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Holden Trax: Specification and Review

There is no doubt that Aussies love their SUVs and SAVs and everything in between. You will find people who love maintaining four-wheel-drive trucks and vehicles, going for off-roading camping trips as well as using the vehicles for family usage within the city. For the people who are looking for this dual benefit from their SUV, there are plenty of options available for smaller SUVs which can be utilized for intercity as well. Haldon Trax SUV is one such vehicle serving that purpose.


Smaller SUVs are liked and found to be suitable for household usage, for people with small families or those who are living alone. These vehicles come loaded with ample space for loading up your equipment, groceries, and your kids.


The Holden small SUVs are manufactured by the American car manufacturing company Chevrolet under the giant known to all, General Motors. It was introduced as a subcompact crossover SUV and called the Chevrolet Trax in the United States. The vehicle was introduced to the Australian masses and overall Oceania in 2013 under the name of Holden Trax, since it was under the Australian Holden brand.


The Holden Trax is a popular face in the category of light SUVs, falling somewhere between the big Captiva and the Astra, which is smaller in size. Made to target the drivers that are more inclined towards riding high wagons as opposed to traditional cars, in a budget that is not too much. It may have not left a big impression initially when it was introduced, something that can be accounted for due to lack of marketing in the country, the new Holden Trax is competing in the market now and giving a tough time to the other competitors. Let us look at some of the features and specifications that make the Trax such a good option to buy.


Holden Trax Specifications:

Let’s begin with the interior of the Holden Trax and discuss the cabin which has a sophisticated look, rather than a plastic look. Features the Apple CarpPlay or the Android Auto touchscreen and digital radio, with a climate control all available in the dashboard. The whole dash gives a more modern touch to the overall cabin. Add to that some additional features such as cruise control, digital speedometer, smartphone monitoring, sunroof, keyless ignition, keyless entry, and daytime running lights, you are sure in for a treat.


Talking about the engine, the Holden Trax benefits from a 1.4L or a 1.8L turbo engine which delivers smooth power and drive on shorter trips and even on long off-roading trips. You can feel the sudden burst of acceleration that you would need for overtaking on the highway.


The gearbox is another wonder in this vehicle due to its autonomy, providing a smooth shift in gears and speed with the least amount of interference or fuss, resulting in the overall dynamic driving experience. Decide to change gears for yourself, and you're left with the 1.8L motor from the last model in the section level LS. While the old motor isn't a sluggard, that won't enthuse drivers progressively OK with a manual transmission who is constrained to one model evaluation and one motor decision.


The Holden Trax 4WD is supported by alloy wheels which have 18-inches on them and comes with a standard wheel repair kit and of course a spare wheel as well, which still leaves ample space in the boot of the car.


In the exceptionally significant security division, the top-spec Trax gets six airbags, vulnerable side checking, back cross-traffic alert, brake help and that's just the beginning. It additionally gets an inverted camera, which is horrendously foggy, yet at the same time takes care of business. What's more, while it gains a journey to power, it's not versatile and that is a disgrace. Some additional features that come with a Holden Trax as advertised are:


Rear Cross-Traffic Alert: This feature scans for hazards when you are coming in reverse and warns you of anything that may be coming from behind.


Blind Spot Alert: Using camera and sensors, you are warned beforehand from incoming vehicles that may not be visible to you at first.


Rain-sensing Viper: No need to switch on and off the vipers manually; these vipers work on their own when they sense that there is rain and the windscreen needs to be cleaned.

Exterior mirrors with integrated turn signals: These help you in making your turns even safer.


Holden Trax Review:

Coming to the review of the Holden Trax, let's discuss what the people have to say about the car who has used it firsthand. The cabin and interior are built robustly with leather and has ample space for small families and might be thinking of expanding to bigger cars. In contrast to the Holden Trax 2018 or the 2019 make, the latest model has increased its space inside the front of the lodge discernibly – the cleaning up of the essence of the scramble has added to that colossally – while the back seat gets redesigns as expanded head and legroom, which is plentifully apparent in case you're over 6ft and hop into the back, there's to a lesser extent a jar with front-seat travelers to get settled, and not have your knees spread to the side.


And if you have opted for the sunroof, you might find it to be slightly raked and may find that your head bumping with it. Security frameworks are all cutting-edge in the Trax, with vulnerable side alarm and back cross-traffic alert in the LTZ, while the front, side and full blind airbags, non-freezing stopping devices (ABS), electronic brake circulation (EBD) and footing control are standard in all cases. Comfort things like programmed headlights and downpour detecting wipers are additionally standard, which chalk up some more ticks for the Trax on the shopping list.


Holden Trax Price:

The entry model with the 1.8L engine starts with around $24,000 which is a base variant that comes with manual transmission. The 1.6L turbo engine automatic variant is slightly more expensive at around $27,000. Lastly is the Holden Trax LT which is almost $30,000 in cost and is the top of the line variant. You can pay extra for the special edition colors and some other ad on features that you may like.

If you are looking for a used Holden Trax for sale, there are multiple authorized Holden dealerships throughout the country where you can go and browse your Trax.



 ​ It comes with a modern engine built with state-of-the-art tech.

  The interior is very comfortable and spacious.



  The manual option is less efficient with gears that could be better.

  The modern engine requires that the fuel in the car needs to be premium.


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