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Has the reign of Holden Captiva finally faded away? | Holden Captiva Review

Holden Captiva

Change is a part of life. Some things fade away, others evolve, and some stay the same. However, staying the same is not always a good option. There might be someone out there to hunt you down and unless you change and adapt to your surroundings, to protect yourself, to save yourself from that hunter, you will eventually perish. That’s just how life is. Humans, plants, animals, etc. constantly evolve to stay on top of the food chain for the natural selection to choose them as the best species.

Nowadays, humans are also constantly making modifications to their machines to keep them up-to-date so they do not die out as time passes. One such example is cars. You see a lot of old cars being remodeled and remade into newer ones with improved technology, look, and feel. The car we are going to be talking about is the Holden Captiva. It was in the play for 10 years, but now the company has stopped making it. Why is it so? Let’s find out!

Holden Captiva Review:

Before we dig right into telling you about why and how of the fading away, let’s first take a step towards learning what Holden Captiva is and what makes it so special for us to include it in our list of reviews.

About Holden Captiva:

The Holden Captiva was an SUV produced by GM Korea. It launched in 2006 and was being produced up till 2016 when the final Captiva model was launched. After that, no other Captiva models have been released. This vehicle was a fairly impressive SUV available at a somewhat economic price as compared to its counterparts. Although not a full-on SUV, the Holden Captiva was designed to be a subcompact vehicle with an SUV touch to it. Therefore, the vehicle is being categorized in the SUV category these days. It is still available in the market but there are no new vehicles being produced, so what’s left in the world is all there is of Holden Captiva.

The latest model in the series had a variable option for all-wheel and front-wheel drive as well as an option for the diesel engine or petrol engine. By the end of 2015, the Holden Captiva’s five-seat model (Holden Captiva 5) was discontinued and the seven-seater Captiva 7 was branded as just “Captiva”. Their marketing team saw an opportunity and took it. However, it can not be said that the results were really promising because, let’s be honest, if they were, we would still be seeing Captiva in the market. Since the case in real life is the opposite, it is safe to assume that they saw something (probably demise) in the series that they discontinued it. 

Holden Captiva is much, much cheaper than its alternatives. Starting at $30,490, the vehicle might just be the cheapest in the line of compact SUVs since the competitors have their vehicles priced at more than $40,000. A complete $10,000 makes a LOT of difference for the people if the value delivered is equal or greater than that of the competitors (which it surely was).

Apart from that, the Holden Captiva size was pretty big. The interior was comfortable and you could stretch out in there or fit in several people at once and they would all fit in… provided you stay in range, don’t expect the vehicle to carry 10 or more fully grown people *blank face*

Has Holden stopped making the Captiva series now?

Unfortunately, yes. Holden has stopped making the Captiva focus on the development of their other newer vehicles. The entire reason is not really public, but one could guess that they found other models of the vehicles more successful than Captiva, so they shifted their focus entirely on them. This does not mean that Captiva has magically disappeared from the world. You can still find them on the road or at used car dealerships, however, that’s all that remains of Captiva.

Are Captivas any good?

It could be said that Holden Captivas are good, yes. Or were good, since they’re discontinued now. However, it is up to you to judge the vehicle. Everyone has their own opinions about different vehicles depending upon the taste, however, we for one think that Captivas were amazing. Their price, performance, variants, all of these things in the Captiva models were absolutely great! But the company knows better with all their statistics and results, so we could say that people liked other vehicles more than Captiva.

Holden Captiva Alternatives:

If you still want to buy a Holden Captiva, you can go for a used car. All of the newer ones would have been sold to people, but you can contact the owners and see if they want to sell them off. Check for advertisements in your region and if you’re lucky, you’ll find one. May the force be with you.

If you want Holden Captiva alternatives, oh boy, there’s a long list. We’ll shorten it out and mention the best ones:

 1- Subaru Forester

 2- Toyota Fortuner GX

 3-  Kia Sorento Si

 4- Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

 5- Honda CR-V

These vehicles, as per our beliefs, would provide you with a similar (but surely better) experience than the Captiva.

Has the reign of Holden Captiva finally faded away?

Short answer, yes!

The Holden Captiva was not received by the people as well as you would think. Our opinion differs from the people, but it does not change the fact that it is always the people who decide how things go. People wanted it to go away and that’s what happened. It went away. Sad to see a vehicle that could have performed so well go away just like that. The company could have adjusted and made some changes to make the best vehicle but instead, they just decided to discontinue it.


In the end, it can just be said that Holden Captiva is no longer with us… it went away and it had a terrible image in the minds of people, but know that you only realize the worth of the things after they are gone. Maybe people will start realizing how important it was. Just kidding! They don’t do that for vehicles, something else will replace it.

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