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Honda CRX Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Honda CRX Review Australia

This Honda series is featured with an easy-driving handle and a sturdy cabin. But, unfortunately, the manufacturing has been discontinued. Those were engineered between 1983 and 1991, with perfection according to the standards of the 1980s - 1990s. But, if you compare their versions, even the latest updated variant with current automobiles, you will be immensely disappointed to know about its lacking features. The team has built an efficient engine to provide a relaxed ride with good speed handling. The vehicles are powered by strong engines with sufficient fuel tank capacities. It has been found with an efficient fuel economy.


A two-seater car with a medium-ranged wheelbase might not be a very bad choice! It has a coupe-styled body with an appealing exterior. What do you see while buying a car? Engine, speed, comfort, or safety measures? For a reliable and enjoyable journey, I guess you need all specs! All three generation cars are missing out on extra safety to protect you. If you are genuinely interested in buying it, delve into all the details. The company claims to design this series specifically to provide comfort in every expedition. It is a front-wheel-drive (FWD) car with a sportier look and compact framework.


Honda is the symbol of a durable car range with impressive power, striking design, and an affordable fuel economy. Since 1984, Honda has brought innovative automobiles with surprising specifications. Honda CRX is made in exclusive shape with singular engine features. One of the highlighted offers is its amazing 2 versions: economy and sport. Coupe body type gives it a sportier look, and with a heavy-duty engine, you can enjoy throttling ride, as it is quite popular for motor sport use. In recent times, you can run this vehicle for drag, autocross, and road racing events. The materials used for manufacturing are of premium quality.



When we start talking about the engine of the Honda CRX, we must acknowledge their progress. How much effort they put in bringing the best out of every model! Starting from the first generation, multiple upgraded details were incorporated which made third-generation vehicles an absolute accomplishment for the company!



It ranges from 1984 to 1987. In the start, engines were made with less complicated motors offering 1.3 L engine with 58 hp in the economy variant. It was later upgraded to 60 hp giving extra power. The sport edition has also 1.5L with 4-cylinders and 3 manageable valves for each cylinder. You will get an option of a 5-speed manual and 3-speed automatic gearing setup. It is known for its smoother and quicker transmission. To get in the competition, a 1.5 L engine featuring 58-76 hp was introduced. A High Fuel engine! But the world revolutions never stop! To keep up with the pace, now 1st generation cars have 1.5 L engine with admirable 91 hp.


No compromise has been made on its quality and efficient fuel consumption. The original 1.3L car showed 4.5L of fuel consumption per 100 km. The best car you can choose from 1st generation models is the “Si (Sports, injected) model”. Loaded with muscular and strongly charged SOHC PGM-FI engine. It is also FWD and runs on petrol giving power of 104 kW @ 6500 rpm. The recorded value of torque is 112NM @5000rpm.


Second generation:

The model years are 1988 to 1991. The addition of a 4-wheel double wishbone suspension will give you better and desirable performance. Their models were fitted with fuel injection as a standard. In terms of feature content, a 1595 CC B16A engine with 4 cylinders providing 96kW power @ 6800rpm will either be sounding enthralling for the old generation or boring for a younger generation and party lovers. The torque is 144 NM @ 5700rpm with 5 manual gearing systems.


While purchasing the 2nd generation Honda CRX, do check its brilliantly built VTEC (variable valve timing and lift electronic control) engine. It will help in maximising fuel efficiency while offering more exciting speed.



1st Generation cars are well-rounded models with an extensive 2200 mm wheelbase. A four seater car with two doors and having a remarkable coupe body! Good blend of elegance with sportier touch. Unluckily, it comes with no shiny embellished badge on the front. Its 1986 model has striking aerodynamic headlights and you can get a comfier, luxury-oriented interior along with light and practicable steering. It has a central console for stacking cassettes. The company has successfully made the Si model far more modish than the traditional variants by adding up certain specs. It features an electronically intuitive sunroof, standard remotely controlled exterior mirrors, and a responsive wiper for rear screens. For a fancier layout, you can find 13’’ alloy wheels with new trendy bumpers. The distinctive feature is its duck tail spoiler for the hatch.


A little change in second-generation models’ wheelbase can be noticed, from 2200 mm to 2300 mm. But still, no badge to level up the outlook! It comes with a more expressive and attractive chassis, console designs, and headlights. You can enjoy songs on its 2-speaker setup. Don’t expect it to be a marvellous experience! It has radio cassette portals, electric windows and how can you miss the most important upgrade, the Air-Conditioner!


If you want to buy a car in classic colours, go for 2nd generation models. Their variants are offered in 6 exotic shades - 4 picks for CRX and CRX Si along with 2 choices for the CRX HF.


But it has no high tech features such as:

Infotainment screen

Touch display

USB CD and DVD portals

Climate control

Heated seats

Bluetooth connectivity

Cruise or navigation control

Keyless entry


Honda CRX Del Sol or third generation:

Going back to the old times, Honda CRX introduced the 3rd generation and named it Honda CR-X Del Sol. How could you not notice its outstanding Targa top? Try harder and find yourself a Del Sol to admire its ravishing styling. It features 170 horsepower means 130 kW. Its 1493 CC engine with 1.5L size makes it considerably different. Regrettably, the company stopped its production by the end of 1997. It features excellent acceleration with a torque of 133NM @ 5000rpm. If you are imagining it in different body shapes, you are mistaken! It is still 2 doors, 2-seater, FWD, a coupe-styled vehicle with the classic four-automatic transmission. Maximum power assessed for CRX Del Sol is 130ps (96kW)/6800rpm.



According to certain criteria of safety, it was ranked as notably worse than average. It must be harsh to sound but the brighter aspect is it recovered the safety trails in upcoming latest versions. 2nd generation models have side-impact door beams and safety belts. Whereas, 1988 and 1989 models have B-pillar mounted restraints. Enough to make you feel secure? If yes, book your car!


Additional features are:

Power antenna

Airbag but unfortunately one for the driver’s seat only

Central locking system

Receptive engine immobiliser


Final verdict:

Try buying a 1985 model of Honda Civic CRX, if you need HF (high fuel) engine. But keep in mind! They have no additional safety equipment available for protection. Besides, are you ready to have a ride in a car with no air-condition and particularly in summer weather? Think again. But, there's always little something for everyone, so we would recommend you to definitely have a look.


After getting the desired details about your car, what should be your next step? Probably go for direct purchase! But, will knowing past accidental and theft histories help you clear your mind? It's always better to be sure and confident before investing money. So, we are providing you reachable portal to access information regarding any model without any delay. So, stop waiting and visit our official site Quick Revs to get all the needed information regarding the car within minutes.

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