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Holden Maloo Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Holden Maloo Review Australia
Holden Maloo is the name that has been discussed so much not only because of its exquisite styles but also powerful engines with an excellent motor system. Back in 1990, the first HSV Maloo was released reflecting basic specs. The Holden company has made inspiring modifications in the engine, every year. It’s all UTEs are engineered perfectly with a lighter yet durable chassis and bold yet attractive exterior. You will find the body framework road and speed friendly. Most importantly, grip levels are remarkable.


The very first introduced Maloo doesn’t come with detailed and high-tech features but the company has made sure that you have a memorable journey. If comfort matters, then the 1990s version will also be very suitable. The most noticeable feature is the all-new, strong V8 engines with full body kits. The Holden Maloo R8 vehicles introduced in 2001, might be your perfect UTE with enhanced safety protocols.


HSV Maloo Series:


1990-1991 Models:

1990–1991 models are available in VG series which includes Holden Maloo UTE with V8.


1991-1993 Models:

1991–1993 models are available in the VP series featuring Independent Rear Suspension. It will not only offer a stable ride but faster, too. IRS offers you extra driving safety and better steering control even on bumpy roads. All trims have Limited Slip Differential as a standard.


1993-1995 Models:

1993–1995 models are available in VR series that comes with a major facelift of Maloo.


These UTEs are specifically designed to provide a more cohesive cabin and stylish layout. Well, that is not the only upgrade seen in VR. This car is a nice balance of fashion and power. The trims are fitted with a 5.0L V8 engine that will produce 185 kW of maximum power.


1995-2000 Models:

1995–2000 models are available in VS/VT series and fail to provide you a significant upgrade. In 1995 VS models, you can notice subtle styling twists and an innovative 3-spoke alloy wheel to complement the chassis design. But in 1996 (VS-II), the addition of the Integrated Security System on all variants was a plus. You will get many other benefits such as an engine immobilizer.


VT series has one of the engines that is suitable for you! The framework is quite similar, but besides bodyshell, nothing is similar especially in the VT-II. These models are benefited from a speedy and heavier 5.7L GENIII LS1-V8 engine. This heavy-duty engine will give you 250 kW power.


2000-2002 Models:

2000–2002 models are available in VU/VX series with the most distinctive body kit and unique interior. And, yes, the LS1 engine is faster than the VT series,


2002-2004 Models:

2002–2004 models are available in the VY series with significant upgrades in safety. Down the line, it has a speedier engine and is more stable for long drives.


2004-2007 Models:

2004–2007 models are available in the VZ series. These are the vehicles that you must consider buying because of their classic engine, trendy interior with comfortable boot space, and eye-catching outlook.


2007-2013 Models:

2007–2013 models are available in the VE series. If you really need to see the change, try finding UTEs from the 3rd series. Its 6.2 engine gives you 425 hp@6000 rpm, which is pretty satisfactory even compatible with the Australian harsh traveling experiences.


2013-2017 Models:

2013–2017 models are available in the VF series, or we can say Gen-F. The perfect choice of selection is GTS Maloo, the most developed model, launched in 2014. In the motor and brake system, it resembles GTS but the upgrade of Magnetic Ride Control suspension is something extra to make it stand.


Holden Maloo Engine:

It's better if we talk about the latest versions of Holden Maloo UTE because you might start liking them. With a fuel-efficient engine, the car becomes 10 times more acceptable. Of course, who doesn’t enjoy cheap purchases?!

In 2015 to 2017 trims, all UTEs have a similar engine with the same size, capacity, and engine location, EXCEPT power and torque. Every trim is available in the option of two transmissions: automatic and manual. Choose what pleases you! In both, there is a 6speed gearbox, either as a geared column or on its carpeted floor. The 6.2L 8-cylinder Petrol engine with the configuration of V90 works just fine! The value for the maximum power is 410kW@6150rpm whereas the torque is 691nm@4200rpm. In comparison, Holden Maloo 2017 GTS R in automatic and manual transmission comes with a little extra speed of 435kW@6150rpm power with a torque engine having 740nm@3850rpm torque.

These Rear Wheel Drives come with the capacity of a 71L fuel tank. The best feature is the dual system exhaust which keeps the engine cool, offering speed maintenance. Gen-F2 has specially designed tall gearing with a linear power curve. You can feel how responsive its transmission and suspension systems are. There are LSD and ventilated brakes for better stopping power. You will get an independent rear-axle suspension. All GTS trims are equipped with refined suspension and a clever torque-vectoring differential.


2016 HSV Maloo R8:

SV Black manual and automatic provides 340kW@6100rpm of the maximum power with the combination of 570nm@4650rpm torque.
LSA automatic and manual, it efficiently delivers 400kW@6150rpm, power, and 671nm@4200rpm balancing torque


2015 HSV Maloo:

The basic Maloo in manual and automatic gear shift has the exact same engine but offers 325kW@6000rpm power and 550nm@4600rpm torque

R8 engine in manual and automatic mode has a powerful engine to produce 340kW@6100rpm power and 570nm@4650rpm torque

R8 LSA engine in automatic and manual gear shift is known for delivering maximum power of 400kW@6150rpm, and torque of 671nm@4200rpm

GTS trims either in automatic or manual mode can provide you impressive 430kW@6150rpm power and 740nm@3850rpm torque


Holden Maloo Design:

UTEs are basically considered spacious cars and Holden Maloo variants are exceptionally designed to fit more people and luggage while offering comfort and ease. Its 2-door structure with 2 seating capacity is ideal.


Some highlighted specifications include:
Auxiliary USB portal
✓ Receptive Bluetooth connectivity
✓ Fashionable CD and DVD player
✓ Enhanced 6-speakers audio system
✓ Dual climate-control zone
✓ Highly responsive voice recognition
✓ Keyless entry
✓ Light sensitive headlights (automatic)
✓ LED DRL (daytime running lights)
✓ Intermittent wipers with rain and speed sensing features
✓ Trip computer
✓ Satellite navigation
✓ Electronic Driver Interface

Do you know why Maloo is considered one of the most precisely designed cars? Because every feature is crafted to maximize comfort without making the exterior bizarre. The driver seat has lumbar support and height-adjustable steering. To keep the robust look, you can notice it's imposing 20’’ SV Panorama forged alloy wheels in dark stainless finesse. GTS-R has a wider front.


Safety features of Holden Maloo:

✓ 6 airbags
✓ Seat Belts with pretensioners
✓ Cross-traffic alert (rear)
✓ Brake assist
✓ Traction control
✓ Hill holder and assist
✓ Lane departure
✓ A rear camera scans the road ahead up to 14 times/sec to give a Forward collision warning
✓ Blind spot sensor
✓ Parking assistance
✓ Data dots
✓ Reverse Traffic Alert
✓ Panic alarm


Final verdict:

If you are inclined to purchase Holden Maloo, try considering the latest versions or R8 automatic models. Advanced the engine, relaxing the ride and smoother the transmission! Maloo LSA is another brilliantly structured vehicle that is fun to ride and easy to manage. These are made lightweight to provide outstanding on-road and off-road performance. It will provide you enough speed to catch others' attention.

Before purchasing your car, weigh out the pros and cons of the engine, transmission, interior, and layout, but never forget to check the vehicle’s accidental, driving, theft, and traveling history. It will give you a perfect idea. We welcome you to our site Quick Revs to access the required information by entering your car details on our online portal.

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