five star

 Engine Type:1.8L

 Fuel Type: Regular Unleaded Petrol

 Fuel Efficiency: 6.7L/100km

 Seating: 5 seats

 Price from: $27,100


Honda HR-V 2021 safety: 

Back in 2015, the Honda HR-V was tested, and it scored a five-star ANCAP safety rating. However, in terms of expectations around safety technology in new cars, a lot has changed dramatically. This is where the HR-V is falling behind its rivals in many ways.


Although it has a low-speed auto emergency braking (AEB) system that operates between 5km/h and 32km/h, there’s no pedestrian detection or cyclist detection. In addition to that, it also does not have lane-keeping assistance, no rear AEB, no traditional blind-spot monitoring, no rear cross-traffic alert, and no adaptive cruise control.


Honda HR-V 2021 Prices:

It comes in four variants and each has its own price range: 

 +luxe: $22,500 – 30,580

 50 Years Edition: $19,400 – 27,060

 RS: $24,000 – 32,560

 RS Crimson Interior: $24,200 – 32,890



 The new screen of the  Honda HR-V is welcome

 It has got an amazingly practical cabin

 The tardis-like space that this SUV has is another plus!



 The new screen isn’t as good as it should have been

 It has got an outdated drivetrain

 Low safety features

 This SUV feels old and outdated when compared with rivals.


The final verdict!

The Honda HR-V is a quirky, two-door shooting-brake-style SUV that is unique and interesting. It is a good small, front-wheel-drive SUV that one may choose. The interior of the car makes it a little more attractive than its rivals. However, it does look outdated. Despite that, if you decide to buy one for yourself, ensure that you know all about its past. In order to get your hands on the hidden past of any car in Australia, use the Quick Revs online platform now! 

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