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Holden Volt Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Holden Volt Review Australia


Designed on the base of the Chevrolet models, Holden Volt is a compact car that has so much to offer not only in terms of comforting features but also engine, strength, power, and speed. No doubt, it is an excellent on-road performer, but it still lacks certain significant mechanical features.


One of the biggest advantages of buying this vehicle is that they are not old, manufactured in two generations 2010-2015 1st and 2016-2019 2nd. This 5-door liftback is offered in three modes (normal, sport, mountain) that are automatically switched, effortlessly. We can say all trims are tech-laden and that is one of the key appealing features.




Need to power up? You would be amazed by its super smooth acceleration. Even in the electric-only mode, the ride feels surprisingly quiet. Apart from sturdiness, it appeals cool with eye-candy interior displays. Overall, it is a strangely impressive car. For all drivers, the Holden Volt is a pretty easy car to live with!



All models are made with FWD that seems tremendously unproblematic. The engine is placed sensibly right under the strong bonnet at the front. It’s a real car that you can take anywhere. It offers more than enough acceleration and strength to keep up with the city traffic. The engine is made fuel-efficient without affecting its driving efficiency. Giving a better mileage, it is definitely safe to dismiss it as an urban car.


Do you know what makes Holden Volt an ideal choice? The permanent magnet motor setup. Yes, this setup is the reason for its seamless and powerful ride. Along with road grip, it offers you a satisfactory acceleration. Even if you are driving at lower gears, you would be fully engaged on the road. The braking system is strong enough to provide classic stopping power.


The key to Volt’s appeal is its silenced ride! On high acceleration, all you will hear is the typical tire and a little wind noise, instead of a roaring engine. Near silence with the stepless transmission. What can you expect more?


The steering is known to be light and responsive. Well, that is not all! The suspension is brilliantly adaptable and transmission is found highly compatible. The throttle response is appreciated as it is quicker. If you are imagining it as a sports car, then you are mistaken. It is nothing like a sports car. The multi-purpose power-assisted steering feels enjoyably light.


1st Generation:

The most highlighted feature of the 2011 Holden Volt engine is its lithium-ion battery pack that is charged by a 120-240 VAC residential electrical portal. The reinforced electric motor comes with the capability to give 111 kW of the maximum power. On one side, it is torque enough (370 N⋅m) to give a revved-up ride. On the other side, it has steering that guarantees a smooth and quick shift.


Are you in the need of a higher power? You can go for the 2013 models. But the biggest electric motor of 17.1 kWh is impressively placed in the 2015 models. In terms of nimble on-road dynamics, the 2014 models are perfect. Equipped with a naturally aspirated 1.4L small 4-cyl engine, it runs on gasoline. The key spec is the regenerative braking system. Running costs also seem to be minimum. It is a usable car offering a safe drive cross-country.


Do you have any idea how much time Holden Volt takes to get charged? If you are using in-dash charging, it will be completely charged in 4hrs, only. All mechanics are made smart with progressive electric technology. Low fuel consumption is another big plus. A comfortable ride is guaranteed.


2nd Generation:

Starting from the latest, 2019 model, the car ensures respectable driving dynamics with decent speed and power performance. We are not saying that the car is not fuel-efficient, but it does lag behind in the gas mileage numbers if compared to the hybrids. Once you are seated inside, the decent steering will make its impression.


Coming to the best option that is the 2017 model, is known for its great electric range and satisfactory fuel economy. Who doesn’t like revving up on roads! Well, it offers brisk acceleration. It is the best compact car for daily use due to its composed handling. At high speeds, a gentle throttle can be felt with a quicker pedal response.


All engines are made on a single configuration holding powertrain of a 1.5L gasoline engine. Mated with the long-lasting 18.4 kWh battery pack, the motor is made more efficient. To sustain the ride stability, the Voltec 5ET50 Multi-mode electric transaxle is featured. The combination of a silent engine with plenty of torque goes absolutely well. If we try to sum up, we can say Holden Volt has amazing cornering ability along with minimizing the roll.




1st Generation:

The characteristic feature of all the first-generation vehicles is the higher-than-usual central tunnel running from the front console to the rear seat.


The 2014 Holden Volt variant comes with an aggressive roofline and spread-out C-pillar. Well, it is the reason for a limited rear occupant headroom. If we talk about the front, the seats are heated, ultra-comfortable, and leather-wrapped. As a standard, you will get a premium 6-speaker Bose stereo setup with a 30Gb hard drive. NOT BAD AT ALL. The funky interior has inserts of hard plastic at the dashboard.


There is a slight problem with Bluetooth phones as it comes without audio connectivity. The best part is the built-in cruise control with responsive satellite navigation. High graphical 7-inch LCD ‘Driver Information Centre’ is present in the console area. Unfortunately, it seems too complex and intricate, or simply we can say it is difficult to use. Other luxuries include a heated and power-assisted mirror, odometer, and pedestrian alert chirp.


There are gauges that show:

Fuel range

Battery range

Gear options

Speed and trip km

Fuel consumption


2nd Generation:

The Holden Volt 2017 comes with a cramped space at the rear seats. The cargo area seems also small. It appears crisper from the outside with the low-stance nose. The elevated window line makes the car look to lean forward like a sleek, wedgy sedan. 


On the inside, there are better-looking, intuitive controls with understandable gauges.


Holden Volt has the following important specifications:

Teen Driver (standard)

Adaptive cruise control 

Full-speed automatic braking

Central display screen 

Instrument-cluster display

Conventional knobs for audio tuning and climate control


The specifications available in the 2019 model include:

The long list of standard technology

Lengthy all-electric range

Comfortable rear seats

Low-rent interior

Modernized infotainment system 

Hi-tech rear view camera

Power height-adjustable driver's seat (Optional)


Safety features:

In a 2017 Holden Volt model and onwards, the 10 airbags and rear view camera come as standard in all trims 10 airbags and a rearview camera come as standard.


The optional safety equipment is:

Adaptive cruise control

Blind-spot monitors

Rear cross-traffic alert

Lane-keeping and lane-departure warning assistance

Forward-collision alerts

Automatic emergency braking

Parking sensors


Cons of buying Holden Volt:

Too pricey

Heavyweight chassis

Cramped boot space

Older versions take more than 10 hours for charging

Interior has cheap elements

The instrumentation seems a bit crowded

Not-so-satisfactory reliability rating


Final verdict:

Holden Volt is the car that will give you a solid and dense ride with full stability and road grip. The interior is undoubtedly well-engineered with the use of hi-tech, particularly in the latest models. In short, the car is fun, intuitive, and easy to steer.


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