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Honda Civic RS Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Honda Civic RS Review Australia

Honda is a brand that is famous for its impressive range of automobiles. It deals with premium quality vehicles and accessories. If you are interested in buying a new car and Honda is on your list, you have made a great and perfect choice! It offers cars with an elite engine making driving easy and comfortable every day.


This review is about Honda Civic RS which is a 5-seater car with 5 doors. Unlike other cars, it is FWD instead of the rear. Back in time when this edition was released, everyone was enthralled by its unique design with massive space and classy interior, smooth pace, and practically premium engine. And how someone can ignore its classic brisk innovative 1.5L turbo engine.


Are you a fan of glossy colors? You can get your Honda RS in glorious 7 colors without any additional charges from the company. To add the beauty, it is featured with attractive grey18-inch alloy wheels. You will like its outstanding body-shape and distinguishing features. How amazing the car looks with its shiny, slim, and glossy outlook along with an expansive interior! The world is revolving so are automobiles. The latest hi-tech approaches have been added to their latest models. You will stay in touch with updates, entertained and safe with such updated tech setups.


Honda is a Japanese Company, which is very much-publicized and recognized as an international enterprise. It is famous for delivering intensified and modernized models of cars, annually. One of the most innovative ranges of Honda is the Civic which is presented in two basic shapes: hatchback and sedan. You must give it a try and enjoy a ride, only with pleasurable vibes. Its safety features let you enjoy the ride securely.


It is enlisted among fuel-efficient turbocharged engines for its acceptable fuel consumption. There is a reason why it is the company's third top-seller! Not a reason but multiple reasons. You will get an easy drive with its heated, leather-wrapped seats. It has a sportier look. But, all is not gold and so this car is not completely flawless. You can find its interior kind of blended.


And, yes, you can show it off while pulling off some creative urban styling. In the case of buying a Honda Civic coupe or sedan, the best recommendation is its 18th generation range. The vehicles were perfectly balanced, stable, with maximum fuel economy. The new editions are also worth buying as safety protocols have been significantly modified. Honda Civic RS variants are suitable for all situations, no matter where you drive. Whether it is urban driving or highway racing! Everything comes with complimentary luxury.


Engine setup:

The most important part of any car is its engine and it must be evaluated first even before satisfying your desire to buy the fanciest car. You might like to explore a ground-breaking range of Honda civic RS with plenty of sporty feels. 1.5-litre turbocharged engine with 4 standard cylinders while giving the output of striking 127kW@5500rpm with brilliant torque values of 220Nm@1700-5500rpmmust be exceptional. What if you can’t handle a manual car? It can still be your preference because of its CVT automatic gear setup transmission. The officially evaluated value for fuel economy is 6.1L/100km.


Besides, it will let you drive for as long as you want with its huge capacity of fuel up to 47L of type 91 RON. What else can you judge a car for? It has shown a compatible ratio of Power and weight: (10.52:1). Everyone likes to drive hard and rash. Honda RS is featured with Max acceleration of 0.551g, meaning it covers 0-100km/h in just 7.42 seconds! QUITE AMAZING!


In this modernized world, everyone is addicted to hi-tech. Honda Civic RS also has a push-button start. Its low weight of 1337kg makes it light to drive and easy to turn. It seems like the company is concerned about its customers as it is featured with a higher compression rate enhancing the car’s capacity to tolerate greater bumps or twisting turns. It has multiple engine safety controls including hill-start assistance, which lets the car control speed at slopes and steeper sides. Additionally, it comes with a rear diffuser and a central dual exhausting system.



The highlighted part of the car’s interior is its eye-fetching 7inches digital, touchscreen which operates multiple functions including radio, Auto connectivity, and synchronization with Apple and Android for CarPlay Auto. Before having a drive, let yourself prepare to enjoy the amazing feel of leather-trimmed seats with the features of heating and cooling.


Honda Civic RS has electric control and is completely adjustable. Like to travel in the rainy season? You got the auto wipers and distantly clear headlamps.  The next question must be about the wheels! To keep you updated it has a dial that shows the current status of tire pressure. On the dashboard’s screen, you can find satellite navigational tools, HDMI input, and a tremendous 12-speakers audio setup.


Not only the interior but it has an exclusive exterior which gives it remarkable looks. Perfectly shaped rear bumper bar with the front grille, just perfect! Space at the back seat is also enough. And has adjusted bottle holders in the doors and cup holders in the flip-down center with uniqueness, without causing a mess.


Then comes another significant part of driving, steering. Honda Civic RS producers have strangely balanced their weight for ultimate easiness and quick response. Last but not the least, an added specification of the LaneWatch camera is just awesome. Upfront you can use its customizable CD/MP3 player and dual USB inputs.


Highlighted features:

The pioneering strategy of LaneWatch camera setup.

Extra passengers spec.

Responsive Bluetooth connectivity

Spectacularly adjusted 3 child-seat anchor points.

The feature of sub-woofer along 12 speaker system



Modified parking sensors at the rear and upfront to avoid a possible collapse.

Manageable cruise control.

Quick collision warning.

self-directing emergency brake system.

lane-departure alert.

Six airbags.

Efficiently operating a road-departure mitigation system.



Irritable CVT Sport mode.

The too-loud engine on accelerating speed.

Honda Civic RS Infotainment setup is in the need of an immediate upgrade.

The view might be difficult as it is designed in a way of very tall boot line and narrow side windows


Final verdict:

You must be looking for a car with all remarkable features and Honda Civic RS might be the one for you! It is loaded with classy colors, conspicuous design, an efficient engine, and noticeable speed. It is not a supercar but it is a car with sufficient functions to offer a relaxing drive.


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