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Holden Equinox Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Holden Equinox Review Australia


Holden Equinox, generally known as the EQ series is one of the most popular Holden sold in Australia. Back in November 2017, the first version was introduced with some very impressive features. Undoubtedly, the best part is its engine, the punchy engines with striking speed and sufficient torque to give you a smooth yet adventurous ride. It is a solid family SUV vehicle with the necessary safety features and powerful engines. Apart from its satisfactory road performance, it has an appealing and stylish design. We can say, it is an American-styled car. It has loads of comforting features which makes it suitable enough for Australian roads.


Unfortunately, it does not have a very good diesel engine configuration. Some of the significant features are not provided in the base models so you might need to opt for the higher and expensive trims.


Holden Equinox Engine:

A good engine means a good ride and Holden Equinox has proved it with its exceptionally strong and revved up engines. The motor is found to be sturdy offering durability. This Holden SUV Equinox is like no other SUVs offering a comfortable and confident on-road as well as off-road performance.


Coming to fuel consumption, it is definitely a cheap vehicle. It consumes fuel efficiently delivering outstanding mileage. Besides, it has features for fuel-saving such as button start and engine immobilizer. The suspension is stiff and handles the bumps on the road without giving a jerky ride.


Need to change gear? It will be shifted swiftly and smoothly. Its AWD is remarkable. Once you have tried, you will be pleased with its driving quality, as it is made to stay free from exaggerating the body roll. The steering is perfectly balanced and is made lightweight. The brakes are equipped more brilliantly to bring more linearity to the ride. This version of Equinox is capable of enduring a greater degree of cornering force due to its excellent quality and larger wheels.


Here are your three options of the engines, that you can choose from:


1.5 Litre turbo-engine:

The very initial versions of Equinox Holden are installed with a smaller engine of 1.5L but as it is turbocharged, you will not be disappointed with its speed. All entry-level models will offer you a surprising 127kW power with a torque of 275NM. The value for the fuel consumption is noted as6.9L/100km. Quite acceptable!

The base model has only a 6-speed manual gearbox as a standard. Whereas in the higher trims it is paired with a ravishing 6-speed torque converter auto-mode gearbox. It is up to you, what you would like to drive!


Well, in both transmissions, the engine is quiet and smooth while cruising on the highways.


2.0 Litre twin-scroll turbo-engine:

And, here it comes the more advanced, speedier, refined, and efficient engine of a larger capacity. The best thing about the Holden Equinox is surely its really hard-hitting 2L twin-scroll turbocharged engine that runs on petrol. The highlight of the vehicle is its well-endowed 9-cog automatic gearbox. It keeps a steady ride even on the full-throttle takeoffs.


Producing 188kW power @5500rpm complementing the torque of 353NM @2500–4500rpm, it is absolutely amazing for all the variants (LTZ and LTZ-V, particularly). While driving, you will feel the class-leading power.


1.6-litre turbo-engine:

Its 1.5L engine is too slow and the 2.0L engine is highly powerful? You have the middle option of choosing its splendid 1.6L engine. It also has a reliable turbocharger to speed up the power. It might be a good choice for the drivers who prefer diesel engines as it is acknowledged as the best-suited SUV for all Australian drivers.


Holden Equinox Design:

At a first glance, you will find this Holden Equinox 7 seater SUV highly handsome. It comes with a strong resemblance to the Chevrolet in respect of exterior styling. In its grey color, it becomes an absolute beauty. The front end has a robust-looking C-pillar but comes with obsolete rear-lights.


The inside of the Holden Equinox is unfussy with an easy-to-use touchscreen. In terms of usability, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard. If we talk about the advanced technology, the base models are featured with a small-sized 7’’ screen. Although, it does have good graphics and quality. On the other hand, you will get a more refined and responsive 8’’ glass unit in the LT, LTZ, and LTZ-V that are the superior trims. Despite its cloth-wrapped interior, the cabin is surprisingly comfortable, cozy, and pleasing.


The drawback is its manual adjustments. The steering offers a crisp control and is height -adjustable. The driving position is nice and comfortable. Due to the seating and chassis, the visibility is quite good. The interior is made friendlier and functional. But, remember, the interior might feel highly finessed, there are still plenty of cheaper surfaces that would bug you.


The well laid-out infotainment is all sorted with tech. The heavy sportier 19-inch alloy wheels equipped on LTZ-V is something extra. The LTZ-V is the highest trim with modern and auto controls and leather-trimmed seats. The panoramic sunroof is a plus.


Holden Equinox LS models:

LS model of Equinox Holden has the following features

USB portal

CD player and cassette stackers

6 speaker audio system

Smart device integration

Responsive Bluetooth

Air Conditioner

Keyless remote start

Halogen headlights

Headlamps: DRLs LED

Powered windows

Manual anti-glare in the rear-view mirror

Trip computer


Holden Equinox LT models:

LT model of Equinox Holden has all the features offered in LS with the addition of:

Active noise cancellation

High beam auto dipping headlights

Light sensitive lights

Fog headlamps

Rain sensing wipers

Heated mirrors


Safety features of Holden Equinox:

6 airbags

‘Holden Eye’ providing: lane-departure warning, lane-keep assistance, forward-collision warning, and distance indicator

Engine immobilizer

Rollover stability

Traction control



Blind spot sensor (LS+ only)

Driver assistance

Sat-navigation control

Hill ride stability

Seat belts with pretensioners and load limiters


Holden Equinox Problems:

Holden Equinox is a bit overpriced

All base models lack AEB

The diesel engine is not satisfactory in terms of speed power and ride

The infotainment is outdated

The cloth trimmed interior will feel cheap

No paddle shifters

The glutting buttons on the steering blend in a little too much, which means you have to take your eyes off the road to get your thumbs on the right button

The pedals are placed too close leaving no foot-space


Final verdict:

The overall feel of the Holden Equinox is slightly boring but the comfort it offers is impressive. The turbocharged engines give an incredible on-road and off-road performance. The torque engines with durable motors make the drive more relaxing. You might find it a little light-on for acceleration but the gear is smooth. The interior is understandable. The standard equipment is of satisfactory quality.


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