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Holden Kingswood Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Holden Kingswood Review Australia


Starting from the very first model of Holden Kingswood that is HK, you can observe high-grade modifications made in every trim, yearly. It is a series of full-size cars, made perfect for families.


Its three ideally manufactured models:

Holden Belmont

The Kingswood

Holden Premier


This is not where the options end. You can select its UTE car, sedan vehicle, or wagon station car, all made with a strong engine, impressive layout, spacious interior, and smoother handling. Well, if you want to purchase from its Commercial variant range, you have the options of Coupé-styled UTE, compact panel van, and a heavy-duty cab chassis named Holden One Tonner. The car is a real luxury offering a lovely drive. One of the things that will attract you, is the strikingly American-themed wrap-around windscreen. The 1960s model has stylish tail fins, as well.


Holden Kingswood Review Australia: 

Holden is a name that needs no special introduction in the automobile manufacturing industry. It has made go-to vehicles for families to enjoy a relaxing ride. You must be thinking about why it is a perfect fit for families, because they are available in a variety of body styles bringing varied seating capacities. Out of all the years’ production, 1970 is known as the “Kingswood decade”. Vehicle featuring a combination of lavish interior, sturdy V8 engine, robust-looking exterior, smoother gear shift, and safety features! You must look for Holden Kingswood HQ as it is known to be the most popular Holden's car.




In Holden Kingswood1968 HK model, you can enjoy the ravishing speed of the V8 engine with local 6-cyl. If you are getting an HK 4-door sedan or 5-door wagon, you are having the right choice! They comprise high-quality 5.0L, Chevrolet small-block engine. In the station wagon, there is a 2.6L-161 engine with 3-speed manual transmission. With 2,639 CC, you will be provided with a maximum power of 85kW. No doubt, it offers the best steering handling but unfortunately, it doesn’t provide a wide range of gears. You can have a manual transmission in 3-speed or 4-speed, and automatic in 2-speed Power-glide.


Other options of engines in logically designed motor system are:

3.0L - 186 with I6

3.0L – 186S with I6

5.0L V8 Chevrolet 307

5.4L V8 Chevrolet 327


Moving to Holden Kingswood HT of 1969, 4.1L and 5.0L V8 engines is its specialty. If you prefer a 4.1L engine, you can have all the models except Brougham. The remarkable 5.0L engine is only equipped in Brougham. V8 combined with 3 to 6-cyl makes a transmission highly smooth. Brougham has an automatic 2-speed Powerglide gearshift. But, 253 comes with two options, the same as the HK, 3-speed or 4-speed manual.


Need a little upgrade?  Buy its latest HT range, featuring Tri-Matic. It is smaller with 2,130 CC and in-line 6-cyl offering 90 horsepower @ 4400 rpm. You might find it a bit expensive as it runs on higher octane. The last trim from 1st generation, the HG, is available as the Holden Kingswood 1970 model. It has received a minor improvement with the introduction of an all-new 3-speed automatic transmission as a standard. Up to some extent, these adjustments are not so satisfactory and offer instability. 


The HG Monaro with Powerglide transmission is the most stable automobile of this generation. Their commercial models are having an exclusive engine of 173 cubic inches and 202 cubic inch engines. It is as amazing to drive as it sounds! All variants have efficient ventilated disc brakes offering ultimate stopping power. The suspension system is highly adaptable, flexible, and reliable, especially for the Monaro GTS.


Second generation:

Everyone wants a car with an exotic engine for greater comfort. Knowing this, Holden Kingswood 2nd generation comprises unique engines with maximum sizes, mileage, and fuel efficiency. The HQ (1971) comes in larger capacities with two variations: 2.85L and 3.3L. If you are not impressed, yet, and go for their V8 engines with the choices of 4.2L, 5.0L, and 5.7L. Its stable engine is made firmer with the support of a flexible coil spring in the rear axle suspension with torsion bars. A car with a jet-smooth right-hand drive!


Another vehicle that comes with elite features is the limited HQ edition called Kingswood Vacationer. It shows better fuel consumption with reasonable mileage. 1974 Sandman can also be your good option with two 6-cyl and dual V8 engines, in UTE and panel van style. It comes in automatic transmission and power-adjustable steering. As per the reviews, you should not choose HX over any other 2nd generation trim as it has cut down the engine efficiency. With the loss of the V8 engine, the car has unsatisfactory performance.


The highlight of the Holden Kingswood HZ is the Radial Tuned Suspension with V8. It is standard on all models making the car more durable with handling finesse. It is characterised by top-notch specs including a hard-wearing setup, long-lasting battery, and hi-tensile cables. You can find a single exhaust pipe, with an optional twin exhaust. There is independent SLA type suspension upfront with direct-acting tube-shaped adjustable bars and a 4-linked system in the rear axle.


It comes in:

 Front located 3.3L - 202 engine with 6-cyl and single carburettor

 Power in manual Transmission is 81kw@3900rpm with 251Nm@1400rpm torque

Power in automatic Transmission is 88kw@4000rpm with 251Nm@2100rpm torque

Front located 4.2L -253 V8 Engine with 8-cyl and twin carburettor.

Power is 120kw@4550rpm with 325Nm @ 2600rpm torque

Front located 5.0L - 308 V8 engine with 8-cyl and Quadra-jet-type carburettor

Power is 161kw@4800rpm with 400Nm@3100rpm torque


Ready to go on a long trip? Don’t worry, HZ will take you on a relaxing ride with its 75L fuel tank capacity. It will also be light on the pocket. The last model to have the Kingswood badge is the WB series Holden Kingswood UTE. You can have this all-new full-size car in the 1980-year model. The highlight is the 4.2L "Blue" 6-cyl V8 engine.


Design of Holden Kingswood

Four major variants include:

2-door coupe-UTE

3-door panel van

4-door sedan

5-door wagon


In Holden Kingswood HK, you can enjoy a pleasing ride in its accommodating cabin, with the heavier engine. If you are really into luxury, choose the Premier version. Its exterior looks are amazing with bold 4 headlamps and a roof line. HT has also some noticeable features to make it look smart and incredible. HK has broadened front grilles, fashionable taillights, and smoother flanks with a wider back window for a better view and fancy touch. It is considered a top-of-the-line model because of its widened track width, and improved suspension. Coming to its inside, an understandable and elegant instrument panel with synchromesh can be seen. The company has successfully infused some of the basic and most necessary safety features.


HQ is the first vehicle of the 2nd generation that has a newly designed layout in the semi-monocoque frame. The 1974 Sandman has sportier inside with fancier powered steering and comfortable seats. A significant upgrade is the AC, and its vinyl-wrapped cabin giving softer feels. HX has some marvellous work on its badge work. Besides, every specification is the same. It is pretty hard to miss their frontal upgrade. In comparison to HX, HZ has an identical sturdy exterior, with not so luxury-oriented cabin. Fine-looking egg-crate grille with Holden insignia and attractive slightly elevated boot lid makes it eye-catching.


Other features include:



Water, temperature, and oil checking gauge

Warning lamps

High-beam headlights

Digital Clock and Battery Charge indicator (Premier and Statesman)

Tachometer in Monaro GTS

 High tech-based computer simulation (WB)


Final verdict:

Holden Kingswood has smoothness in its drive. Besides a powerful engine and improved speed handling, you get a spacious cabin made with premium material. All variants are designed to catch the eye of every passerby. If that is your dream car, you must get the motor and material details, as much as possible. What if you can get the detailed history of your car within a few minutes?

Visit our website Quick Revs to get the needed details including a valid history of accidents, theft, driving routes, and malfunctions.

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