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Holden Viva Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Holden Viva Review Australia


Holden is the name of one of the most famous automakers. Without any doubt, it is popular for its vehicles offering maximum durability.


Well, the Holden Viva is another model introduced in the Australian-market as Chevrolet Optra manufactured by Holden. We can say it carries the Holden badge but inside it is all Korean. On one hand, the exterior is appealing and grabs attention. On the other hand, the car has an influential and powerful engine hidden under the skin.


Precisely, it is well-built with quality materials. The safety is somewhat questionable but has reliable mechanics. Also known as Daewoo Lacetti, it is a low-priced car available in a 5-door hatch, the sedan, and a wagon. Overall, it is efficient and simple to steer.


Looking for a family car? It is definitely an ideal choice. After mechanical refinements in the past years, it has maximized ride comfort despite the small size.


Holden Viva Engine:

This FWD Holden Viva offers an impressive balance to a driver along with an excellent road grip. It is known for its outstanding power and torque figures. The modest on-road and off-road performance is what defines Holden Viva. It has a satisfactory fast speed but remember it is not made for racing. While driving, you will feel how advanced its motor is.


The use of fuel-injected tech makes it more desirable. It shows compliance with the tough Euro 4 regulations. It means the car’s engine setup is clean and economical. All year trims are fitted with a 4-cylinder 1.8L "Family 1" engine. It will give you 89kW @ 5800rpm of the maximum power complemented with the torque of 169Nm @ 3600rpm. Ride comfort is fine on all surfaces.


Its efficient 5-speed manual gearbox offers a smooth transmission between gears even on gravel roads. If you do not find the manual shifter satisfactory, you can switch it with the 4-speed automatic but you need to pay extra money. All gearboxes are placed on the floor offering easy accessibility and precise handling.


To enjoy a nice compliant and comfortable ride, you can choose any of the gearboxes. The engine provides it a strong mid-range pulling power. Its tractable character is noticeable. If you like to drive at the maximum speeds, you would find its throttle a little sensitive. It runs on petrol, unproblematically.


Planning a long trip? Not an issue. Holden Viva has a fuel tank size of 60L. Suspension spring and damping rates are perfectly styled and placed. The engineers have put effort into bringing comfort rather than speed, especially in the Holden Viva sedan. The car is found adequately balanced on cornering. The latest model of Holden Viva 2006 is relatively highly refined in terms of brakes, steering, and suspension.


The reason for its lagging speed is the heavy-weight machine and chassis. It handles speed confidently as the steering feels light and compatible with the brakes. There's a decent feel through the steering. Besides, the engine noise and vibration are successfully repressed.


Holden Viva Design:

At a very first glance, you will be amazed how stylish it looks even if it is an old car. Or, you may get excited to see its slim layout while offering sufficient legroom, headroom, and luggage space.


Starting from inside the cabin, its ultimate slim, sleek dashboard will ask for attention. A combination of the metal with the grey plastic is provided for the fancy touch. The car feels wide and spacious. There is a large-sized centrally placed speedometer having bright numerals for understandability. The best part is the wheel-mounted audio controls. A split glove box and a center console box, AC with sensibly placed vents, and excellent uncluttered instrumentation panels are the bonus. The rattle-free interior is what Viva offers.


While driving in the Holden Viva, you will find that everything is easily within the approach. The steering has a nice touch. Soft-felt seat upholstery is intricate, supportive, and cozy. Besides, the driver’s seat has a superb 8-way adjustment. The plain and all-encompassing style brings practicality to Holden Viva with consistency, particularly in the Holden Viva hatch. Every model has an attractive design but you would find the wagon the most stylish with a pleasant design. Having 1410L of useful storage space is something extra. The addition of a rear cargo blind and roof rails adds up to the beauty of the layout.


Holden Viva Standard equipment:


CD player

Steering mounted audio controls

Powered windows (front and rear)

Heated side mirrors

15-inch steel wheels

CD/MP3 player

4-speaker system

12v power outlet

Engine immobilizer

Powered front doors

Remote central locking

Powered and adjustable steering

Tinted windows


Holden Viva 2010 specifications:

2009-2010 is the latest Holden Viva model that has a wide range of features offering maximum ease. The major changes inside the cabin have made it more sophisticated, and fancier.


To extend the space, you get 60/40 split collapsible rear seats. The addition of the center dome lights, lockable glove box, and map lights (driver & passenger front) is highly useful. Chrome finessed door handles and dual-tone cloth seat trim speak style.


Other specs include:

Lumbar support for the driver’s seat

Powered windows

Power outlet

Demister with timer for the rear window

Handbrake warning light

Seat belt warning light


Tilt & modifiable steering adjustment

Body-color rear spoiler and side protect moldings


Holden Viva Safety:

Handbrake warning light

Seat belt warning light

Front and front side airbags (standard)

Anti-lock brakes (option)

Childproof rear door locks

Seat belts with 3-pointers


Holden Viva 2010 specifications:

In addition to the above-mentioned features:

Battery saver as the headlight is turned off

Child restraint anchorages


Cons of buying Holden Viva:

Engine performance is adequate but lacks in comparison to other Holden vehicles. The on-road performance of this engine/transmission combination is defined as passable.

The auto shift pattern of Holden Viva is not as satisfactory as you can expect it to be. In comparison, it lacks linearity, consistency, and predictability sometimes, particularly on bumpy roads. That’s why manual is a preferable choice up to some extent.

Have no HD infotainment screen/LCD making it less fun. Besides, the speaker system is not as remarkable as it should be.

Lacks high-tech safety features

Have a limited towing capacity (braked and unbraked)

The interior has no dual climate control


Final verdict:

We can simply explain Holden Viva as “an economic yet responsive car”. It might lack basic luxury but guarantees comfort and a relaxing ride. Having a fashionable and purposeful dashboard, and a sharp exterior, the real-world Holden Viva will attest to be a hard-wearing and reliable option that also delivers a good occupant space.


As we have explained its details. Before purchasing, you must make sure it is worth the value. And you can assure it by searching its accidental, theft, and driving history. So, we are bringing you an all-time open online portal to check the car’s history by putting the minimal details.

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