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Holden Colorado Z71 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Holden Colorado Z71 Review Australia


Holden Colorado Z71 Review Australia

Also called as Chevrolet Colorado, Holden Colorado Z71 is a part of the Colorado series and undoubtedly one of the best pickup variants. If you prefer a compact truck, you can choose from the earlier year models. Or do you have a big family to accommodate? The later models designed on the mid-size pickup truck platform can be more suitable.


It has a powerful engine to offer. A strong road grip and better road holding with light steering to let you enjoy a pleasing ride. The highlight is smartphone connectivity. Inside is well-equipped with hi-tech. A combination of excellent transmission with the option of dual-range 4WD is available.


With the feature of carrying and towing big loads, Holden Colorado Z71 is absolutely quiet to ride. It is loaded with advanced safety tech, comfort features, and durable underbody protection. Once on the move though, it’s a pretty comfortable place to spend time, even on road trips.



Before purchasing, one thing you must remember is that Colorado will never ride as plush as other dual-cab. At the harshest bumps, it can get fussy with a little jittery drivability.


The best part is its traction which works brilliantly on dry roads. The engine is made to stand for years of use. The compatible transmissions, suspensions, and braking system are equipped in all models that make  Holden Z71 Colorado a good preference. The locally-tuned handling stands up among the competitors!


Well, as far as the steering is concerned, you would love how easy, responsive, and light yet firm Holden Colorado Z71 is. You would feel the presence of quick throttle response, taking you on longer trips. The engineers have made enough effort to bring stability to the drive through efficient chassis, reliable motor, and maximum stopping power.


The machinery is different in various trim levels but all have their amazing cornering ability limiting the body roll. In short, you won’t find driving this car challenging even if you are a beginner.


1st generation

The very 1st generation comes with a large engine that is not only efficient in fuel consumption but also significantly powerful than the other UTEs.


With a 3.5 Inline-5 engine, Holden Colorado Z71 has a responsive gearshift attached offering smooth 4-speed automatic transmission as a standard. Although the models sound old, made from 2004 to 2006, but they do not lack speed or power. These 4-door Z71s are capable of delivering tremendous power of 164 kW @ 5600 rpm. Apart from the speed and power, the engine is made torquey enough providing 305 N⋅m @ 2800 rpm.


2017 – 2020 models

The engine configuration in the latest models of Holden Colorado Z71 are smaller in capacity BUT has more sophisticated and nimble handling. The throttle and pedal responses are refined. The brakes are more advanced. The addition of the turbocharger has made it a classic car to run on highways and city tracks. The characteristic features are the independent front suspension, leaf Suspension, and LSD.


With the capacity of 2.8L, it comes with 4-cyl mated with a 6-speed manual or automatic gear, as you would prefer to drive. The fuel tank capacity is also kept large at 76L to let you go on long journeys stress-free! Now, the most important point is fuel consumption that is noted to be 8.7L/100 km.


Are you worried about its speed and torque combination? It has a satisfactory power of 147kW with a wonderful torque value of 500Nm. It does not only sound good but also feels good to drive!


That is not all Holden Colorado Z71 has to offer!


The switchable drivetrain system is definitely something extra that lets you change between RWD, 4WD high, and 4WD low.



Till now, we have only discussed engine and machinery but let’s move to the Holden Colorado Z71 specs. Visually, it has got an appeal in its exterior’s robustness and delicate interior. You don’t have to stress about the quality of the materials because these are definitely of a high standard to keep the status upright. But in terms of luxuriousness, Holden Colorado Z71 is far behind.


Once you are seated inside, you might feel a bit awkward with its hardy plastic covering over the dash top and doors as you get used to it. Besides, the space inside is also nice.


2017-2020 specifications

The hard-plastic surfaces are constant, but their advantage is that they are super simple to clean. Although it is the most expensive Colorado, the latest versions are only worth the money with the soft-felt leather-trimmed seats. Its massive roof rails along with a wide range of attractive exterior styling make it distinctive.


Do you know what things have added to its sturdy structure? The detailed sports bar on the front. Extended flares around the corners. The extensive black grille. With a sportier look, Holden Colorado Z71 is offered in 4 vibrant colors of white, red, black, and grey.


From the inside, you simply cannot resist appreciating its highly detailed 8-inch touchscreen that is designed relatively fingerprint-free. It has proven its functionality with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Well, how can you miss out on its responsive satellite navigation that comes as a standard? The Bluetooth connectivity is fast and the call quality is pretty good.


What else do you want in your car? An efficient voice control system? Holden Colorado Z71 has one of the best, intuitive setup. Or, do you need a stereo system big enough to give you a heart-throbbing experience? It has 7-speaker audio, as well. The Infotainment 3 interface has replaced the MyLink system in the 2020 model.


As we said, it has almost everything for maximised comfortability. The electric bucket seats are not only cushy and supportive but come with a heating option. Regrettably, no lumbar support is offered. The driving position is decent and high making the vision clearer. Other standard features are:


 ✓ Split fold 2nd-row seats

 ✓ AUX input socket

 ✓ MP3 compatibility

 ✓ The chrome finessed door handles and gear knob

 ✓ Tilt only, power and height-adjustable steering column

 ✓ Air Conditioner

 ✓ Climate control

 ✓ DAB+

 ✓ Cruise control

 ✓ Trip computer

 ✓ Electric rear-view mirror with anti-glare

 ✓ Power windows (front & rear)

 ✓ Intermittent, rain-sensing Windscreen wipers

 ✓ Halogen headlights

 ✓ Fog lamps (front)


Optional specs:


 ✓ Safari bar

 ✓ LED driving lights

 ✓ Tub mat

 ✓ Cup holders

 ✓ Fender flares

 ✓ Tow pack

 ✓ Brake controller

 ✓ Weather shields


Safety features


 ✓ Airbag

 ✓ Electronic stability

 ✓ Hill Assist (descent, ascent, and hold)

 ✓ Park distance alert (front, rear)

 ✓ Rollover stability

 ✓ Traction control

 ✓ Trailer sway

 ✓ Seatbelt

 ✓ Forward Collision Warning

 ✓ Lane Departure Warning

 ✓ Rear Vision Camera

 ✓ Remote/Keyless Central Locking

 ✓ ABS

 ✓ EBD

 ✓ Engine immobiliser


Cons of buying Holden Colorado Z71


 ✓ Not much quick-access space

 ✓ The rear bench is annoyingly low

 ✓ Amenities for the 2nd row is lacking

 ✓ Fewer active safety features


Final verdict

Holden Colorado Z71 feels decent on road with a good grippy engine. When put into practice, a smooth ride is guaranteed. It features easy-to-navigate infotainment, too. With high towing capacity, the company has made it offer reasonable gas mileage. A relatively refined, locally tuned, handsome, and a spacious pickup truck that strikes a pleasant middle ground.


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