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Honda Accord Euro Review Australia | Features, Specifications, Price

Honda Accord Euro Review Australia

If you get a chance to visit the Honda Australia head office, we suggest that you look into their trophy room. Not surprisingly, there are numerous prizes piled there, year after year, and you will see that one car is highlighted more than any other. Yes, that is right! It is the Honda Accord Euro.


The Honda Accord Euro or the Honda Euro has been around for some time now, introduced in 2003 first, and then the second generation was released in Australia in the year 2008. The second generation, which has been around for more than 12 years now, has become a legendary icon in the mid-sized class of cars. The Honda Euro offers diversity plus luxury, even though there is only the petrol option available and that too in sedan only. There is no option for a hatchback or a wagon.


Given the excellent four-cylinder engine, the mechanical sophistication, and the build quality, the Honda Accord Euro is still a contender in the segment, with the likes of well-liked cars like the Toyota Camry and the Mazda 6. Why is it? let's find out!


Trim Levels and Price:

With the release of the second generation of the Honda Accord Euro CU2, the people knew that they were in for a treat. Even though no hatchback or wagon versions were sent to the country, the sedan itself was enough to attract people towards it. Two trim levels were offered, namely the basic Euro and the Euro Luxury.


The base model has a price tag of $33,000 and includes a vast number of features. These include power windows and power steering, dual-zone climate control, a sound system, and much more.

The Luxury model takes things to another level, starting at a reasonable $40,000 but you get plenty more in the additional $7,000. Honda adds leather interior, parking sensors, sunroof, fog lights, automatic rain-sensing wipers, and more.


Topping the list is the Luxury Navi model at $43,000, which adds a reversing camera and satellite navigation system to the car. All the models are equipped with airbags for the passengers and drivers, anti-lock braking system, Honda’s vehicle stability program, and front active head restraints.


In 2015, it was decided by Honda Australia would stop its business in the country due to the fact that the production ceased in Japan. In the time period from its release till then, over 25,000 cars were sold in the country which makes it one of the best-selling cars in the mid-sized segment.


Engine Performance and Specifications:

We have come today to associate the V6 or V8 engines with power and performance, so it comes as a surprise when you look at the Honda Accord Euro and see that a conventional four-cylinder engine is used in it. But we are forgetting that this is Honda’s four-cylinder engine and not an ordinary one. All the models carry a 2.4-liter petrol four-cylinder engine which outputs 148kW of power and an improved fuel economy and efficiency. The Honda Accord Euro is tested to give 8.9L/100Km. At 4200 Rpm, the Honda outputs a torque of 230 Nm.


With the impressive work that they have managed to put behind the engine, it meant that they had to give an equally good and rewarding transmission. The Honda Accord Euro is available in six-speed manual transmission or a five-speed automatic transmission. Even though the manual transmission is excellent and really lets you check the power of the engine and how far you can go with it, most of the Accords Euro roaming around the country are automatics.


Typical to Hinda, the engine for the Accord Euro delivers a progressive and remarkable power, which is refined with no noise whatsoever. At higher revs, it gets better and better. In fact, you get the first revelation of the magneticity of the engine when you cross over 3500 rpm.


Even though the fuel economy is good, one thing to note is that the engine requires only premium unleaded fuel which can be a bit expensive but gives a superb performance on road. Under the hood, there is plenty of high tech for the enthusiasts, if you care about these things. You will find a glimpse of Honda's famous VTEC and VTC technology, which ensures the best responsiveness and optimized fuel consumption.



When it comes to the driving seat and position, Honda always manages to exceed expectations. The seat is comfortable and supportive, with added adjustment for the steering wheel. The gauges are displayed in a four-gauge layout with an LED backlight.


A standard 10-speaker CD player is included with MP3 and WMA compatibility. You also get dual-zone climate control and air conditioning. You can also pay extra to get satellite navigation fitted.


Final Verdict:

The Honda Accord Euro has a list of advantages to convince you to buy it. The first and foremost thing is the smooth and sweet engine, which obeys your every demand, even though it is a four-cylinder engine. The drive is super-refined, and the steering wheel is very responsive. The quality of the material used for the cabin is also great, with comfortable and supportive front seats. You can be sure to go on long journeys on this car. The Honda Accord Euro R is well equipped and priced modestly. If you go for the manual transmission, be prepared to have fun driving the car around town.


On the downside, the rear seats are a bit of a cramp and could have been roomier. The suspension is great on the road but does appear to be wallow when you take it on the country roads. Moreover, Honda Australia does not allow any diesel variant to arrive in the country, which means that the trim options are limited to petrol only. The new Honda Accord Euro does not support Bluetooth audio streaming as well.

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