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Honda Civic Type R Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Honda Civic Type R Review Australia


In the world of automobiles, the Type R has been brewing culture of its own for a long time now. The history is one that is long and proud, and the models that wear this badge date back to the early 1990s. These models which are produced by Honda focus on high performance, with various performance enhancements like reduced weight and track-oriented aerodynamics.


The Type R badge was first used by Honda for the NSX in 1992, which was solely marketed in the Japanese market. Then arrived the Honda-branded Integra Type R and later the same car was sold to the American and Australian market by the same name in 1997.


We talk about the Honda Civic Type R in this article, which is the high-performance version of the Civic compact car. The Honda Civic is a hugely popular car in many parts of the world, with the Type R having a special spot in the hearts of Honda lovers. The car has a stiffened yet lighter body, a specially tuned engine, and upgraded chassis and brakes. As a result, you get a car that has a sporty distinction and is better than many cars in the same class and price bracket.


Honda Civic Type R 2017:

The Honda Civic Type R has been around for many generations now, with the latest one based on the 10th generation of the Civic 5-door hatchback. This fifth version of the Civic Type R follows the legacy of the Type R genre, bringing with itself a front-wheel high performing drive, manual transmission, and an exciting and sporty ride. It would not be wrong to call it the most extreme Type R ever built. It provides a rewarding driving experience and a track-ready performance that is unmatched in the class.


Engine and Specification:

Do not think that the new Type R is all about looks. No sir, not at all. Underneath the stylish body and wild wing, there resides a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine that is capable of producing a hefty 320 horsepower. This five-door hatch beauty can reach 0-60mph in less than 5.8 seconds.


The fuel economy is not one of the selling points of this car, but you cannot expect a hot hatch to do any better than that. The economy is at 36.7 mpg, which is certainly a concern when compared to some of the competitors like the VW Golf R.


The Honda Civic Type R lacks a grippy four-wheel drive. For this reason, the car is not as fast as many competing cars in a straight line. But on a racetrack, the Honda Type R is more agile and lighter and would beat any day. The drive is enjoyable, what with the joyful manual transmission and the unflappable suspension.


Exterior and Interior:

The Civic Type R feels a darn sight sportier than the standard Civic. This is mostly on account of its rambunctious fumes and splendid red games that hold you tighter than a child grasping the finish of a Christmas saltine. You likewise get a lot of red features and some carbon-fiber-impact managers sprinkled across the dashboard and entryways – simply on the off chance that you fail to remember you are driving a 320hp hot bring forth.


The Honda Civic Type R's 7-inch touchscreen gives you less to feel egotistical about. It is not even close to as simple to use as the frameworks in VW Golf R or Mercedes AMG A35. The Civic is not exactly as acceptable at conveying three grown-ups in the back either, however in any event its enormous boot bests the heap narrows you get in many choices by some edge.



When compared to the rest of the interior, the infotainment system falls short of the standards. The design is not that perfect, with the 7-inch display fairly large for the car type. Even then, the graphics are not up to the mark and the screen is prone to reflections in direct sunlight. The system is not intuitive, and the menus can become confusing for a newbie. The screen is not very responsive as well. 



The Honda Civic Type R offers an excellent driving position with a good view all around. The sports seats further enhance the comfort and make things even better on the driving seat. However, the rear seats are cramped which is a drawback.


Driving Experience:

The Honda Civic Type R resembles a dashing vehicle, and it drives like one as well. The substantial guiding causes it to feel unwavering in corners and it is fast. You can dash into twists prodded on by the way that there's almost no lean, particularly when the suspension is in its firmest R+ setting.


There is a lot of grasps, as well. In spite of the reality, the Honda Civic Type R does not accompany a definite footed four-wheel-drive framework like the Focus RS and Golf R. All things being equal, it depends on a restricted slip differential. A cunning gadget that gives you more hold as you quicken out of corners. You can feel it filling in as the vehicle paws itself around corners at a speed that is difficult to accept.


It is just as drawn in to drive as its four-wheel-drive choices, however, on a wet street, you will battle to stay aware of the Golf R or Focus RS on the grounds that the Civic effectively turns its front wheels when the street gets dangerous.


The Civic Type R is just accessible with a manual gearbox. So, it cannot rival super-speedy changes of a programmed Golf R. Yet the Honda's gear move feels tight and short, and simply adds to the race-vehicle feel.



For all those Honda Civic lovers, this is a better, extreme version with high performance and better looks. Considering that this is a hot hatch, even then it takes styling to another level. In a nutshell, this is a car which is hard to miss!


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