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Holden Evoke Review Australia | Features, Specifications, Price

Holden Evoke Review Australia

For some years now, Holden has prided in portraying a bold and outgoing image through its vehicles. Aussies are attracted to that image and a chance to be patriotic, hence flock towards the Holden vehicles. The Holden Commodore series has been the top-selling car in the country, giving a solid and tough-guy look. And that too at extremely reasonable prices.


One would argue that Holden Commodore Evoke follows the same toughness and durability that has come to be associated with Holden’s cars. True enough, The Evoke has a startling resemblance to the Range Rover Evoque. They are even pronounced the same! But with the difference in the spellings and some major differences between the two, you can never mix both of them. The Holden Evoke has its own market and appeal, which continues to this day.


The Holden Commodore Evoke car is extensively equipped. It succeeds in delivering all the strengths that are associated with a Holden Commodore. With good looks, excellent performance, and the towing and luggage capacity is what makes this car stand out.


Engine Specifications:

The Holden Commodore Evoke is powered by a 3.0-liter HF V6 engine with direct injection and double-overhead cams. The engine produced a maximum power of 185 kW and a peak torque of 190 Nm, which is mildly unimpressive.


Power is transferred to the rear wheels using a six-speed automatic transmission, which is smooth and powerful. The Holden Commodore Evoke underwent rigorous testing and tweaking to ensure optimum fuel consumption.


Driving Experience:

The Holden Evoke wagon has a significantly more liquid handler. What with the more up to date model having a superior footing and steadiness control program, a more settled vehicle as well. The Evoke could be insidious in the wet conditions, true, and the absence of directing correspondence added to that. You can have a ton of fun in the Evoke, yet the tires let it down as they are too prominent. In any case, the basics are there, with the goal that is a beginning.


In typical driving, nonetheless, this is a fine vehicle to move around in. While it might not have the tallness of its SUV enemies, it is surely a simpler vehicle to maneuver. It has the V6 punch most SUV proprietors can just dream about. The six-speed program is significantly better over the Evoke. It has a greatly improved reaction and less dopey move designs.


The ride taking care of the group has found some kind of harmony. Great body control and a blend of taking care of and comfort. The Evoke understeers when pushed hard, however can without much of a stretch be dialed out with a lift on the choke. The grip is not awful, even from the modest tires.



Holden cleverly included most of the latest features and technology in the Evoke. Combined that with a modest price, this makes it an incredibly attractive deal.


Standard features include:

 ✓ Adaptive Cruise control

 ✓ Electronic stability control

 ✓ Auto park assist

 ✓ MyLink Infotainment system with smartphone connectivity

 ✓ 16-inch alloy wheels

 ✓ Rear camera

 ✓ Air-conditioning

 ✓ Adjustable steering wheel

 ✓ Supportive seats



The most notable thing to note about the Evoke interior is that the passengers are completely isolated from outside noise. Holden calls it quiet zone tuning, which reduces unwanted noise within the cabin.

The interior is well built and can arguably be called the best-looking in any Australian made car. The interior also competes well with other competitors like the BMW and Mercedes. The different functions are nicely compartmentalized. The dashboard is sweeping and good looking as well. You cannot help but think that it is a very thoughtful design.


The front seats are roomy and comfortable. The rear seats are also massive with ample leg and space room. The rear seats are foldable to make room for long cargo items. The boot is already large enough with almost 500 liters of cargo capacity.



The Holden motor company is known to take great care when it comes to safety. Holden Evoke, for this reason, has received a five-star safety rating from ANCAP, which is their highest. Safety features include six-airbags to ensure the safety of all the passengers and driver. It also includes traction and stability control, as well as brake force distribution and brake assist. The Evoke also comes standard with a reverse camera. That proves to be a must due to the high deck which makes it difficult to get a view of the surroundings without the camera.



The price is where Holden scores full marks. The Entry-level Evoke which starts at $35,000, is fully equipped with all the tech and gadgets. At this price, this is not only the best car that you can get your hands on, it is also the best value for money.


Holden’s Pricing Department gets 10-out-of-10 for the all-new VF Commodore Evoke. ‘Entry-Level’ by name only, the Commodore Evoke, at $34,990 ($5,000 cheaper than the outgoing Omega) is not only the best Australian-made car it’s also the best value.



 ✓ Irresistible value for money

 ✓ Top of the line interior and styling

 ✓ Great driving experience

 ✓ Almost perfect dynamics



 ✓ Quality of plastic used is not top grade

 ✓ The drivetrain lacks sparkle

 ✓ Absence of some standard top features



Our Verdict:

Talking about fleet specials, this is certainly one of the best. It easily beats the competition with the likes of the Ford Falcon and the Toyota Camry. It even beats Holden’s own Malibu.


The Holden Commodore Evoke may not have all the gear and features that you would find in most luxury SUVs. And it may not be popping with technological sophistication. But still has one of the best SUV compact shapes and another plus over other cars.


The price is great and if you are intent upon buying that German competitor, we urge you to go try and see what the difference is. The Holden Evoke has most of the luxury and competency, and all that at a great price.

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