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Holden Sandman Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Holden Sandman Review Australia


Although Holden Sandman is an old car, pretty old actually, but we can say, it is a fairly conventional piece of engineering. There is no surprise, why it is still in demand. It is not only durable and strong but also stylish. Overall, we can say Holden Sandman is a perfect blend of comfortability and practicality to maximize not only the functionality but also the desire to buy it.


With a lean profile and flexibility, it is always ready to go. If you are planning to buy, you would definitely get confused with all the options, it is going to offer. HJ is the most popular variant, but it is not the first Sandman. Starting from 1974, the Holden HQ Sandman is the very first one, but it was made in a limited number. No matter what year model you choose, you would find it easy to drive. Truly speaking, it is pretty easy to like.



Models made from 2015 onwards are loaded with powerful equipment. You would be amazed to see the strength and robustness of Holden Sandman. They are considered dynamically impressive having a multi-link independent rear suspension.


HQ Sandman:

Starting from the HQ Sandman, we can say it has not so impressive V8. No doubt, it will give you a stable and torquey ride but definitely lacks speed along with the punch of adventure and thrill. Its optional 253 cubic-inch engine is the most preferable selection. The major drawback is its higher center of gravity which makes this Panelvan really challenging, especially when you try to control it over the corners.


If you like its style and are really interested in buying the HQ model, you can choose its 1974 Holden Sandman model that is powered with an amazing 5.0L Naturally-Aspirated V8 engine.it is capable of producing 179 kW of the power mated with a torque of 427 N·m. The engine is placed at the front at a suitable place. To make the ride smoother, a compatible 4-speed transmission is combined. Its RWD is unproblematic. The rear tires are throttle-sensitive. One more disadvantage is an unnecessarily soft suspension of Holden Sandman.


HJ Sandman:

Made from 1974 to 1976, you can find HJ in the engine configuration of 2.8L and 3.3L 6-cyl engines. In the V8 category, there are two more: the 4.2L and the powerful 5L. The power range lies somewhere between 81 - 161kW.


The gearbox options on Holden Sandman include:

3-speed manual

3-speed Tri-Matic automatic

4-speed manual


What is an ideal option? A 4.2L V8 featuring a 4-speed manual gearbox. As far as the suspension is concerned, it has a rear live axle and leaf springs, which have supported the dynamics.


HX Sandman:

The best pick is the 1976, July trim equipped with a 5L 6-cyl engine. It is strong enough to produce 161kW@4800rpm maximum power with an outstanding Torque of 400Nm@3100rpm. Although the machine is reliable and tough-wearing, the power is subpar.


HZ Sandman:

Being the final edition, Holden HZ Sandman has been modified in all possible ways. Equipped with exceptional V8 engines only, this range is just amazing to drive even on the bumpy roads. As a standard 4.2L V8 engine is installed with improved RTS for better handling.


The 5.0L V8 engine installed with an LSD might be the most suitable option to pick. Another favorable feature is its Radial Tuned Suspension in a 1977 model. Its ventilated discs and drum brakes ensure the maximum stopping power to the vehicle.


The transmission options offered on Holden Sandman are:

4-speed manual

3-speed Tri-Matic (optional)



Overall, Holden Sandman is definitely a better-looking car. Particularly, the prominent square-jawed radiator seems to have made quite an impression. As far as the inside is concerned, it will offer a spacious and comfortable cabin. Plus, you would be provided with reasonable space in the rear. All HQ Sandman vans are designed on the basic-level Belmont. Their specialty is the surprisingly lesser weight placed on the front. The only distinguishing feature of the HZ Sandman is the 4-headlights imposed on a front grille complementing the front air dam spoiler.


HJ Sandman:

Holden HJ Sandman has a fully refined and detailed interior. The first thing you will notice is Holden Sandman's complete sportier instrument dashboard. The GTS steering feels so easy to steer. To maximize comfort, bucket seats with the full-length console are featured. Outside has a robust-looking GTS fender. The 14-inch wheels are fitted with BF Goodrich tires making it more appealing.


1974 models are specially featured with a fancier front grille, wraparound front and rear lights, and ideal-sized front slotted guards. The bonnet style appears dandy complimented with the huge bumper bars.


And, if you need all GTS options? You need to pick one as both the Holden Sandman Ute and the van has all the essential GTS specs.


HX Sandman:

The most highlighted spec of HX Holden Sandman has sided stripes with a large 'Sandman' logo posted on the rear-gate. It will tempt you with its bolder grille, eye-catching hubcaps, and accessible steering column controls. Smoothened body lines with the addition of a wing are something incredible. Every instrumentation is having a good-looking fit.


2015 version:

SV6 and SS-V Sportwagon are the most preferable trims of Holden Sandman that fall into the category of the Holden Sandman 2015 Special Edition.


You will get a:

20’’ gloss black wheels

Stylish black fender vents

Appealing grille highlights

Sturdy roof racks

Exclusive dashboard stitching

A black sports-bar


Final verdict:

Now, we can say that buying Holden Sandman will not be a bad decision, but it will not be wise, as well. It will come with a wide range of old-car problems that will definitely require a hard time for servicing. It is spacious with satisfactory boot space, leg, and headroom. Besides, the engines are also somewhat satisfactory with reasonable torques.


If your views are cleared by reading this review, you can also get instant details about the car's previous driving experience. Plus, you can get an accidental and theft history, too. Visit our website Quick Revs and get all the details you need.

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