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Holden Jackaroo Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Holden Jackaroo Review Australia


A comfortably adjustable midsize SUV is what Holden Jackaroo is. Depending on the features you want, you have two options to choose from as it comes in two generations. The early versions, made from 1981 to 1991 are not really something you would like to drive in 2021. But the later trims made from 1981 to 2002 are refined, modified, and more satisfactory. Also called the Isuzu Trooper, Jackaroo Holden offers extra value and ruggedness. Where the 2nd generation is broader, stronger, and luxurious, the 1st generation is plainly designed offering practicality but is underpowered.


In terms of race, it is not so fast but has sufficient speed. Whereas, the design is impressive but old-styled. With the installation of advanced tech, the performance has been lifted to a competitive level. All year models show outstanding off-road competence.


Holden Jackaroo Engine:

If we focus on its engine, you will be amazed to see how many variants of the Holden Jackaroo are manufactured, offered in a variety of body styles running on either Diesel or Petrol. The estimated combined fuel consumption is different for various trims but it goes as low as from 15L/100 km. The 1st generation is loaded with basic on- and off-road features that make the performance better. Besides cabin luxuries, you can have the option to choose a more powerful V6 engine. Undoubtedly, the 2nd generation has a more efficient motor, durable equipment, and enhanced engine. In short, the later trims are mechanically more desirable.


Available in both 2WD and 4WD, primary petrol engines are made simple offering a long-life of use. Although, diesel engines are fairly straightforward but come with unexpected machine issues. The responsive brakes and lightweight equipment offer good traction. With the use of an innovative fuel system technology, a new touch of sophistication and road performance has been added.


We can say, the Holden Jackaroo is one of the most powerful automobiles in its class giving a powerful surge of acceleration.


Holden Jackaroo First-generation:

The oldest engine you can get is a 1.95L that runs on gasoline powered by 54 kW. And, if you are interested in diesel options, the early creation is a 2.2L lightly powered diesel engine. The initial 3-door wagon is featured with independent front suspension. It is offered in both automatic and manual gearboxes.

Need a little more power and speed? The 1986 models have a 4ZD1 4-cylinder 2.3L engine that is capable of producing 82 kW power while cruising on petrol seamlessly.


Regrettably, the 2.2L turbo-engine is not a recommendation offered in the 1986 model with 64 kW power. The 1988-1989 model might be your best choice as it has a 2.8L V6 engine. Do not go for 2.6L as it is also a wasteful performer. The only impressive thing is its low-speed torque. Besides, it is installed with both automatic and manual shifters. All versions made from 1988 through 1991, have the live rear axles and 4-wheel disc brakes as standard.


Overseas models of Holden Jackaroo will give you an advantage of better machinery. For instance, all turbocharged engines are fitted with inter coolers.


Holden Jackaroo Second-generation:

Front independent suspension with double-wishbone and torsion bars are found in the later trims adding to the better road and steering handling. The live rear axle with coil springs and several locating arms is present to enhance the functionality. You have the option to drive with either a 5-speed manual or a GM 4-speed Turbo-Hydramatic gearbox. The lock-up torque converter is another specialty. Well, you might be bugged with its road performance and not-so-efficient fuel economy. Both are sabotaged due to the increased weight.


The best options you have are:

SOHC 3.2L petrol engine with 130 kW power

DOHC 3.2L engine with 142 kW power with 142 kW power


The highlight of the 1996 models is the "shift-on-the-fly" engagement system. In the 2nd generation, the 1998 models are the best equipped with a DOHC 3.5L engine with an accelerated speed of 160 kW. A 3.1L diesel engine option with torque-on-demand ("TOD") is an ideal combo. The Holden Jackaroo 2000 to 2002 models are said to have a feature called "Grade Logic". It allows the transmission to automatically downshift on steep grades for slowing down the vehicle. It means, Holden Jackaroo 3.5 v6 is an ideal option.


Holden Jackaroo Design:

As you can get Holden Jackaroo in multiple body styles, the wagon comes in handy. Having a robust-looking layout, the exterior is designed for maximum feasibility. The Jackaroo's theme of the styling is quite boxy. But with the fixation of the wide B pillars, the vision is hindered. All wagons have a pretty basic interior although spacious. Its exposed welds and vinyl trimmed seats might give you a cheap feel. With adequate headroom, legroom, and armrests, the ride is comfortable. The seats are comfortable but lack thigh support. You can get a fabric-trimmed cabin in the higher-spec levels.


As far as the instrument cluster is concerned, the design is plain but having 6 gauges, an understandable tachometer, and a speedometer. The automatic transmission indicator is something extra to expect. The distinctive feature of the 1987 model is its rectangular headlamps. The Central American version of the 1989 year model has a shorter wheelbase making the car apparently narrower.


The short wheelbase Troopers have removable roofs and larger wheel clearance. The 1992 variant has more refined specs. For instance, center stoplight, stainless steel exhaust, 3rd-row collapsible seat, etc. The 1993 trims have nothing new except redesigned additional rear lights and a Holden badge posted on the bonnet.


Looking for significantly upgraded features? The 1995 Jackaroo Holden models have something extra and special to offer.


All-refreshed 2-door SR model with a standard 3rd-row seat and the Monterey trims characterising powered and leather-trimmed front seats. The stylish walnut cabin highlights, classic mesh grille, dandy dashboard, and alloy wheels are the other spec. If you prefer safety to luxuries at a lessened price, get yourself a price-cut Monterey. It lacks a sunroof and powered seats but has additional dual airbags.


Having a large family? The 7-seater SE and Monterey models of Holden Jackaroo are the best pick. With an impressive chassis design, the inside has AC, as a standard. The good-quality LCD odometer and manageable trip meter increase the visual appeal of the vehicle.


Holden Jackaroo 2003 model specs:

6-speaker stereo system

Radio Cassette

Powered antenna

Intermittent wipers


Remote hatch release

Electric mirrors

Powered steering

Nullabor model specs

Roof rails

16-inch wheels

CD stacker (10 CDs)

Fog headlights

Cruise control



Cons of buying Holden Jackaroo:

The car comes with one big disadvantage and that is the terrible fuel economy. It's the motor will worth the money but the fuel efficiency is not guaranteed to make it not an economical choice. A high fuel usage vehicle might not be a sensible option to pick.


Final verdict:

We can consider the Holden Jackaroo a tough off-roader. It is big enough with a fair amount of cabin space. The nice driving position adds up to the comfortability. The diesel comes with relatively more efficient power and torque, especially for those who have no concern with towing. A 4-cylinder engine with a turbocharger and an intercooler offers class-leading on-road performance.


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