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Honda CRV 2019 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

honda crv 2019 Review Australia


The Honda CRV 2019 is one of the most economical and spacious utility vehicles. Honda has made it highly desirable by bringing satisfactory modifications. Honda started CRV production back in 1995 but was introduced to North America 2 years later. Do you know what "CR-V" stands for? It means "Comfortable Runabout Vehicle". It offers a pleasing combination of practicality and usefulness. If you want a 5-door SUV with a powerful and fuel-efficient engine, this might be your suitable fit.


Covering 5 generations, the last (5th) also known as Breeze in China, has many things to offer. It is not as fancy as other UTEs but it will offer you a smooth ride with better fuel consumption. With the light steering, on-road quality performance, and the graceful manner the CRV does its drive, altogether it offers an excellent SUV journey. The 2019 version is highly refined, offering comfortability.



The motor system in the Honda CRV 2019  is advanced enough to offer an improved road performance. The company has given a significant upgrade in suspension shock absorbers, flexible springs, adaptable anti-roll bars, and lower control arms. The car offers a subtle ride with sportier feels. 2019, the redesigned model comes with a hybrid powertrain (i-MMMD hybrid system), featuring 2.0-litres Atkinson-Cycle inline 4-cylinders gasoline engine. It offers a reasonable fuel mileage. On every trim of 2019, you get an All-wheel drive with an option of two 4-cylinder motor setups.


2019 Honda CR-V VTi-S is one of its trims that delivers a smooth driving experience. The ravishing 1.5L petrol engine with a suitable fit of turbocharger produces 140kW of power @5600rpm with 240Nm torque @2000-5000rpm. It has a fuel tank capacity of 57 liters. If we talk about its solid steering, it is pretty manageable at even the higher speeds. There is another option that you must look into, CRV VTi-E7. It has similar mechanics but more durable equipment providing a stable and firm ride.


In the long production list of 2019 CRV models, the Honda CRV 2019  Vi is another trim that has its advantages and disadvantages. It is equipped with a SOHC i-VTEC 2.0L naturally aspirated petrol engine which sounds and works amazing. But, it lacks power and produces only 113kW at 6500rpm. To complement, the engine pumps out 189Nm torque @4300rpm. If you are a person who prefers auto to manual, you will find its economical continuously variable transmission (CVT) very impressive. Its combined fuel reading is 7.6L/100km.


On the downfall, its gearbox feels weirdly heavy. The CVT might feel a bit messy. The transmission also strikingly shakes when slightly fast-tracking at around 1500rpm.  



Even if it is compact-sized, it still has an extensive, airy, spacious, and comfortable interior. Moving on to the appealing exterior, it has advanced LED DRLs offering better visibility. Their 18-inch alloy wheels add to its strong outlook. It comes with an electric lift-gate for extra ease. The highlight is its active grille shutter setup which successfully lessens the aerodynamic drag for faster acceleration.


2019 Honda CRV VTi-S comprises high technological advancements. You will get plenty of storage on offer. The seats are foldable to extend your storage space. The child seats come with ISOFIX points to offer extra safety. Even on a long drive, you would be highly relaxed with its excessive knee, head, and shoulder room. The silver lining is its bump insulation, refining the cabin and offering you a noise-free ride.


Honda CRV VTIS 2019 has some drawbacks as well. First is its low-grade quality infotainment. You won’t find it in standard size (small-sized, what it is!) and comes with basic functions. It also lacks DAB and digital radio. And, if you are in the mood for entertainment, you can’t have much as it comes with only a 6-speaker audio setup which lacks quality.


The CR-V VTi-E7 trims also have an extremely functional cabin. The front row has power and height-adjustable driver’s seat. On the upfront, you will get a large-sized digital speedometer; steering-wheel-mounted buttons to control audio, calls, and satellite navigation. For better vision and comfortability, the company has put the gearbox and electric parking brake highly-mounted. To amplify the driving sight, large windows and slim A-pillars are equipped. In the 2nd row, there are air vents, dual USB portals, and a flip-down central armrest with cupholders. Another satisfactory feature is its climate control. It has a 7’’ touchscreen, probably not fancier but suitable.


It misses out on the following features:

Rain-sensing wipers

✓ Dusk-sensing headlamps

✓ Power tailgate

✓ Panoramic sunroof

✓ Satellite navigation

✓ Parking sensors

✓ LaneWatch blind-spot camera

✓ Steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters.

✓ The cruise control comes with speed-limiter


The Honda CRV 2019 Vi has stacks of storage with rear seat ventilation. HondaLink infotainment comes optionally with other safety features. It means you won’t be getting any elite fun or high-level safety on a standard. Its exterior has halogen headlamps, DRLs, and LED tail-lights. The different thing is its plastic interior complementing cloth-wrapped seats. Manually height-adjustment seats are pretty out-styled. The highlight is the steering wheel with nice strokes to keep a strong grip.


Other specifications include:

✓ Door unlock/lock button

✓ 4 LED map lights

✓ Roof-Sunglasses holder

✓ Single USB point

✓ Dual 12-volt sockets

✓ 5’’ infotainment screen

✓ Bluetooth connectivity, but it lacks Apple CarPlay or Android Auto

✓ 3-top tethers or 2-ISOFIX points


Safety features of Honda CRV 2019:

Before finalizing the deal, always check for safety features and Honda CRV 2019 lacks a lot of safety. Any trims, not even the premium, feature the Honda Sensing package.


It means, it doesn’t have the following features:

✓ Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

✓ Collision Mitigation Braking (CMBS)

✓ Lane Keeping Assist (LKAS)

✓ Blind Spot Information (BSI)

✓ Rear Cross Traffic Monitor (CTM),

✓ LaneWatch system

✓ Auto High Beam (HSS) headlights


Final verdict:

Honda CRV 2019 offers a large space inside with certain basic features. If we weigh, you might find its cons or drawbacks more in comparison to its pros or advantages. While buying, keep in mind its safety features, luggage space, and engine configurations. The engines are fuel-efficient and come with CVT, as well. The cabin is made durable with a sound-proof interior.


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