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Holden Gemini Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Holden Gemini Review Australia

Being a local vehicle manufacturing company, the Holden brand has a rich history. The history can be traced back to over 100 years. The organization is astoundingly near the core of the Aussies. The vehicles that they have produced throughout the years have been very popular. Their popularity reverberates throughout the nation and on a worldwide level.


The historical backdrop of the Holden organization can be followed back to its start in 1856. It began as a saddlery producer in South Australia. It was not well before the organization moved into the vehicle manufacturing business. And turned into an auxiliary of the United States' greatest car organization, General Motors. The organization was known as General Motors-Holden in those days. It was later renamed to Holden ltd in the last part of the nineties. 


Despite the fact that Holden has halted the neighborhood assembling of all vehicles in the nation.  And is just restricted to bringing in vehicles under the name of GM Holden Ltd. The vehicles they have delivered throughout the years despite everything have incredible notoriety here. One such vehicle is the Holden Gemini. The Gemini is the first major model from Holden to come directly from Europe.


Being a compact car, the Holden Gemini was sold primarily in Australia. Production started in 1975 and continued till 1986. The car is Isuzu-sourced based on the GM T-car platform. When the Gemini was unveiled, it seriously put the market of Nissan and Toyota in jeopardy. With top sales and ever-increasing popularity, the Gemini is an unforgettable car. Especially the two-door Holden Gemini coupe are still sought after with a current worth that exceeds $20,000.


Trims and engine variants:

The insignificant change went with the March 1977 arrival of a TC variant. At that point, there rose a two-tone, restricted creation Sandpiper. It came with programmed transmission and composite wheels as standard considerations.


The Gemini went on to stay as a vehicle and roadster until the appearance of TD models in mid-1978. Nothing and still, at the end of the day changed as far as styling or execution however the range extended to incorporate a Holden Gemini Wagon in addition to an SL/E variant of the vehicle.


It endured uniquely until mid-1979 when a variant of the 1.6-liter engine was presented and the model re-assigned SL/X. Motor yield kept on falling, with purchasers of the TE form that showed up in October 1979 expected to manage with 50kW. More regrettable was to come in 1981 with the presence of a 40kW Holden Gemini diesel.



The first thing that you need to look for when buying a Holden Gemini is the interior. Make sure that the car you are buying has a dashboard that is crack-free. The reason being the plastic is not top-notch and the harsh Australian sun does bad things to the material. If a car has not been maintained and exposed to the sun for long periods of time, you might get a var with a cracked or crumbling interior.


The seats also used thin padding and tended to be flimsy. This means that you should be prepared to spend some extra to put in some new foam padding. Holden Gemini parts and accessories come at reasonable prices, so that should not put you off by much.



For five consecutive years, from 1977 to 1982, the Gemini participated in the Australian Touring Car Championship. It also took part in the Bathurst 1000 motor racing events. Holden usually utilized the Holden Commodore or the Holden Torana in these racing efforts. But for parts, the Holden Gemini was used by privately funded teams to take part.


Initially, the Geminis used to participate in the 2000cc class and naturally could not do well. They were faced with many superior cars and fared poorly. That changed when the 1600cc class was created. That changed the things to some extent, where the Gemini did alright.


In 1980, a dedicated Gemini Racing Series was created in Queensland. The event was the result of car enthusiasts and collectors of the Gemini. The event continues to this day, securing the place as being one of the oldest car series in Australia.


Price and Final Verdict:

The Holden Gemini Coupe two doors are the most sought after today, with a price tag starting from $20,000. This was the variant that rivaled neck to neck with the likes of Toyota and Nissan. If you want a cheaper option, you can look for the entry-level TE-TF model Geminis, which will cost you no more than $7,000.


Below are some of the approximate prices for the different trim levels:

TX Sedan $5835 [3]

TX-TD Coupe $14,000 [2]

TC-TD Sedan/Wagon/Van $4550 [6]

TE-TG Sedan/Wagon/Van $5940 [22]

Gemini Z/ZZ & CDT [N/S]


Those days are gone when a Holden Gemini was the first choice if you were looking for a cheap car. Over time, they have increased in worth. Some models are more unique than others and demand more.

The Holden Gemini wagon and the vans are still considered practical today. They are great for everyday use as well as for business or commercial use. They may be more costly than the sedans or the coupes, but their productivity justifies the price.


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