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Holden Spark Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Holden Spark Review Australia

General Motors is the parent company of Holden and is known to produce vehicles of every shape and size. If you are looking for a luxury sports car, they have one for you. If it’s a four-wheel SUV that you have wished to acquire, Holden has the perfect car for. And if you need a compact car that is funky, you got one!


The Spark is one of the cheapest cars that you can buy which may be why you see so many of them on the roads, within city limits, that is to say. But is this compact car a worthy bargain for you even in the price range that it falls?


The Spark may be the tiniest five-door hatchbacks that you have ever encountered, which allows for seamless navigation within the city and will never trouble you in finding parking spaces. The Holden Barina Spark has a subtle composure on road, and you find yourself always engaged when driving the car. features to suggest the same. The design is attractive to the point of being cute, with small wheels and big headlights, sharp features, and style arches. The available colors are something of a giveaway as well; notably among those are the Cocktail Green, Moroccan Blue, and the vicious Kiss Pink.


The Spark was marketed globally at the start of 2016 and gained popularity among the young generation. Holden ceased the production of the Spark after exactly two years in April 2018 but does not mean that you cannot find one for yourself today.


Holden Spark Specifications:

The Holden Spark comes with a single, base engine which is 1.4-liter four-cylinder petrol. The uncomplicated small engine may leave you asking for more power on the motorway, but it is more than enough when driving within the city. Aluminum is used for the manufacturing of the entire engine, a recent development in the field of engine making, which makes it lightweight and robust.


The 1.4-liter engine also ensures that your fuel is efficiently utilized so that your cost of maintaining a Spark is further decreased. It is tested and reported that the Spark uses 5.5 liters of petrol for every 100 km on the highway, and 8.5 liters of fuel within the city.


The Holden Spark is loaded with a five-speed manual transmission, but you can also opt for the automatic transmission as well, which applies a Continuous Variable Transmission or CVT. CVT allows for automatic adjustment with the driver’s whim, rather than the traditional fixed gear ratios. This means that your car feels more responsive and you can be sure to safe fuel this way. 


Holden Spark Features:

The Holden Barina Spark has a lot of exciting features and the latest technology encompassed. One of the biggest selling points of the car is its infotainment and connectivity system. It features a 7-inch touchscreen through which you can control most of the interior functions, plus Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Aux input, and a good sounding set of speakers.


The steering wheel also features control through which you can operate the sound system and take or reject calls while offering cruise control as well. The front windows, on both the driver and passenger side are power operated, and you get the daytime running lamps which allow for easy visibility for other drivers.


Some of the most recent technology featured in the Spark include Hill-start Assist, which allows for easier navigation when you are going uphill, with an automatic control on the brakes; Traction control to help prevent wheel spin on slippery road conditions; and to help avoid the car from skidding, the Spark employs Electronic Stability Control, a must-have for every vehicle. Add the Holden Three-year warranty to the package and there is little left to be desired.


Safety Features:

If we were to rate the safety features of the Holden Spark out of a ten, we would certainly rate it fully. The traction control and the stability control ensure that the car is always in your control, while a list of other features is also included to make things even more secure.


The Spark features six airbags giving an excellent cover from any injury in case of an accident. A reversing camera is included in the Holden Spark LT, which is a tad more expensive than the Spark LT, in which the camera is not included. Other optional features in the LT include a rear parking sensor.


Holden Spark Variants:

The base model, which is also the cheaper of the two is the Spark LS, which comes with the same 1.4-liter petrol engine and has some standard features like a manual gearbox, clothed seats, and 14-inch alloy wheels. The variant, Holden Spark LT includes some extra features if you are willing to pay more. The seats are covered in Sportec, 15-inch alloy wheels, and an automatic transmission. You also get a sensor key to unlocking your LT, as well as parking sensors, reverse camera, leather-wrapped steering wheel. You can, of course, get these features in the LS version as well, but only if you pay for them.


overall Holden Spark Review:

The Holden Spark has received mostly positive accolades from users, but there are few who have some not so positive feedback regarding the car as well. One thing that is the cause of complaints is the lack of power that the 1.2-liter produces, especially on the highway or when going uphill. You might find yourself demanding more power and torque, and the car sputtering in protest.


That being said, the Spark still delivers a comfortable driving experience with faithful steering which you start relying on soon enough. The small size is an excellent advantage, especially when parking and the suspension are also worth praising. With the Holden Spark price at a comfortable $13,000 give or take a few, and the features that it offers, there is no doubt that this is a car that will surely give you value for money.

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