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Holden Torana Review Australia | Pros Cons, Specification & Price

Holden Torana Review Australia

Holden Torana has come in all shapes and sizes, however, the A9X and LJ are the stars. The capacity of the engine was additionally expanded. Furthermore, the 1300 Deluxe presented a 1256cc engine. However, the base four-cylinder unit remained the unsatisfactory 1159cc wheezer. The "Standard" six remains as the 2250cc, despite the fact that you could now choose either a 2600cc or 2850cc engine. Although with the GTR and L and other holden Torana models got the 3300cc 202ci six engines.


In February 1972 LJ Torana was a facelift of the LC and offered greater refinement. Additionally, it is better dealt with, revised suspension and significantly improved noise suspension. Although it was the way that the LJ had obtained slowly from the HQ parts. The parts that include bin, things shared between the two vehicles, including the steering and wheel, customizable head restraints and impact-absorbing sun visors.


Holden aimed to increase the safety of the car. Therefore, they re-structure the design. While to improve the making of the vehicle more secure for the people to use in case of an accident. The sun visors are made energy-absorbing with adjustable head restraints that are extended from the HQ. Further, with the addition of better front seats offering more comfortable support. In addition to that, the warmer controls were updated to guarantee the driver could more readily make alterations while wearing a safety belt.



The external appearance changes include a fiberglass front end panel. Further it includes necessary internal bumper and air dam with air ducts to the front brakes. Wheel opening flares front and back are fixed. However, to improve the existing sheet metal suit the exclusive wide tires and wider rear track. Fiberglass spoilers are installed to the lid of the rear compartment. The interior changes incorporate a new trim structure and 'SLR 5000' instruments. The power train involves the 5.0-liter V8 motor with 4-speed manual transmission. Further, it includes a modified heavy-duty rear axle.


Additionally, updates to the underbody have been made to suit new back suspension control arm pivots. The front suspension is utilized in LH Models with Production Option L34. The slowing mechanism comprises four-wheel, power-assisted disc brakes with dual master cylinder give separate hydraulic systems frameworks to front and rear brakes. In order to reduce the weight of the vehicle, certain parts, and assemblies, for example, the console, are removed as standard equipment or altered, these erased things will be available as accessories.



An ignition or steering lock situated on the steering column was standard. However, this guaranteed that there was space to one side of the steering column for the heater/ventilation controls. The ashtray was moved from its position on the top to singular ashtrays on either front door. The automatic transmission console was upgraded and improved for simplicity and comfort. Further, the glove box lid lost its producing knob and rather utilized a recessed grip for opening. 


Split three-piece taillights gave Torana and Holden devotees rear model verification proof. The most recent security requirements since 1971 were that each Torana was outfitted with energy-absorbing sun visors, a brake failure warning light, and head restraints. Updated front springs and front and rear shock absorbers were claimed to improve the ride and taking care of other characters. In its first significant model change since the presentation of the Torana had increased various significant and reliable improvements.


Engine Specifications:

The GTR experienced a progression of the "S" engine based on the 2600 and later on the 2850 engine. However, with the LJ Torana to extend it got the standard 202 engines and utilized in the HQ Holden. The two-barrel Bendix-Stromberg carby with programmed stifle and sports air cleaner, twin ventilation systems, high-performance camshaft and valves, and the water warmed the inlet manifold was completely gone. The 202 engine created 135 bhp at 4400 rpm and 194 ft/lb torque at 2000 Rpm. Additionally,  "> "> it is contrasted with the 2850 "S" motors 130 bhp at 4800 rpm and 160 ft/lbs at 2800 so the LJ GTR was a lot milder and torquey machine and with little appreciable increase in its performance.



 ✓ The engine is reliable.

 ✓ The gearbox is efficient.

 ✓ It has a great flair kit.

 ✓ Great car for cruising

 ✓ Simple easy to fix



 ✓ It has no power steering.

 ✓ It should install a 5-speed gearbox.

 ✓ The parts are becoming expensive and are difficult to find.

 ✓ It is expensive to maintain. 

 ✓ Rust is the main issue of the car.


Holden Torana Reviews:

Review 1:

Performance - it'll leave black lines no prob, brakes are a little soft but ya get used to them, no power steering. Build quality - just had a complete rebuilt 202 put in it with a 350 holly carb, 2.1/4 exhust system Appearance - Razberry pearl in colour, with bone white lather interior cost of ownership - prob runs a bit rich on fuel (cant be sure the fuel gauge is wrong) fun factor - 11 out of 10 stars, my favourite ride :)


Review 2:

the only thing that i do not like about the Torana is the colour and the rims trim is original but neat, so far it has cost me roughly 15k with much more to go. great to drive. 11 ltrs/100km and thats on a 315kw maffless tune.


Review 3:

Has red 202 with M21 gearbox. Has been sanded back to bare steel and has been painted the original mandarin red. Has enough horses under the bonnet for me at the moment. it is made from 100% steel and looks great and only costed $1000. For a first car i recommend them. And they car a Classic Australian Car.


Review 4:

Brought it out of Trading Post, have been fixing it up ever since lol Engine: 202 Blue Gearbox: M20 Carby: 350 Holley Exhaust: Extractors,2.5" pipes,Hotdog(quieten it down a bit, stupid cops :P) Diff: 3.08 Single Spinner :(


Review 5:

First built in the late 1960's. Claim to fame first driven to victory by Legend Peter Brock at Bathurst, 6 cyl beat the Ford V8's of the day. Prized by street racers as relativly light car able to handle blown V8's under the hood without too many mod's required. Last model in built in "78".



From the other model including SS Torana, GTR Torana, and peter brock Torana the LJ Torana is modified in a unique way. It has all the best features installed as mention in the above article. The best engine speed and the alluring interior have made it look attractive. All the reviews about the Holden Torana are positive, therefore, I would definitely recommend you to buy this classy model.

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